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Hi there,

I’m receiving a Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mobile_Detect::isMobile() in /home/dldemo/public_html/wo/wp-content/plugins/popup-press/inc/pps_functions.php on line 328

I noticed in your comments you have a version of the plugin that excludes this, are you able to send it to me? I can’t seem to find where the author of my plugin has that code placed.


Your most recent version.

Give me your access data to try to solve the problem.


I’ve just emailed you.

Can you change the way, “Do not show again” works?

I think,just clicking the link will remove any sense from the disclaimer button. So, what if you just connect it to the yes button (klick on yes button will reveal “do not show again”). Or, another way, make it an aoptional checkbox, so it makes the popup disappear only after yes is clicked :)

I think, Do not show again is a great way to have something like a “never again” cookie, even cookies is set.

By the way…. where can “do not show again” be translated?

Okey, I thought I needed this right away. :D

I would make suggestions even i dont use a plugin anymore. I just love to have ideas :)

ok, see your email.

Great plugin thanns

I have a button created by Optimizepress builder. They give me the option to insert a URL for this button.

What can i insert in the URL field in order to call a specific popup ?

Or, another way I can approach this surround this Button with code. So Is there a way i can add a shortcode before and after the button to call a specific popup ?

You have add a link with class ”pps-button-popup-45”, (replace 45 by the id of the popup) . In this way it will run popup when you click on the link. <a class="pps-button-popup-45">href="#">Popup Link</a> or you can also add in the ”href” attribute: <a>href="pps-button-popup-45">Popup Link</a> or: <a>href="#pps-button-popup-45">Popup Link</a>

and add the following options:

Here is another example using classes (see last video): http://popup-press.com/video-tutorials/

Thanks for the help :)

Not working, would like refund. I tried just a basic contact form pop-up. and it does not work. It does ask for compatibility test, but clicking that button does NOTHING. So I’ll guess there is a compatibility issue? :-) which still leaves me with a plugin I can’t use? Thanks Frank • 9a913a64-8f12-43af-9ebd-b8d7accf9e4c

Ok, I have noticed that you are using an old version of my plugin (1.8.8)

Please download the latest version from your download section (2.6.4)

After updating, let me know to review it.

What was on there was 2.6.4 I just bought it a downloaded it yesterday morning. but in following your instructions I deleted and trashed the “old copy” from my site and desktop. Then downloaded a fresh file this morning. Yes still 2.6.4 and yes still not working. Look I’ve got the site working the way we needed with other plugins. I have no inclination of spending days to get yours to work. Which even if we did I wouldn’t use anyways at this point. Please refund my money as your plugin does not work. Thanks Frank

Hi Max, I’ve installed the plugin on my www.budgetvideointros.com site. All was working fine until I made the site SSL secure. Now a lot of the popups don’t work. How do we fix this? Thanks, Russ

Hi, I’ve reviewed your site and all popups are working fine.

Tell me specifically what popups are having problems.