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Dears, one question, if we are the unpaid customer,and how we can the report of dept customer list end of day ? Can we have any solution for this, in demo i cannot see any solution for this.

Please check the sales report and/or customers report. Thank you

We purchased stock management + POS modules. but having issues while installation:

1. In ‘Add Product’ form the ‘Product unit’ field does not contain any option in dropdown options which is causing ‘Invalid Form Detail’ error. There is no form to add ‘Product Unit’ also.

2. POS module has the same folders ‘app, files and themes’ as SMA module in root, therefore not possible to extract them in the same root folder of SMA. Please guide for next steps


1. Please find units menu under system settings to add units.

2. Don’t worry about this, just past the module to merge with sma folder.

Thank you

Hi Saleem,

Since many days, i am trying to install SMA POS Module, but i get error when i click on POS Module,

Check this error.. http://kanzait.com/pos3214/admin/pos

What would be the problem, i think database is not loading from your server will installing software.

No, POS Module will use same database of Stock Manager Advance. If you having any issue for POS, please describe in details. Thank you

you have any online point of sale ???

This is web based app and can be install on live server. Please read the item page before purchase as this is add-on to Stock Manager Advance. Thank you

Can you confirm does this module support IMAC thermal printer? or any settings / changes needs to be done? I mean to say my customer want to use this application IMAC (web based) and if I buy IMAC thermal printer can I print receipt? or any changes needs to be done?

Please check the supported printer list in documentation.pdf Thank you

Hi, I checked the printer supported document but that doesn’t tell which printer support IMAC. Can you let me know if any settings need to change in the script for IMAC printer?

The listed printers support is for all OSs. I have tested on mac and window with same Bixilon SRPII and XPrinter. Thank you

Hi. I’m interested in this plugin, but i see you have several options, are the additional? are they included? for example, I see you have Shop (Shopping Cart) & APIs Modules for Stock Manager Advance, POS Module for Stock Manager Advance, Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System), etc? please let mw know. thanks.

I think Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module is the complete one, correct? or I need to buy the other modules too? I don’t see any differences in demo versions. I’d like to know. thanks.

If you read the item page of all mentioned item, it’s already mentioned what is not included. Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module is Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System) + POS Module for Stock Manager Advance. The Shop module is no included in any item and can be purchased separately. Thank you

is this product still supported? or is it buy and you are on you own type of thing

Please read the item page carefully before purchase.

All of our item are not supported officially nut we will reply your comments here. So if you have any issue, you can post here. Thank you

Does the script able to calculate 2 taxes to the total? I see now it does show one tax only

I am sorry as there can only be 1 order tax. Thank you

after update POS module v3.2.16, My POS system is error while my configuration system Printer setting is using web browser. error code ” ‘);mywindow.print();mywindow.close();return true;} ” in POS Page. any suggestion for this error ?

Are you sure that you have saved the settings? Specially the default category for the pos settings? It should work exact same on windows/linux. Thank you

yes i have, tried to clean install on linux is not working . The POS only work’s if switched printer POS Setting with “PHP Server” but with Web Browser is error.

I have no clue, it should be same for both. You can try to replace the themes/default/admin/views/pos and themes/default/admin/assets/pos with default.

Installer is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed.

am buy new POS Module for Stock Manager Advance but showing error Update tool is locked due to missing files OR Stock Manager Advance is not installed. Please contact your developer/support.

You need SMA to install the POS Module as mentioned on the item page. Thank you

Hello, I have two stores and a warehouse and I want them to be interconnected, if I buy Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module I would have a pos for a store and I would have another pos, with this product I would solve my problem?

If you install it on live server and access from all location. You can try live demo to get familiar. Thank you

Hi i buy this by mistake thinking it was a standalone POS solution, can you give me a refund?

If you haven’t install then please open refund request. Thank you


falarcon Purchased

I can’t to install…stock manager, after install …File not found

Hello, did you follow the guidelines of documentation. Also please buy support because it’s expired. Thanks

yes…I trying to install several times, change the DB,,,but nothing happens

Hello, please follow the guidelines from documentation. Also, could you please comment from that account which you used to purchased that item. Thanks

when i install the application it will shows empty page how can i clear this problem

Hello, please follow the guidelines from documentation. Thanks

Please check your error log to get more info of error and let us know so that we can suggest solution. Thank you

I am interested about this but my query is that SMS module builtin or not..like email…..

Hello, SMS module only available with Shop module. Thanks

Any option to add income ?

I am sorry as no plan for such in v3. Thank you


lomangem Purchased

hi i can not install this package pls help me, my email is em.lomang@gmail.com

Hello, could you please let us know what problem you are facing. And did you follow the steps of documentation? Thanks