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cdbao Purchased

Hi! Is it have any documents about your license? I had purchase your license sma+pos , is it need another license when I have new installation on my new shop?

The license details can be found at https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular If you already have installed and need to keep using it then yes. If you want to move it then no, the current license will be fine. Thank you

tôi muốn xóa key khỏi sales1.freevnn.com/RC3.0.2.18/

I am sorry, I didn’t understand what are you saying.


cdbao Purchased

I’m just reinstall my SMA + POS with XAMPP, SMA working perfect, but after install add on POS module, the POS config page, the POS page was error 500. Check log having : ...... ........

:error [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function num_rows() on boolean in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\qlbh\\app\\models\\Pos_model.php on line 14

can you advices?

That’s strange registers table are there but on setting. Please delete it (pos_register) and then try to install pos again. Thank you


cdbao Purchased

still only have pos_register table after reinstall….also i’m using php 5.6.xx


cdbao Purchased

It’s worked., it’s my mistakes, some wrong permissions at database. Thanks for your supports

this script works for woocommerce? can I pay you to install and integrate it?

No, this item can’t be integrated with any third party software yet. Thank you


koshib Purchased

Hello Author , i had problem , i had finished and installed the script successfully , and i had removed the installation file , the problem as follow the point of sale icon and cash register is not working , show nothing even the pos setting ,i think i miss something would you please to help

May I have you email address?

No email except installation error. Please email again. Thank you

i was update SMA to v3.0.2.22 . But Pos module can’t update ? please help me

There update RC3.0.2.22 is only for SMA as there is no option for transfers in POS. Do you have any issue after updating?

When i update . Error domain/pos is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Pleas check the error log for more info. Thank you

Dear, I am not able to install pos, I am getting this error how can fix ? Update tool is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed. Please contact your developer/support.

Yes, When i click settings “AN ERROR WAS ENCOUNTERED” Unable to load the requested file: default/views/pos/settings.php. when i click pos button :Unable to load the requested file: default/views/pos/open_register.php: Thank you.

Please download the file again and add the themes/default/views/pos folder to your installation. Thank you

Thank you very much dear.

How to hide the tax summary at print view or pdf printing?

You can change the view invoice to standard or modify the view file as you need. Thank you

can i sell products by weight with barcode

You can scan the weight barcode on product’s quantity input. You can try it on demo. Thank you

Hi Dear after i connect pos modules I have a small issue in the products/print_barcodes. image not appear (showing) how can i solve that? Regards

May I know, what is your setting for “Barcode Renderer” You can try to change it to image/svg to test. Thank you

Thank you very much Dear.


ddrpa Purchased

Hello, i have the version with no POS installed and want to migrate to this one wich is the right prosecure?

Please check the guide in the same version of your download file as of SMA. Thank you


ddrpa Purchased

hello me again already installed the POS but nothing is working there i can see everything but is not allowing me to generate any thing y hit my products but nothing happens, I need HELPPP


ddrpa Purchased

WEll have tried from chrome firefox safari and explorer, and the same problem , checked here https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled and my js is enabled! update settings and still having the same issue


ddrpa Purchased

also i have seen in your demo and there is spinning wheel when i press any product that is not being seen in my installation is there a chance please to help me out im gonna try re installing again , but i guess your is not the upgrade is the full version

As I told you I am not sure why is that happening on your installation. Can you email the site link and owner account details to support@tecdiary.com Thank you

hi i have buy this on last year yrt i am unbale to install in local host .its show Update tool is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed. this error

You need to upload all the files to perform install/update. Thank you

still its shows the same error

Please make sure you have upload all the files specially the POS3 null file. Thank you

How much for customize please send to email sengkheangte@gmail.com.

I am sorry as we are not accepting customization jobs yet but have plan to do so after Jan 17. Thank you

Dear Developer, Your software is good but your report size is very strange. Dear the profit calculation formulas are very wrong. Profit is “Sales-Cost of Itms sold-other expenses”. The formula “Sales-purchases” is very wrong. please share some email so that the print screens may be shared.

Please check the docs, its already mentioned that the profit loss report is general ledger, Total sales – Total purchases. If you need to sales – cost, then please go to daily/monthly sales report and click day number/month name to get the report. Thank you



Its pretty little Urgent Please…. Revert to us to the trail mail!

Thanks & Regards

Keshav Murthy M: +91 8722221431 W: www.keshavmurthy.com KM Keshav Murthy | Wed 1/25/2017 5:09 PM Hello Saleem,


Hope you are doing great, i just have a small customization for SMA RC3.0.2.22 to meet one of our clients requirement.

We have not quoted any price to our client without consulting you for all the additional features required below.

1. Offline POS Mode to function in Offline and Sync Cache to server when Online.

2. Custom Date wise Transfer Report in Reports.

3. Production Module with Bill of Materials / Recipe Management in Sync with Sales, Purchases, and Transfers (plus all the reports for the additional modules).

4. Show/Hide Option for Category or Products in POS.

5. An Android app for POS to function in Offline & IOS app for Owner Dashboard.

6. Any Indian payment gateway integration (i.e. PayTM, PayUMoney, RazarPay)

7. Accounting Module & Human Resources Modules

We would like to have an in-depth discussion with you on any medium of communication, preferably on Skype or a phone call my number is (+91 8722221431)

We are looking forward to do this project and like to contribute to the whole development of additional modules and features + will buy regular licences for client to client.

Kindly revert with your availability and confirmation to this mail.

Thanks & Regards

Keshav Murthy M: +91 8722221431 W: www.keshavmurthy.com

Hello Keshav, I am sorry as we are not accepting custom modification jobs yet. You can hire developer to modify it for you. Thank you

Hello Saleem,


Thank you for your mail we really appreciate your time.

We still think you would be the best to integrate with additional modules and functionalities in SMA POS Advance. anyway we respect your decision.

Kindly let us know a way forward to locally develop additional modules.

As we do not see the option for extended license option in envato market, we request you to share the cost of an extended license and use rights as per the license.

Looking forward to your earliest reply!

Thanks & Regards

Keshav Murthy M: +91 8722221431

I am sorry as we don’t offer extended license. You can still modify it for a single client with regular license. I have replied you on WhatsApp about the availability. Thank you

Hello, I have problems to install POS module, may you help me?

Yes, please share the details with us. Have you installed Stock Manage Advance (Invoice and Inventory System)? If yes, you just need to upload the files and access the install from browser as you did for SMA. Thank you