Portfolio Framework

Portfolio Framework

Portfolio Framework Description

Portfolio Framework is a robust toolbox and at same size lightweight to construct your portfolio in your website with a lot of options and shortcodes, with this framework you are making the smart choice for your Portfolio area with a lot of options, examples, flexibility and with all modules necessary for you improve your website where you need.

Portfolio Framework Features

Portfolio with multi column Support
Portfolio with Icon font with over 1600 Icons 2016
New Portfolio Light & Dark Versions
New Portfolio with three themes to choose
New Portfolio with 10 Animations to captions
New Portfolio with 10 Animations in images
New Portfolio with 10 Animations in description
New Portfolio Five Colors Included
New Portfolio with more than one Filter
New Portfolio with Filter Alignment
New Portfolio with more than one Caption
New Portfolio with Fixed and Fluid Container
New Portfolio with Tags
New Portfolio with Links
New Portfolio with Social
New Portfolio with Filter & without Filter
New Portfolio with Card (Grid View)
New Portfolio with Hover Captions
New Good Documentation
Full Responsive
25 Features ++
& Many More

Shortcodes Folder

Columns & Offsets
Call Attention Boxes
Progress Bars
Videos & Images
Block Elements
Info Boxes
Responsive Tables
App Store Buttons

Inside Package

  • portfolio-with-another-filter
  • portfolio-with-bottom-caption
  • portfolio-with-captions-only
  • portfolio-with-filter-align-center
  • portfolio-filter-with-align-left
  • portfolio-filter-with-align-right
  • portfolio-with-filter-and-services-boxes
  • portfolio-with-filter-and-tags-large
  • portfolio-with-filter-and-tags-small
  • portfolio-with-filter-another-description-and-links
  • portfolio-with-filter-another-description-and-social
  • portfolio-with-filter-dark-color
  • portfolio-with-filter-five-colors
  • portfolio-with-filter-full-width
  • portfolio-with-filter-light-color
  • portfolio-with-filter-ten-animations
  • portfolio-with-links
  • portfolio-without-filter
  • portfolio-without-space
  • portfolio-without-space-with-another-filter
  • portfolio-without-space-without-filter
  • portfolio-with-social

Change Log

- July 07 2016
- Version 1.0 Inicial Release
- August 11 2016
- Improve colors of captions
- Add three themes
- Add description in caption with animation
- August 14 2016
- Add IcoMoon Font
- Add Shortcodes Folder
- October 27 2016
- fix some issues with css
- change opacity of captions
- improve some examples


Icons Used in Project – 59$ Value IcoMoon Ultimate Font
Fonts used in Project Google Fonts

It´s much appreciated if you can read documentation and contact me if you have any problem before give low ratings … Thanks for understanding… Enjoy…!!! :)