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inetsfr Purchased

Will this plugin, popuppress, support using iframe code like the following?:

<iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0” marginheight=”0” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0” src=”//”> </iframe>

I look forward to your reply. Thanks.


Yes you can insert iframes inside my popups.

Can you give me a live example of that iframe? Because I tried to put it in the popup and it does not appear, for that reason I would like to see that iframe live.

When I make these popups with an image, they are showing as different sizes. I have made all the images to be exactly the same size and I am showing them all at 380 px wide. Why are they different? How can I fix it?

Hi soldinasnap.

I need the URL of your website to see the popup.

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the plugin and it works like a charm! Wonderful! Thank you very much!


Hi, Great plugin!

I do have a question. How can I change the width of the button? I would like it to be bigger.

Thank you!

Hi. You can do it by modifying the css styles a little (font-size, padding)

/* Customize the button of the popup */ a.pps-btn.pps-button-popup { color: #FFF; font-size: 18px; line-height: 1.6; font-weight: bold; padding:10px 20px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color: #348ECC; border-bottom: 2px solid #1B80C5; border-radius: 3px; } a.pps-btn.pps-button-popup:hover { background-color: #3C9CDD; border-color: #1B80C5; }

Thank you very much!


How can I change the color of the button?

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I totally understood from the beginning, but what I meant is that there isn’t any number in the CSS like you showed in the screenshot. What should I do, then? Add any number that passes through my head?

Not, you must add the Popup ID, which you find here:
, just as I showed it to you in the previous messages.

AH, now I understand. I’ll try this and I’ll see how it goes. Thank you!


Is it possible to run inline?

As in this example:

Hi ofmarconi. With my “PopupPress” plugin it is not possible.

But I have developed a much more complete plugin that allows you to do what you want, among many other features.


Inline Popup Examples:

hey, How do I install the plugin into my wordpress? I already bought it for 22

Hi darryllewis16.

See the installation guide.



b-jou Purchased

Hi! is possible lock the content using this plugin? ex. for watch a video can i request a some registration info before?

Best Regards R.

Hi b-jou. I’m sorry but it’s not possible.

Hi, It’s not clear her if to plugin purchase is for one or unlimited websites. Also it’s written “future updates, does it mean lifetime updates ?

Hi. The regular license and the extended license allow the use of the plugin in a single website (a single domain). And the updates means that you will always have the updates available in your downloads section.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought your plugin today and it is promising to fulfil my needs according to specs and setting possibilities, however, at this point the pop-up doesn’t work, noting pops up so to speak. I made a test page on:

Can you help me out here?

Are there any requirements for the plugin to work, php version perhaps?

Best regards, Hans

I have already approved your request. Thank you.

Hello, I’m having a communication issue between a link in Modern Team Showcase element and your PopupPress widget. Could you please reach out to me ASAP for details?

I’ve created 2 custom links to open 2 popuppress. Those links are working properly when adding them to the wp editor content, but are not working when added on the Team Showcase HTML append.

You can see them on this page:

The “Gallery” and “Map” buttons on Aspen hotel ( are exactly the same buttons that I’ve placed on the bottom of the page as a test ( The buttons on bottom of the page works, but on the Aspen element, doesn’t.

Both plugins are up-to-date and the Popuppress functionality is not the issue as was outlined previously.

The links function on the main page (at the very bottom are functional hotline to the popuppress elements) is in question.

We need to check the link functionallity when added on the “Modern Team Showcase” HTML append. Plugin:

Identical links, one on that plugin’s HTML field ( ) that is not working ( ) and one on bottom of the page that is. ( )

Okay It seems that you have done well and it still does not work. Can you send me access data to admin to review it personally?

This is my email.


I missed this response, sorry. Our developer should be getting you temporary access date to have a look under the hood.

For some reason, i can’t get a popup to work via menu with a class. It’s driving me bonkers. I’ve followed the directions and still that sucker will not come up. Any ideas?

Hi santolla.

I need the URL of your website to review it and be able to give you ideas.

Tell me also what is the menu item that should open the popup.

Hi, Recently I bought Popup Press for Slider Revolution. Actually everything works very well. But I don’t understand one thing. If I open the page in edit mode with “elementor” then “pop-up” opens. But if I update the page and call it up via the browser, then it doesn’t work. What do I do wrong? Many thanks in advance. Volodymyr

my email is:


I have written to your email.

Hi Max,

Can I use this with Slider Revolution to link an element on the slider to link to a image gallery popup?

Thank you in advance.

You can also see step 7 of the documentation. “Run popup via a custom link”

Thank you so much for quick response.

Also, Can I add a caption and small description to each image in the gallery?

Thank you again!

Of course, you can add any text in those options.

Hi i don’t find your plugin in the list

best regards

Hi seiyar26.

How can we help you?

Hi, I may want to buy your plugin. Does it fulfill the following requirements: 1) Can disclaimer popups also be made with really long text, where one has to scroll? 2) Can the button be placed in a way that it is always visible (for mobile) and only after the text has been scrolled to the end (Desktop)? 3) Can the disclaimer popup be activated sitewide and then manually deactivated for selected pages? 4) Can there be made two popups, one for desktop, one for mobile? 5) Is the popup really responsive? For mobile I would like it to be 95%x95% and adjusting to screen, wheter the device is held normal or in portrait mode. Thank you!

Great. Does it support multiple languages? I have polylang installed. With Ninja Popups for example I can select different mobile and normal welcome popups for different languages.

It’s not possible

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for a great plugin!

I have added a gallery with the thumbnail option to display the images. But for some reason the images displayed are being cropped on the sides. If you look at one of the images in the gallery layout, and compare it with what it looks like when you click on it, it is different.

Is there a way to get this to not crop the image in that way?


Thank you in advance!

Hi AndreasSch91.

It was not possible, but I added a new option.

You can already download it from your downloads section.

hi guys, just bought this plugin, i’m trying to get a popup to work where the content of the popup is a slider embed code from revolution slider, when i click the ‘open popup’ button I just get a blank white window.

Hi. Please remove the RV embed code and add a simple text as content. It works well?

Hi all my slides have at the bottom a white bar after removing all paddings How I can remove it?


Hi. Give me the URL to review it

is it possible to communicate via private email


thanks, bernhard