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Is there a way to combine the Popup Disclaimer upon entering any page of the website coming from the search engine results? I only see the one that gets triggered manually when the user clicks on a link but not one that pops up automatically upon entering the site, which is the default behaviour for a Disclaimer popup

Hello, just use the following option.

So your popup disclaimer will automatically run when loading the page.

Congratulations on the best Popups plugin

I would like to know how I could do to generate a custom link for Popup.

For example:

Mysite.com/solutions/#popup01 Mysite.com/solutions/#popup02

And so on … Link popups from the same page.



It’s not possible to generate links from the same popup.

But you could create your pages manually and then use this option to add the popup to that page.

A very good solution! I’ll think about how to do this on the same page, in that solution would have to create a clone of the current one, but then it makes it difficult to update the page.

Does the exit intent work on mobile also? Thanks

The exit intent technology works by tracking mouse movements on the screen. Therefore, tracking this on mobile is not possible.


I purchased the popupress plugin but it’s not working correctly. Here’s where you can preview it: http://www.nsmg.com/careers-sales/

It runs correctly in Firefox. But not in Chrome and Not in Safari.

I need a video popup that will run on this careers page only and autoplay on page load.

Button Type = no button Action to open = Automatically. Open in = Specific Pages

Here’s the code I’m using in my page template:

if( is_page(‘careers-sales’) ) { echo do_shortcode( ‘[popuppress id=”695”]’ ); }

Many Thanks, Ian

Hello, I have noticed that you have two instances of the jquery library on your web page.


Many times that causes certain javascript codes do not work correctly.

So that’s possibly causing the problem.

Please delete the older version.



I have a few questions about your WP popup plugin. I am building a website where I want the ability to put text-only popups that appear on a given place on a page to show the visitor something about that area of the website. I may have more than 1 popup that appears on each page.

1. Are there required watermarks/wording that cannot be removed? 2. Can popups be scheduled to appear on 1 page or do they appear on all pages? 3. Can I choose the vertical/horizontal location that I want the popup to appear or does it have to be in a certain location? 4. Can I build a popup that is for informational purposes only (that has text only and doesn’t have a form/buttons on it)? 5. Is it possible to put a popup anywhere on a page and more than one on a page? 6. Does the popup travel with the page scroll or stay in 1 place when the page is scrolled?

Thanks, Mike

Hi – before I go ahead and purchase will this plugin work with:

Automotive Theme Avada Box Theme

Please confirm.


Hi 3sprojects.

All my plugins work very well with all themes and wordpress plugins.

and of course. PopupPress should work fine.

have a nice day

I have Version 1.8 and was wonder when the next release will be as I am having troubles with popups not working

Hi digitaliway.

The current version is 2.7.0

Go to your download section and download the latest version.

Can we have it come up once in the first minute and then maybe once after 15 minutes but then not again?

Hi, I’m sorry but that’s not possible.


We have set up a pop up on the exit from the Cart page, and we would like to insert a product in the pop up.

Is it possible to insert a product in the popup?




Does the product have a short code?

If so, then you can paste that shortcode in this section:

And if not, it is not possible.

Purchase Code (1 of 2): f82e7c89-94cb-4da2-bedf-8bd7d7ecb8d6

We have training pages that have lists of topics going down the page with a link or image that launches a popup video using Popuppress. We are trying to make everything look as good as possible on both desktops, tablets and phones. In doing so, we want to launch the videos as large as possible without going fullscreen. No matter what method we try and use we seem to end up with a portion of the BLACK iframe showing outside the area covered by the popup video. We have tried all the possible combinations of width / height sizes, using “auto height”, percentages, and px sizes and can get the initial video to look okay on a large screen, but then it looks terrible on a mobile phone.

Our solution, if you can help with this, is to make the iframe and all backgrounds used in the iframe to be “transparent”. By doing this we believe we will not see any of the currently “black” iframe that always seems to protrude as the video image is reduced to fit the screen size. We can use the ”%” width option with “Auto” height option and not worry about seeing all the extra black iframe background.

We are having a difficult time with addressing all the areas that need to be transparent and wanted to see if you could provide some help. The best solution is to have an “option” that simply says “Transparent Background(s): YES / NO”, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Another option is to have various popup sizes based on media queries

I would think others would appreciate the option and the look.

How would you do it with CSS or Javascript? We want all backgrounds within the popup iframe to be transparent, except for the “Close Button”.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

The site is under construction as we try and figure out elements and plugins work best, but here is a page.


Click on the first image and it will launch the popup (video). We have it looking good on desktop size screens with Popup Width:960px, Defined Height:540px. But on smaller mobile screens when the video is reduced in size the black background is displayed as it is not reduced the same as the video. Best case, the background follows the video size, but if at least you can provide css to make background transparent it will work for us.


I think it is not possible. I can only make my div transparent

@media screen and (max-width: 600px){ #popuppress-486 .pps-wrap { background: transparent; } }

But there are Vimeo css styles that adds a black background.

Thanks for your effort and help. We will see what we can do.


clungker Purchased

Hello, thanks for the excellent plug-in first. I would like to change the name of shortlinks (slug) for popups but I cannot find where. I started with test popup named “test” and duplicated it for everything else and they all got shortlinks starting with “test”.


clungker Purchased

I tried that option but it didn’t let me even open that up. That’s why I asked. I don’t know why it is working now. Thanks!!


Maybe you should have removed the cache.


Js3_330T Purchased

I have Popup Press installed on a site that I made a copy of and am now building as new. I just bought another license, which makes 4—Great Plugin!

Do I have to reinstall the current plugin with the one I just bought, or can I use the current one on the site I am creating since I have a new license? The current one is already configured the way I need it to function. Thanks! john@js3design.com

Hi, thanks.

You can use the same file (plugin version, php files, css, etc) on your new site.

But you need a new license for every website where PopupPress will work.

This is determined by the Envato licenses. https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard