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Is there a way to add multiple slides as a text element? Rather than a slideshow, I am looking to add multiple slides using the Wordpress text box (the very top input box in PopupPress). Hope I communicated this clearly.


Yes I understand, but unfortunately it is not possible.

Hey Max,

Really great plugin!! I’m using it to automatically show an image gallery. What if I don’t want to loop the gallery? I’ve simply tried to hide the .pps-nav-next/pps-nav-prev on the first/last image with following code:

jQuery(window).load(function() { if (jQuery(’#pps-slides-28 li:first-child’).hasClass(‘pps-active-slide’)) { jQuery(‘ul.pps-direction-nav .pps-nav-next’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); } else { jQuery(‘ul.pps-direction-nav .pps-nav-next’).css(‘display’, ‘inherit’); } });

On first pageload it seems to work – the arrow is hidden. But when I navigate to the next picture the else-condition doesn’t work. Tried many different ways but it seems like it’s only listening on pageload and then ignoring me :D

Do you have any idea for another solution or why it doesn’t work?

Thank you!

Hi sfelsberger.

Ok, I’ll add an option so you can do that.

Give me your email to send you the update.

GREAT! Muchas gracias :) sf [a] frischzellen . at

Good Afternoon Max,

I am having an issue with my site www.socialboxusa.com and from my understanding it is PopupPress related. I recently updated Wordpress to the newest version, 4.8.2, and I have these notices on all of the pages of my site now:

Notice: Undefined index: pps_button_class_run in /home1/ocialbo3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/popup-press.v.1.4/inc/pps_functions.php on line 374

Notice: Undefined index: pps_run_on_hover in /home1/ocialbo3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/popup-press.v.1.4/inc/pps_functions.php on line 219

Please let me know if there is something I can do or update to get my site back in running smoothly again.


Please make your question from the user who bought my plugin. Because you appear as if you did not buy it.

I had a developer create it over 3 years ago and we have PopupPress as a plugin. My assumption would be he paid for it, but personally, I did not buy the plugin from you.

Not a coder, not a developer, just someone who wants their site to work and has the PopupPress plugin that is not working.

In fact they are errors of my plugin, since you have a very old version.

Can you contact the user who bought the plugin?

If so, you can download the latest version from the downloads section.

Hi there, I just purchased your plugin and i LOVE it! Nice work! I am trying to put the shortcode which links to a video in a post excerpt so it shows up here: http://prebuild.livingwellawake.com/events/

The button connected to the popup is in the “Own it” event happening on Oct 28th

The issues is that the excerpt field in Wordpress does not accept shortcode so I created this HTML with the popup class:


The popup comes up with a title page first and not the video. How do I get rid of that first title page? When they click that button I want them to go just to the video. I selected “not” under Title Popup but it still shows.

Thanks, Geej

Hi there. Sorry about that I did get it but it was in my spam folder. I selected the option to Disable the Content and now it works perfectly. Thank you!

I installed the update 2.7.4


Hi there, It’s Geej Mauriva again.

I’m having issues with the popup.

I have a popup on this page: http://prebuild.livingwellawake.com/offerings/

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is an image that says Flavors of Anger Intro.

That popup is linked to an audio file but when you click on the image the popup comes up but there is only a white background, no audio player.

Here’s the shortcode for the audio file: [audio src=”http://carley-hauck.s3.amazonaws.com/Flavors-Of-Anger-Intro.mp3” /]

Can you check it out please?

Thanks, Geej Mauriva

I’ve sent you a message, email.

We will try to solve it.

Okay thanks!

HI there,

I am having another issue with your plugin. I set up 3 popup press shortcodes here: http://prebuild.livingwellawake.com/blog/

But when you click on any of them, all 3 videos popup layered on top of each other. And the Joy of Letting Go comes up first. I want them to be able to click on one and get exactly that video. Otherwise it’s confusing to the user.

Thanks, Geej Mauriva

I sent you a message to your email.

Thanks Max! I set up individual classes and now the videos come up perfectly!

does the popups work on mobile devices? It works on my desktop but I can’t get it to work on my iphone.


Popups work on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

You can check it here: http://popup-press.com/

What is your website, to check the popups.


TT1661 Purchased

Hi, Nice plugin. Is it possible to add a shortcode inside popuppress to display a table price?

Yes, of course.

