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I’m completely new to wordpress but I’m converting my old site to it. I’m completely overwhelmed by the options so I need some help. Basically in my blog item I have the words Paternal and Maternal, what I want is to click on these and popup either paternal.pdf or maternal.pdf depending on which item is clicked. How do I do it?

Hi, you need to run your popup from a custom link. Look at step 7 of the documentation:



We trying 2 things and it does not work

1. pop up self host video .mp4

2. pop up with self host .pdf, and it keeps point it to google drive instead to the pdf link.

Thank you

Hello, I did what you suggest with the video post, however the popup show a box with controller but no video in it.

please check it at


<video width=”960” height=”540” controls> <source scr=”https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/hse-2017/HSE-Journey.mp4” type=”video/mp4”> </video>

The pdf works, however, when view it as full screen, the height (which set at 100) only shows at 100px, when I scale the browser screen smaller, it works normally. Problem only with screen height more than 1080.


Hi, try adding the video url without the letter ’s’ in http:// <video width=”960” height=”540” controls> <source scr=”http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/hse-2017/HSE-Journey.mp4” type=”video/mp4”> </video>

The popup with the PDF works fine:



I use wordpress editor popup with, it works fine accept it’s showing horizontal scrollbar. Any thoughts?


Thank you!

Ok, you can solve it by adding the following styles, you can use either.

//For each popup, change popup id #popuppress-381 .pps-content, #popuppress-391 .pps-content, #popuppress-394 .pps-content { overflow: hidden !important; overflow-y: auto !important; } //For all popups .pps-popup .pps-content { overflow: hidden !important; overflow-y: auto !important; }

PopupPress ready for translation in po/pot file? I want to buy, but I need a translation settings in admin panel.

and will not be ?

Sorry, not for now.

Bitterness, this greatly could help with sales, for me and for my clients, which don’t know the language. The plugin I really like! Easy, convenient… Best regards in the development of


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Hello, I wanted to ask,

1) How do you do that Google does not penalize the poups with the last thing they took out in January?

2) Does it work with slider revolution wordpress?

1) The way to avoid being penalized by google is to use popups in a non-intrusive way, ie follow a series of rules when designing a popup.
In this article they explain in more detail:

2) Of course, see:


It is possible to have PDF pop up with “Fit to page” ( pdf goes full width of the popup window)?



I’m using Revolution Slider on the popup. It work totally fine in IE, but in Chrome or Ipad, the slider show as small a thumbnail. And when you change the browser window size, it’s back to normal.

http://hsesrannual.bakerhughes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Capture.jpg Please see it at: http://hsesrannual.bakerhughes.com/the-community



Ok, I think RevSlider is giving a size of 100px to the slider because the popup is initially hidden.

But you can solve it by adding this code is your options. $(".pps-popup").on("ppsOnOpen", function(e){ //Do something when you open any popups $(window).resize(); });


Perfect, it works. We are very please with your plugins. Thank you very much for your five stars support!

Thank you, have a good day.


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Hello, I am assigned with getting the PopUpPress plugin to mimic this site’s gallery: http://sblonginteriors.com/content/press/books.html

I am testing the first thumbnail that says “Andrew Martin.” Here is my test page: http://sbl1.wpengine.com/press/books/

1st I tried to put links in the captions of a 4 slide gallery on the 1st image that says “Andrew Martin.” The plugin drops the html from the caption box.

2nd, I tried to put the links in the main body/content area, and found that cancels out the gallery input and displays only the content there. (and /or another PopUp shortcode)

3rd, I put the links and text in the Title, and that did what we are looking at now. If I could get rid of the title text under the thumbnail, and when I click the thumbnail, the title is at the bottom instead of the top…. it is close…?

Any Ideas / Solutions / Work-arounds for me?

Thanks much

Great, could you rate my plugin?

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Indeed :)



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Hello, By using “Position Type,” is there a way to have the Popup centered above my clickable image, instead of centered in the browser window? I will have a grid of images.

Target effect reference: http://sblonginteriors.com/content/about/inspirations.html

Dev reference: https://sbl1.wpengine.com/about/inspirations/

Thanks much.

Directly from the popup I do not think, it is already taken as reference the width of the browser.

But you could use these events and with a little jquery try to do what you want.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(".pps-popup").on("ppsOnOpen", function(e){ //Do something when you open any popups }); $("#popuppress-5").on("ppsOnClose", function(e){ //Do something when you close the popup id = 5 }); });



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Thank you Max, I’ll give it a whirl. :)

Hi Max, Will this run on any other php site or only on wordpress? Thanks

Sorry, only for wordpress sites.


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Pre perches question

If I have an iframe in an on click popup I want to load the iframe ONLY after the button is clicked on, is this possible



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Also can I set popup to full browser dimensions? or can I set popup height to 100vh

Hi capson , thanks for your interest in my pugin.

Of course it’s possible, I’ve done a live example so you can check it out.


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Thanks, just purchesed

Good afternoon MaxLopez, I’m glad to use your plugin for WordPress!

Of course. infomaxlopez[a]gmail.com

Thank you much for your great support, Max!

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