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Hi … pre-Sale question… Can I use this twice on one site … once for portfolio and once for blog? Thanks!

Hi, You can use it as many times as you need on one site. You can have as many lists as you like even on one page. This plugin has its own custom post type to allow you to upload your portfolio items and create lists from them. If you want to create lists for your regular WordPress posts you can check on the Blog Manager.


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Can I have the portfolio item automatically display the portfolio items publish date? The .entry-date or meta info. I don’t want to manually input that for every item I’d like for it to display the publish date automatically. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :)

Can I open an external website in a lightbox with your plugin? If yes, where can I see it on the demo? Thank you.

Hi, The portfolio types are: image, slider, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud. We currently do not have an external site link.

Pre-Buy Question: I am looking for plugin that, where I can build a portfolio grid, that looks similar to this:


Most themes redirect to a new page when loading a portfolio-item. I just want a pop-up like in the example to open instead of loading a new page.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks and best regards


Only the media can be opened in a popup. But the whole portfolio item info is displayed on a separate page.

Hello Can you implant a search bar for only Portfolio items ?

Hi, I am afraid the plugin currently does not have this function. But thank you for the feedback! :)


Can this plugin be used to showcase member profiles?

Hi, it can be used basically for anything. Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page. Describe what are you trying to accomplish and our support team will check it out for you.

Hi, can I use short codes on Tabs, description…. for example audio player, thanks

If I understand correctly you want to use your own shortcodes inside of the tabs element for the single portfolio items. You can place a shortcode in the the content of your tabs for each of your portfolio items.

wooow it looks great, and working great.

On my single pages I’m getting 100% width. While my theme has a wide layout, I have my content area to be fixed width. How can I make single pages a set width?

Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly :)

I just bought your plugin. Once installed, in the “Portfolio Manager” menu, I only have “License Manager” and I can not find the product code. Help me !!

Hi, Go to your Codecanyon downloads section and find the purchase code under the download button next to the item. :-)

Is there an update due for Wordpress 4.8 as it is not listed as being compatable and note it seems to be crashing wp-admin


The latest version of WordPress 4.8 is supported yes. Just make sure you have the latest version of the plugin installed. If you have any issues do not hesitate to open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly.

is this plugin support RTL?

Hi, We currently do not support RTL.

Pre sales questions:

Specially Vimeo Video Portfolio display

1) Is you plugin Responsive? 2) Can the size the of the Lightbox video when click be changed? (be made larger / as full screen as possible?) 3) Is it possible to have the video start playing immediately once a user clicks the featured thumbnail image within the portfolio grid? (versus clicking join the thimble once, then having to click the actual “play” button for a second click)


1) Yes.

2) You can set the dimensions of the media in the lightbox.

3) The video does not have the auto start option.

Hi I can use any way to bulk information (external links and images)? be compatible with movile devices? Adapt any size of images?

Thanks a lot for your time

Hi, The portfolio lists are created out of posts in a separate post type. You upload your own posts in your wordpress admin area. The layouts are all responsive. The portfolio lists will adapt all size of images yes.

If you need more info let me know :-)


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I am having trouble getting the Lightbox to work with a Youtube video. Can you please help me with this setup?


I see you have also opened a support ticket. Our support team will be with you shortly to help you solve this. :-)

Hello, I have a few questions before purchasing. Thanks for your replay in your other product.

1. Is your plugin compatible with Digital downloads? 2. Is it possible to add Autoplay when mouse it’s over the box? 2. Is there a filter category to display different products on the grid?



1. Can you give more details on what is Digital downloads. If it is a theme we are compatible with all themes that are using the WordPress coding standards. All themes should.

2. I am afraid the plugin does not have this function at this point.

3. The newspaper and mosaic templates has this. For example: http://otwthemes.com/demos/portfolio-manager/newspaper-3-columns/