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Your demo is down.

only reason i am not buying this is because the demo site is down and looks like its been down for months. any plans to fix this? your losing out on sales here.. let me know and i might buy this.

Ya I haven’t had much time to mess with the demo. I’m now working full time but will try to get too it soon as I can. Thanks for making me aware.

This plugin don’t work like it should and it’s very bugy. I asked for a refund but I don’t get it. Thanks for nothing!

I’m sorry but you must not have it set up correctly. I can help you with that if you need but you should contact me through my contact form as I don’t get notifications of comments.

You haven’t tried to reach out to me for help so please don’t post slander, thank you.

It’s ok, I have found a better plugin. As far of the notifications. If I can get notifications on your plugin comments, then you can have them also. By the way, my comment was 1 month ago… Good luck with your plugins, hope it will work for others.

I am thinking about buying this plugin but I have a question first.

I want to use this on a one-page website so I would like to display the 6 most recent projects and then link to a full portfolio on another page.

Is this possible?

Yes this is definitely possible. Please excuse the late response as other career related responsibilities have been more important so my email for this has been disabled for a while.

Can you change the filters? Instead of by Year, Client, Project Type, Status, or Skills (as shown in the screenshots) – can they be anything else?

Sorry, my email has been disabled for a while due to being occupied by a full time job that I have. To answer your question, yes you can change the filters to any of the database tables and name them whatever you want.

can you get the demo working again

Yes I will be getting it working again soon as I’ve just left a full time job to pursue consulting and these marketplace items. Please stay tuned.

the demo is up again

the demo is up again