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please add indian gst format. like tax breakup in SGST and CGST or IGST

The Indian GST info will be display in receipt from next update. The sales already have these option. Thank you

Previous Version and current version showing the same version number as v3.2.6. This current version might be Update v3.2.7

Yes only dependencies were updated. Thank you

Hi, whats the difference between the POS module in this and the one I got with SMA?

This is only add-on not complete item. You will need SMA to install this item. Thank you

Question is if I bought SMA with POS, what’s the benefit of buying this add on?

Nothing as that item already comes with this add-on :(


Please i like know if i can use this POS on a Restaurant? Its possible add tables?


Please try the live demo to test. This is just add-on, not complete item. Thank you

hello dear i have upload the files and it’s give me “Update tool is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed.”

You can install this item only with Stock Manager Advance. Have you install SMA? If yes, please upload the file again to main directory of SMA. If no, please check the item page for details. Thank you

can i buy it with paypal balance sir? when i can, please email me at mochammadilhamrizki@gmail.com

This isn’t full app but add-on to Stock Manager, please check the item page before purchase. You can pay with PayPal here. Thank you

Hello Sir,

i Purchased POS Addons and installed in my Stock Manager Adveaced all code is placed properly but pos is not working it giving 500 error. So Please Help me as soon as possible.

Was the SMA working fine before installing the POS Module? Please check your error log for more info about 500 error, you can check with your host too. Thank you

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is there option of CGST and SGST or IGST ?

Yes, please update invoice view to Indian gst in system settings and then test. Thank you


kimoduor Purchased

Hello, Your sales page is having a serious problem, I bought POS for SMA and I was mysteriously redirected to Shop for SMA????/ I have not dowloaded it and even test page for POS for SMA is redirecting me to Shop for SMA. What is not happening????????


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Kindly change the product to POS. i dont want Shop for SMA


kimoduor Purchased

I want POS for SMA NOT Shop for SMA. I have paid my $20, and I have NOT downloaded the application

I apologise for the wrong demo link. Please open refund request. Thank you


kimoduor Purchased

Have a look

When you click on that Live Demo Link it will not take you to the right place Please be informed that this is not a complete/standalone app. POS module can only be used with Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System).

Live Demo Link: https://sma.tecdiary.com

Role: username / password Owner: owner@tecdiary.com / 12345678 Admin: admin@tecdiary.com / 12345678 You can created users from people > add user and user groups from group permissions to test

You can open refund request. Thank you


kimoduor Purchased

I have opened the refund request.

It should have already been settled.


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You guys are not clear on how one can Install The POS addon in SMA. Where do I pu the POS downloaded files in relative with the running SMA. If in the same directory, how should I name them??? Should I copy all the files in POS to the files in SMA??? I mean there is no information about how to install. The directives I got in my POS addon are how to install SMA not POS.

If you check the documentation, there is pos module install instruction. You need to upload file to main sma folder (addin pos file to current sma) and access the installer form browser.

Why you need to do is because it’s will be part of main item, it not complete item but just addon with few extra file that you need to place in sma.

Please follow the POS Module install instruction form documentation.pdf Thank you

hi, i buy the sma alone i should buy this version for complement the sma?, and in the video dont see a search a item with code, i onlu see barcode and select the picture, but mi inventory its 600 produtcs so i need a search by code. That its possible?

Purchased as you have guided.