When I follow the directions for adding a popup button on a revolution slider as in described in your video, it adds an extra slider to the one that is already on the home page. The only way to add the shortcodes on the page is to add a text element to the page which then creates the second slider, once I add the popup press shortcode and the rev slider alias shortcode. I guess I’m dumb as a box of rocks, because I can’t figure this part out. Also, my button doesn’t click even after using NO BUTTON. custom-class in popup as well as in the attributes of revolution slider. I could really use some pointers in the right direction my dear.
I am attempting to get a contact form to popup in my rev slider. Latest versions of everything, WP. Theme, Popup Press, Rev Slider, the whole nine yards.
In the mean time, will just keep playing with it, maybe something will just ” pop up ” LOL

Well, I managed to get it to work by creating a new rev slider. No matter what I did it would not work on the first slider I created. I spent hours doing the same thing over and over again and then said to myself…”self, this is crazy, it obviously works on two other sites with rev slider and V.C., so try something different”
( I removed the plugin from my other sites, doesn’t need it there anyway, just tested it on them )
I thank you so much for your time and your reply. All the Doctor wanted was a red button that said Call This Number For An Emergency with a popup form and I finally got it.
I’ll be happy to send you the temp dev url, but doesn’t wish to place it publicly as it contains the ip and database name so his working domain name on another host can remain live while we build it. I’d love for you to have a look at the working home page with the popup press and compare it to the one that will not work. Perhaps we could both get an answer as to what went wrong.
I just sent you a PM or email from your author page from LeilasLass with the URL

Thank you so much for having a look for me, your kindness regarding the matter is much appreciated, especially since the issue had NOTHING to do with PopUp Press. Sending blessings and angels. PopUp Press works just fine everyone and the author is very helpful.

Thanks :)

Hi, firt off, Im a happy user of your plugin. Very useful.

I want to place the popup shortcode below product image in woocomerce (i made a pdf preview of my product, similar to amazon’s look inside).

Is that posible? Let me know if you have written anything about it or if you have any hint.

Thanks in advance.


Sí es posible agregar .pdf dentro del popup.

Sólo tienes que colocar la url del pdf en la siguiente opción:

Sí, eso lo tengo claro. Lo que preguntaba era cómo poner el shortcode del popup debajo de la imagen del producto en woocommerce.

Okey entiendo.

La manera más fácil sería agregar el código corto del popup dentro de la Descripción del producto, que se vería así: https://image.prntscr.com/image/6A6nRsztSXOioK3qjIwktw.png

Pero como lo quieres colocar debajo de la imagen entonces tienes que hacerlo por código (lamentablemente no hay otra manera).

En el archivo functions.php de tu theme agrega este código: add_action( 'woocommerce_product_thumbnails', 'add_popup_shortcode_on_product_image', 20 ); function add_popup_shortcode_on_product_image(){ echo '<div style="position:absolute; z-index:99999; top: 200px; left: 60px;">'; echo do_shortcode('[popuppress id="57089"]'); echo '</div>'; } Cambia el id del popup.


Ahora se vería así: https://image.prntscr.com/image/12Egi7NHSsWH1KwG7zGjPg.png

Cada tema es diferente así que quizá necesites cambiar un poco el estilo para posicionar el botón.


Snerp Purchased

How do add a Mailchimp form link – http://eepurl.com/cJbxyz I want a pop-up to open when my customers click on a graphic within my homepage.

I tried to follow your documentation “Run popup via a custom link” with no luck. I must be doing something wrong. If you could help me that would be greatly appreciated.


Snerp Purchased

As I originally mentioned I have already tried that tutorial. It’s not the theme, it’s me not able to follow the instructions correctly. I need to know where I place the link to the mailchimp form, and how to I add the popup to an image.


Snerp Purchased

Here is the website: http://metroliquor.com

“I need to know where I place the link to the mailchimp form”

You can add your link on this option:


“how to I add the popup to an image”

If you mean adding a button image, you can do it from here:

Or if you want to add the image as popup content, you can use this option:

On your website, what is the button that opens the popup?


Philwyso Purchased

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a popup that has a revolution slider as its content, however I’m having problem. The plugin works fine in actually opening the popup, and the slider is shown, however it appears as extremely small. I’ve tried resizing both the revolution slider itself and the popup itself but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Strangely whenever I update the created popup, and then check the page without refreshing, the image is displayed properly on the popup.

Hi Philwyso

That is very weird, but without seeing your website, it’s impossible for me to know what is the problem. Give me the url of your website to see what is happening.

Hi Max, I have and love Popuppress. Recently, Our popups with Vimeo videos have stopped “autoplaying” wihen the popup loads. The video appears as if it’s going to auto play (pause is the active button) but it never starts to play unless you manully hit pause and play again. Autoplay is set in the setings. Has something broken in recent updates? Any ideas? You can see here: http://masterbeat.com/masterbeat-game-show-los-angeles/


I have reviewed and the video does play automatically.


I have tested in chrome and firefox


Any way we can have Visual Composer into the builder of the shortcode, so we can add elements to it to open a new window “designet” by visual composer?


Hi nunonunes360.

Sorry, no, it is not possible.


mikebeato Purchased

When I popup an image on my iPhone, I’d like to be able to zoom in to enlarge the image view. It doesn’t work very well at all. Is there a setting I can change to improve this action?? Thank you!


Set this options:

Maybe that lets you see the pop up better when zooming