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Hi, does the plugin works with Prestahop 1.6.1. ? because here on Envato is written only Software versione 1.6.0

yes it works, I just forgot to update information

many thanks !! :)

Is there possibility to determine time interval of pop up show in store? I don’t want to attack my customer immediately. If they are on site for example 10 sec, pop up show.

Sorry it is not possible

Good morning, buy the module popup newsletter and have the following questions:

1 As modified SUBSCRIBER button css, color, padding. 2- When a user subscribes window does not close? also thanks to subscribe?

Cheers Christian Gamarra

replied you on mail


02398827-46b7-4579-8a0d-ddb86144b278 – 17 Dec 2015 I purchase and install this module in my prestashop it looks and works fine in laptops, but in adroit tablets comes in wrong position, and in android phones is not shows at all. can you please help to fix this. And don’t disappear after subscription Thanks

contacted by mail

it is public comment section and you sened here ftp data, send them by mail


I am very happy for your work. But.. I bought the module and this does not work in my theme.

I did the installation and clean the cache of prestashop. What can happen?

Thank you very much.

contacted by mail

Hi, is it possible that the pop up does not start directly on the page but only 30 seconds after or any time set in the configuration. Thank you

At the moment it is not possible

ok, do you think you will add such a function ? If yes when could this be availlable ? Thank you

I’m sorry I’m not able to give you date at the moment since I’m workin on other projects now

hi, you can see that popup in the final phase of purchase before you pay ? for example to show the info about free payments over a certain threshold ? thank you

you mean info about free delivery above some value? if yes contact on mail i have better module for that

I have purchase and installed the module in my website but it not desappear after subscriction, and i not founs the email addres of the people. . . .it not work on mobile too. . . . what i can do? thank

contact on mail send your access data

Hello, I am unhappy, because my POP UP does not close after SUBSCRIBE – it’s still showing. Please help me fix that problem. My PS is – I can send purchase code directly to your e-mail.

Help! My module is not showing on mobile screen :(

please contact by mail and send your data

I try the demo link and If nothing in email and click subscribe there is an error about it, and popup never showing up…

plugin dont work, install and error:

Notice: Undefined variable: my_file in /html/modules/iqitpopup/iqitpopup.php on line 471

Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty in /html/modules/iqitpopup/iqitpopup.php on line 471 can’t open file

ok, if multistore, must select store first.

Hello, not work plugin, only works one day how is it possible?

check cookie time in iqitpopup config

with your answer, but in the mobile version does not come out popup

Is it possible to use a different image per language?

yes, but instead of background image use html content field

Thank you. Maybe a future idea. Also as written, the plugin says in the frontend “invalid email adress”. I tried multiple emailadresses.

Hi, can you reproduce the “invalid email adress” issue?

The box “Do not Show Again” can be showed already with the tick?

You need to edit tpl file of moduke and and checked property to checkbox

I would like that when my page show the popup show it with the ✓ in the line do not show again. You told me that I have to modify the tel file but Can you say me exactly what I have to change in the tpl file or other file for the ✓ already appear. Please. I have tried to change it but I need you say me it more concretely. Thank you in advance.

Good afternoon.

I have my e-commerce in prestashop in version this module is compatible with this version that I have and that support I would give you when buying your module.

Thank you

hello, yes it is compatible


nourdh Purchased

Hi, I just bought your module but it does not work on prestashop I have checked the cookies and all the parameters but nothing works.

Can you help me please ? Best regards