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How can I add this POS to my Stock Manager Advance?

Please check the install guide in your download. Thank you


cdbao Purchased

please guide me how to use PHP Pos Printer option for POS

Please download it from github and follow the instruction there. If you don’t understand any or have question, let us know here. Thank you

I have installed SMA 3 now bot Pos and install Saccessful but when I click on Pos icon get error HTTP ERROR 500 what I must do?

Please check error log for more details and let us know so that we can suggest you the solution. Thank you

when I making (in pos) payment submit I get empty page what I do?

Did you check your error log? There should have the details of error.

Hi, i purchased sma and its an amazing product. I spent the day inserting inventory and now I started creating combo products to sell.

The problem I am having is simple: I keep getting the error “Product price doesn’t match with combo items’ price”

My combo product costs more than the single elements, that is why its a combo. How can I force the selling price I want?


Why there is need for another cost for combo, once you already have a product with cost? The only option available is to set the item price and sum should be equal to combo item to calculate the profit. If you are saying that you purchase them as combo then there is no solution to add them. The combo could only exist of standard/service/digital items. There is no option at all to purchase combo items. I hope, you got what I am trying to say. Thank you

i’m making a mess with all your scripts. they all have the same name so i discovered i am commenting on the wrong one. i will copy this comment to the version i purchased because it is a very important problem with sma.

It’s fine. I will check and reply you there. Thanks

Sorry if I have these questions, but using it I am discovering issues.

After inserting all my products, I went to List Products, selected them all, and exported them as excel.

I made modifications to prices etc. And then I when to Import Products as csv. It does not work.

Can you tell me how I can export my products, modify them, and reimport them.


You can’t import the products that already exists in the db. The csv import is only for the new product. To update the price, you can use click Update Price link from page menu on the list products page. Thank you

After I verify my installation this message promtp to me Warning: include(../sma/config/database.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\wamp\www\pos\installpos\install.php on line 152 It seems that there is no ../sma/config/database.php file on the zip that I download. it also shows “Update tool is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed. Please contact your developer/support.”

This item is not complete item but add-on to Stock Manager Advance as mentioned on the item page, so please install SMA first then install this item. Thank you

Today I purchase Stock Advance Manger I saw Your Demo in this Demo POS are Install but when i purchase its not there what is this I purchase $30 to sale $40 With POS and Extra Module Just POS $18 What is this give me discount i want to POS other wise this software not usefull for me pleaseeeee do some think

You should read the item page before purchase as it’s already mentioned there what is not included. I can’t offer discount but you can purchase the correct item and then open refund request OR purchase pos module separately. Thank you


koshib Purchased

hello sir , thanks for your product , but i have two urgent questions

1- when I scan any product at the POS module , it always duplicate the item , i try different models of bar code scanner , but its shows the same thing , i try different browser such as chrome or fire fox but its the same ,how can avoid this problem?

2- when i print any receipt by thermos printer , its has a long footer margin , from where can i modify the margin please?

Hello, Please make suer the code is not being scanned twice. You can try to scan a barcode in text file to check too. If it is being scanned once, then try to clear your browser cache. You need to disable the browser header/footer option or use php print option in pos settings. Thank you


Please i like know if this POS is Responsive please. I try use the demo but is not.

Any date when you make it 100% Mobile Responsive?

Thanks, Allan

POS require minimum 1024×768 screen size. Thank you

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You clever guy, stolen other people idea and now come to same place to advertise. i will check with Envato about your actions.

Config Folder (sma/config/) is not writable! Config File (sma/config/config.php) is not writable! Database File (sma/config/database.php) is not writable!

I am getting the above error, while installing, I have purchased this code, I am having passcode also. I have given permission 777 for App/Config folder and 777 permissions for other 2 files also in app/config/ files

What can I do??

please see url: http://aptdchotels.in Same username Owner: owner@tecdiary.com / 12345678.

it is showing normal or default theme, but in your demo there are more themes, how can I use themes in my site.


I installed 3.2.1

I did not get reply, it is possible or not, how to install themes which are in your demo

Hello Support Team,
Nice program..
Kindly i saw your system and i saw you have many PHP code
what Code do you advise if i want :
Stock management (Add Products, Add Clients, Create order related to the clients, Reports, POS module, and return product)
Please advise

This item is add-on to Stock Manager Advance, that has these option. This item is just POS Module for SMA. Thank you

Thanks well noted :D
I wondering this Code (https://codecanyon.net/item/shop-shopping-cart-apis-modules-for-stock-manager-advance/20046278?s_rank=1) i can use my products as POS and as ecommerce online payment?
2)i can use my POS local and connect with my Online Ecommerce or should both need to be online?
Please advise

Hello, Yes, you can use pos and shop module at the same time and it should be online not locally installed. Thank you

Hi, I have setup in my domain but not working,

Can you please help to solve this problem?

It’s showing missing file,

Thanks, Sorphorn

You can purchase Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System) and install it.


purchase Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module that already some with POS and then open refund request for this item.

Thank you

how can i make request for refund?

If you have not downloaded the item you can open refund request. otherwise there is no refund policy after item has been downloaded, unless you have purchase the other item that has the add-on. Thank you

Please refund for me back this cost, because i do not know this is only AddOn, no pos

You should check this before purchase :( If you have not downloaded the item you can open refund request. otherwise there is no refund policy after item has been downloaded, unless you have purchase the other item that has the add-on. Thank you

Now is over 5days, i dont get any refund yet from you regarding this item

Hello, after update My POS module not works; it´s included with SMA. Open module but not works focus and not show product, could you help me? Thank you!

Please help to solve this issued for me,


I put username and purchase code still not working