Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Popup Press - Popups Slider & Lightbox

Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Popup Press - Popups Slider & Lightbox

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Pre-sale question: I need a popup that will refresh the parent page when you close the popup. Possible?

Hey i’m interested in the plugin, and I am wondering is it a one time fee of $19 or per year?


Yes. One time fee.

It is a single payment. That is, you buy the plugin today and you can always use it.

Hi There,

My site has been upgraded to php 8.1 and now pop up press causes a critical error, please can you help me? I have the errors in an email from my hosting if you need them?

Many Thanks


We will review the problem.

Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

Thanks so much my designer has messaged you

Hello It does say can use html code with wp shortcode and embed form from some plugin ( I use fluent form ) but it does not show up.

i have recorded video ( loom ) to show you but cant find your email or ticket system?

Hi. This use this email:

Good Morning.

I need your help, I just bought your plugin. I already have sections with buttons and I would like to add images slider popups onclick on these buttons.

These buttons are already created, not created with your plugin… How to proceed please ?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


Hi. It is possible to use a custom button, but only to open the popup, not to slide the images.

7. Run popup via a custom link

Provide your website to try to understand what you want to do.


amegie Purchased

I am working on a multilingual site. Is there a way to translate the descriptions for each language ? Or to duplicate existing popups and edit them afterwards instead of having to redo each pop up from scratch for each language?


You must create a popup for each language.


I have spent about a week, creating 10 custom popups in our site for:

  • View Video From Image Click
  • View Video From Button Click
  • Contact Forms specific to single pages

I have taken care to configure each popup to be used on only 1 or limited pages.

Now, I am saddened to find that 2-3000 lines of HTML, CSS and JS code as would be needed to support ALL the popups have been added to almost EVERY page in the entire site. There is 1500 lines of Raw CSS alone added to every, single, page <head> of the entire site.

So, I have 2 questions:

  • Why can’t your CSS code get written into a single file?
  • This is what most Theme & Plugin developers do to avoid this problem.
  • Why must it just get “dumped” into the header of every page on the site?

By using your plugin, and having created (so far only 10) very simple popups, the actual, SEO valuable content of our site – that we worked for MONTHS to optimize, is now 1500 lines lower in the code than before ( much worse on some pages ).

Please tell me you have an answer to this before I have to scrap all of our hard work populating our entire site with popups based on your plugin only to see the SEO Code-to-Content ratio of our entire website plummet?


A question about now the “Open In: Specific Pages” option works?

We have numerous popups that we wish to configure for use only on specific areas or our site. And we don’t want to find their code scripts embedded in the code for the entire site.

When I select the option “Open In:Specific Pages”: Then the popups simply stop working anywhere, and no option appears allowing us to configure, WHICH specific pages it should work on.

I have read through the entirety of your documentation. There is no mention of this option.

Please advise: What is the best way to have certain click-to-view video popups, but available ONLY on those pages with the appropriate videos to view?

Thank You, Web Developer for


When you choose the “Open In: Specific Pages” Option, you must manually add the popup to some page using the shortcode.

That will create a button that when clicked will open the popup. If you want to use your own button then please check point 7 of the guide:

OK – I will keep testing and see if I can get that work.

Tried downloading the latest version of this plugin, it says: Failed – Virus detected (


Hi. Download the plugin from here:

Or provide your email to send you a download link.

Plugin not working on our website.

We just want a simple image to pop up with a link to another page on the website, but it is not working.

Please advise and I will provide website via private message.



Thanks for making such a great plugin! I have your plugin installed on my site but for some reason the roll over effect has stopped working? Any ideas on what that could be causing that.


Pop ups are displayed correctly.

Thank you. Yes the pop ups are working perfectly but the Roll over on the icons are not. I think this is a problem with my site not your plugin because when I check it in development mode they work great

Hello, I have a hover image. Is it possible to show the hover image on mobile instead of the default image?


Provide your website url and the image you want to display on mobile. Maybe it can with a bit of css.

Hi CodexHelp, I inform you that the last version of your PopUpPress plugin does not work in the multisite wordpress installation. Instead the previous version, until the 2.9.8 works perfectly. You should check this.


Hello, I have put together a popup, but it’s not working. The Twitter logo under Solutions should trigger a popup of a video: I’d be happy to send you login information privately.


We will review the problem. Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

Hi pre sale question can you show pages/post in your popup please. Thank you in advance.

Because it is not possible for example to select a post/page to show inside the popup.

How have you achieved it?

Now you’re making me scared, was just about to give you 5 out of 5 for the plug-in, for me it’s great works well. I’m not sure how I’ve got it to do it as I’m not a developer or designer. Only thing I can think is that I’m using the theme Salient which gives me the option on page set up (not post) to have no header and footer I than use the Iframe URL in the pop-up set up which brings up the page in the popup :-) seemed like a no brainer to me. Also the option to add the pop-up to the menu was why I got it and am surprise on the ease of use nice work.

The only thing I have noticed is in Firefox all is well and all pop-up's look and behave as they should do, but in Google and Safari  lets say when I try  Contract 7 form or import some text in the pop-up, you can see it is pulling to the right of the pop-up box. I have tried to compensate for this in settings, but with no joy. But It does not do this with all pop-ups just the ones I try to do in the word press editor any advice would be appreciated :-) still will give 5

Oh. Great. Of course using iframe it is possible. Well thought.

Is this plugin compatible with cache plugins like auto optimize or wp super cache?

Yes of course.

Hi, I am using this plugin with Avada theme. But popup is only showing when the user is login. Without login popup is not showing at all.


Provide your website URL to review the problem.

Hi, I already email at

I sent you a message

Hi. The actual version of Popupress 2.9.9 are not compatible with EventON plugin. It cause the dissapearance of the date tool picker, at event modification. Do you have a fix for that ? Thank you Jean

We updated Popupress to 3.1.3. But the problem stay.


We will review the problem. Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

Hi – I am trying to make a popup automatically redirect to another URL after it closes. I have found the Open/Close Events in the documentation, but keep getting errors when I add to functions.php. Could you please clarify how to add these? Updating the documentation with some more pointers would be awesome. Thank you.


It is only possible to redirect using javascript. Here is an example.

Hi, i have a pre-sales question.

I need the following features:

1-open a pop up when the home page is loaded 2-autoplay a mp4 video (with audio) in self-hosted mode 3-autoclose the pop up at the end

Can this plugin play this sequence? Thanks :D


1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. It’s not possible.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

3. ok, and it is possible to redirect to another page ?

Have a nice day :D

Yes, but not after the video ends.


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