Positive Poster Maker

Positive Poster Maker

Positive Poster Maker is a very good app for making all kind of Minimal Design Poster like Romantic Poster, Childhood Memory, Functions, Birthday wishes, Greeting, Special Messages, etc. This is one of the completely new apps and you can make poster easily in few steps there is 4 type of layout so you can use as per your desire visualization and requirement also you can print these photos on paper using export photo from default phone gallery to printer and hang on your room wall, Workplace etc. Create the various type of poster as per your needs and thoughts its really easy to export and get it done.

Photo Collage Maker

Cool features of Positive Poster Maker.

- Minimal Clean elegant design
- 4 Types layout which for every occasion
- Easily change background and Font color
- Zoom and rotate photo which makes fit to the visible area
- Create Motivational Poster, Romantic Poster, Childhood Memory, Functions, Birthday wishes, Special Messages, etc.
- Adjusting photo with a finger tip.
- Easy to use and export the final result
- It can be shared easily with the social network as well as email and messages.
- Fast image processing so it’ll generate Poster faster

1. Easy to customize graphics just make similar size and replace it

2. Admob added also you can easily change your ad-id
3. No back end api require at all 4. Full documentation with screenshot, Fast Support

Photo Collage Maker

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