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Welcome, I don’t quite understand your help snippets in PopupPress – what configuration is needed to show popup to only logged in user (in dashboard) just once, when he visits page for the first time?

Thanks, Kamil

No, that’s not possible, I’m sorry.

this is said, I paid for your plug-in :(. Are you willing to add such option?

I really regret that my plugin does not have such an option and that you can not do what you want. It is quite complicated to realize such a feature by the architecture of the plugin. If you wish you can request your refund detailing the reasons, I believe your request will be accepted.

I am having problems with popup forms using contact form 7. Errors are not shown in the popup and there is no validation message once the popup has been sent. How can I resolve this problem? http://www.brianpasko.com/test

Sorry for the delay, I just sent you the update.

No worries. I installed the update, but it doesn’t seem that anything has changed. No error messages or success messages are displayed in the popup when the send button is pressed. See for example the “schedule your session” link at http://www.brianpasko.com/test

Ok, I have sent you a new version, if it does not work, I will need your access data to do the corresponding tests since in my case the ajax works well and I can not prove the solutions that I am doing.

Hello, I have the plugin on my site, and have it to where it autoloads on page load for just the home page. however it does not pop up automatically at all.


Ok, it looks like your page is experiencing several javascript errors.


I think there are errors because your website is loading the jQuery library twice.


Please remove one and let me know if the problem continues.

that worked, thanks so much.

On modal close sound keeps on playing, e.g.

https://carstub.com/thank-you/ (please narrow browser until you see red play button, modal only used on tablet and smaller not on desktop)

Please fix. THX!!! Bernhard


Hi, I have reviewed your website and you have activated my plugin, but I do not see any popup created with my plugin.

Hello – the plugin works great on desktop or laptop. However, the scroll function does not work on mobile devices. Here is the link where I am using the plugin: https://www.whitehouseweddingphotography.com/wedding-photography-price-dscount/

Please provide solution – thanks

Hi, tonycash.

I have reviewed the popup from my mobile device and it is possible to scroll down/top.

It should work fine since it is the default behavior of the iframe. And I would not know how to solve that if it’s really happening to you.

Hello, I have been using your plugin with Beaver Builder and it has been working great but after update, it is no longer working in Beaver Builder but is in wordpress

You can see the problem here: http://greaterthanthesum.com/

Click “Our work” in the menu and it will take you to 3 popups

The popups open but there is NO content loading

Please Help Thank you

Hello! Very nice plugin, but, iv’e faced one issue( When using Visual Composer, Massive Addons Plugin – Pricing Box. There is a Button inside the pricing box column. And, this button, as SPAN already have its own class. And plugin edit interface allows to enter Link, and its automatically add “http://” prefix, when i edit that field.

And also, plugin doesnt support SHORTECODE inside the pricing box body, only html, text and pre-installed btns

Is it possible some how to make a custom created button with own class to open pop-up?

Hi, you can run the popup using a custom button.

See Documentation:

7) Run popup via a custom link http://popup-press.com/documentation/#!/custom_link_popup

Thx for the rapid reply! Done it)

If I would like the dots under the image gallery to be small thumbnails of the images, is this possible through customisation of the product? Do you offer this?

Hi, sorry but this feature is not available.


Is it possible with your plugin to create a page with posts of a category as thumbnails and then show contents of that post html in popup.

Can you please guide or show some example, I would like to buy this plugin if possible.

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your interest in my plugin. Unfortunately it is not possible for now, but you could manually add your html within the popup content editor.

The popup forms on my site are not showing bullets when I place them in a text box in wordpress. Can you help me determine why? The bullets show in the wordpress visual editor, but do not show in the live popup. Thank you!

great :)


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The table in my popup is preventing the popup from being responsive in mobile. Is there some sort of css I can use to force the table to be responsive? Thank you!


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Nevermind! This was a caching issue. Everything is good. So sorry

If someone clicks DISAGREE on the pop up disclaimer, is it possible for a second pop up to appear that tells them that they MUST click AGREE to enter?

For example, see what happens if you don’t check the toggle and to enter here: http://can-am.com/

You can prevent popup using cookies.

Ok so that way it wouldn’t appear again until…next time they return, how’s next time defined say if they close the browser then return?

In this case the following option should be used:

I am having a problem with the image showing up when clicked. It worked before and now the image won’t show up.


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Sorry I kept commenting, I didn’t get emails that you had replied. Not sure how to delete extra comments now. URL is http://mcguffeyhealthcare.com/ The is issue is under the Amenties, Care service, medical services and Rehab tabs under McGuffey Living.

Hi, I believe the images do not load because you are using this plugin.


Deactivate “Speed Up – Lazy Load” for a moment and try again.


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That was it thank you


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I am having an issue with the image in the popup showing up. Picture is there in code. I have remade popup several times and image won’t show up. It seemed to work before I updated wordpress to the next version. I have done the combatibility test for the plugin and that did make the images show up but only after one resizes window.


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When recaptcha is activated inside a popup, the popup no longer automatically resizes correctly. As a result there is a scrollbar on the left side that isn’t necessary. When the recaptcha is deactivated, the popup sizes normally and there is no scroll bar.

You can see an example by clicking on the ‘Request more Info” button on this page: http://www.brianpasko.com/high-school-senior-portraits/

Can this be fixed? Thank you!


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Thank you! The code works great. Is there a way to make this apply universally for all popups or do I need to edit the code for each individual popup? As written it obviously only works on 30533. Thanks!

Of course:

.pps-popup .pps-content { overflow: visible !important; }

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Thank you!


We would like to display a button on Every product of our website.

On click button will pop-up contact form 7 form and on submit Thank you msg or form should disappear.

is it possible?

Hi, you can add a contact form 7 inside popup, and also the success message will be displayed (Contact form 7 message), but it isn’t possible to automatically close the popup after that.


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I have a popuppress shortcode embedded in a text widget here: http://www.brianpasko.com/product/elowah-falls-framed-print/

When you hover over the link it turns blue. How can I make it so the link is always blue and therefore more visible?


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It’s working now. Not sure what was wrong initially. Is there a way to change the color of the hover as well as the color of the link so there is still a hover effect? Thank you!

Change “black” for the color you wish.

a.pps-button-popup-31581:hover { color: black !important; }


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Perfect. Thank you!

can the simple HTML pop-up have scroll bar if the content is longer than what can fit on the screen / given width-height window?

Hi, of course, the height and width can be set fixed or can be automatically to fit the content.


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I have a popuppress popup on my homepage that is linked to the “client login” link in the upper right corner of http://www.brianpasko.com

The popup looks great in mobile, but the formatting is messed up on desktop (The table spills to the right of the popup). See screen capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j32117kvyop33er/clientlogin.PNG?dl=0

Would you please help me fix this issue? Thank you!

You can do either of these things:

1) Set the width of the popup to 380px

2) Or you can add the following styles.

#popuppress-27147 .pps-content table { max-width: 280px !important; } #popuppress-27147 .pps-content table td { max-width: 280px !important; }

You can change the values as needed.

Please, you must renew your support so that we can continue to support you.


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Will do. Thank you!