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i think there is a problem on firefox

What kind of problem?

well this is injectable :nerdy:

on the editform

Yes, but you don’t put the form into the index file. You can use admin system…

I repair this bug, thank you to show me this problem…

Having trouble reaching Port 25 and other mail ports for external domains.

Can you try it in the demo site? Other ports working fine.

Oops! It was a server issue. Moved it off BlueHost onto a dv server and all ports are working fine.

The script appears to be pinging the services every 5-6 seconds. Is the ping rate adjustable in the code? How is it determined?

Thanks for the support.

There is a php script ( status.php ) what ping the server at once, when it run… and show the result. You have to refresh the script. I do this with jQuery setInterval() You find it js/script.js… I wriote it on a documentation C point

Is the script able to send an email with alert message if some ports are not reachable?

No, it can’t.

hmm, but i will do this soon…

This would be an important feature for this tool and with this, I would buy the script. Please let me know here once it is ready. Thank you!

Is there any way of displaying results in columns?

I’ve two quick questions. 1. can it monitor domainnames that are on shared hosting. and 2 can it send email notifications already? If so I would buy the script immediately!

Hi does this automatically read/import your IP? (Demo doesnt work)

not able to see the demo