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think it needs some tweaking, it appears to detect how much skin color/orange is used in the photo…

http://www.patsusmilch.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/600px-orange-cat.jpg is detected as This image may be an explicit content or pornographic image. Rate: 92.3702985147%

I also tested with some pornographic images, but not with white orange skin, rather darker skin color and it passed as not pornographic.

Of course! PornImageDetect does not provide 100% perfect algorithm, it’s not an AI (maybe next version will)! A large-face profile picture will be considered as pornographic! PornImageDetect will only help you and your website administrators to do a primary filter for images! In 1000 images (500 pornographic + 500 non-pornographic), the algorithm efficiency was 74%

dotn work, i tryed

It’s not 100 algorithm!

I wouldn’t label a color detection script as a porn filter. That is like releasing a script that blocks a few known email spammers, and calling it a spam filter.

Seems like a very small foundation of what the script should include for the name you are giving it.

You are right! In my research, I has develop more powerful algorithm using AI inspired methods, but those methods can’t be implemented in PHP because it will take a lot of time to decide if image contain porn-content or not. thank you !

Good, but I need a video too, do you have time to do it with cost ?

I’am sorry, I am a developer and I don’t have enough skill to make a video!

We are using OSClass and thinking of opening a Personals category Can your script help to block inappropriate images i.e nude , vulgar photos

Kind Regards Nik

Yes! try first the demo to check how PornImageDezect can help you!

Could’ve credited me for the idea but w/e

Is there a way to optimize this script and make it about 85% more efficient?

For this time, we cannot improve the script!

Hello, i bought it and im sorry to tell, not real results even in 50% of images

Nice work, I like it

It’s working now!