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Can you please provide more detail or at least screen shot, I’m looking for inventory management system, which I can add custom field and etc.. I saw one screen shot and it looks like it has some of the feature that I’m looking for.

please let me know

Uploaded new version

please add detail screenshot or short video waiting

Uploaded new version

Nice Work GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Uploaded new version

which is using the database MSSQL,MYSQL,SQLITE ot other…. source code screen shot a few

thanks,,,,, After a week, I will buy

Uploaded new version

where is the Sales Management.

i mean if you sell an item to a client where do you key it.

review invoices

Uploaded new version

is this just the exec? or the editable and source included?

Source code included

Uploaded new version

Uploaded new version. This version has a receiving and resolving complaints, improved appearance of invoices and service orders, creating labels. Source code, access database included.

Hi I like to buy this application,I have question for you , Do I get full source code because I need add available products qty in sale row .. and what is the developing language thanks

You get full source code

can this work with a BARCODE SCANNER?

do can this work with mysql db?

Yes, work with barcode scaner

Nice Work !!

By the way what is the username and password for the login screen?

Username: admin Password: admin

“Unrecognised Database Format” Error Message. I sent you email about! Best Regards

“Unrecognised Database Format” error (using an older version office, please install new version office or install Microsoft Accelerator and program working without office)

I installed Microsoft office 2013 plus and the problem remains !

Install Microsoft office 2007, 2010 or install Microsoft Accelerator and program working without office. If you can not find my way conect on teamviwer and cantact me and i fix your error.

How can i change the background of the application ???

In folder where is picture you save new picture for background

hi i am interested. I need to know if you can use for a supermarket? ...I need fast printing ..You can print the invoice directly? without saving bill thanks.

forget something..the source code is included?

Yes you can, but you mast set for termal printer. You have full source code

Is there any way to customize this for restaurant, with the table, etc..?

Yes, You can customaze for everything

I have office 2007, but can’t open your database.. shows “Unrecognised Database Format” Error Message.

Please just download and install office accelerator 2007 and not need office.

Which version of VB?

Verzija 2013 :)

Odlicno :) Kako se mozemo dogovoriti za odredjene izmene programa i prilagodjavanje za restoran?

Kako god hoces, mogu da ti pomognem ali nemam bas puno vremena, u sustini obrisi forme koje se odnose na servis, napravi nove tabele (Stolovi, sto 1, sto 2,...) i u POS napravi da mozes da izaberes sto za koji kucas racun. i promenis kod da pamti narudzbine tako da mozes da imas vise otvorenih racuna u isto vreme.

Hi, If I install your software in multiple computers, can the different users of your software track a same product ?
For example :
User 1 , on computer 1, fill product 1 , to DB
User 2, on computer 2, updates value, of product 1

Install software on one computer and put Shortcut of .exe on another (can put on 1000+)computers but important to all use same database.

Only need to put shortcut ? Or you mean install your same software on an other computer ?
About the Database, Do you mean that it should be hosted somewhere, and accessible for every computer, from Local network, or Internet !!?

Yes, in install full software on one computer in lan and on another jut put shortcut

Hello is any way that we can have magnament it over the internet as it is the sales report or if can run the database on a hosting and the make a customation site to edit some areas?

Sorry I not understand question. When you order u have full source code and Database in access.

Do you have a version where it uses MSSQL?