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Hello, seems to be a great popup. is it possible to user newsletter subscription in the popup ? and is the popup suitable or adaptive on the mobile version ? thanks

Hello, Thank you Solutello . The popup suitable and adaptive on the mobile version :) Unfortunately, it is not possible to user newsletter subscription in the popup.


I have bought this module, but I realise that it has not Multi-language ready as you indicate in the features.

I can only edit a text in one language with the tinymce editor.

then It is not multi-language ready!!!!!!

Hello, after few days we will fix it and add multi-language option… Thanks for your time, Regards.

Ok. I wait for this fix. Please send a message here when you have fixed, so I couldreceive this message and download the fix. Thanks!!.

And for suggestion, It would be good If you add feature as choose the duration time of Popup and be able to choose which page to show (homepage, products, etc…)

Hi there. I bought yhis module. Great work :) Is there a way I can show X in the upper right corner? its intuitively there people look for the close btn. Thanks

We will let you know , when comply your wishes.

How is it going? Hope Youre getting along… im sure you can sell alot more of this module, if you just make the right improvements :)

Hi, yes you right, we working by this item :)


how long you have prevision to update this module to add multi-language option as you indicate in the features?.

So I am waiting for this, so Meanwhile I cannot use this module because my shop has 2 languages.

I have bought this module but I cannot use it!!

Still waiting for your updated module with multi-language ready feature.

I bought this module with this feature in order as you indicated in this page some days ago until you removed it, because It wasn’t true and the module wasn’t multi-language ready. Today I still cannot use this module because my shop has two languages. However you are releasing new modules and spending time doing that instead of update this module which you promised with multi-language ready.

totally disappointed…


We don’t forget about your problem. Our team, really, working for add this feature. Unfortunately it took more time, than we want it. But we working and have big progress with this question. Today, we can’t say the exact date of update with fixed problem and added new option. We will try to make it maximal quickly .

Thank for your time. Regards.

Hi, I have uplaoded the module in my store but it doesn’t appear in my modules list so I can not manage to configure it. Is there something special to do ? Many thanks


Did you try filter by authors.


I have asked them but I didn’t get any answer. By the way I have solved the problem. Thank you.


Thank for your choice.

Best Regards.

Hi there. Im having the same problem as the other user on this forum. I upload the module through modules but it doesnt appea on the list. I’ve uploaded other modules and they show up no problem. Im using version 1.6. Please help.


Did you try filter by authors.


Hi, I have a 1.0.2 version Does not appears the “x” in the corner..Appears only red dot See here: http://screencast.com/t/sN2BqsjNc. What can I do?

Thanks, Adri

Done, i sent you e-mail

Hi, Have you received the e-mail? Thanks, Adri


Yes, we working with this.

Thanks for your time. Regards.


The module works great. Is there an option to display the news popup only on selected page (different than the home page)?

Regards, Jacek


You can send your admin access via email. And we will add popup only on selected page that you need.



I bought your module and it don’t work with my site. I have Prestashop 1.6. Here is the configuration of the module: http://prntscr.com/8f13za

And my website is: http://goo.gl/yROAqa

You can check that the popup box don’t appears.


Can you give me your email?


You can find our email here http://codecanyon.net/user/webtet at right side.


I sent an email some days before write these comments here, I sent another email again and no reply from you. I am waiting too much time, sorry but I needed this ASAP. I bought another plugin for this and I want a refund of this purchase.

Also I am waiting you fix multilanguage ready. Remember my case, many month ago you release this module indicating in the features that It was multilanguage-ready, but It was not true, and then you removed this feature. I bought this module thinking about It was multi-language ready and you promise to release a new version with this ASAP. today I still waiting for this, and your module never was used for me because of this. Then If you don’t give me a solution with that, I will inform to codecanyon about this situation.

You are not professionnal and It is not serious….

Hi you module fonction Software Version PrestaShop ?


Hi, You module are: Option youtube video ? Van


vendooh Purchased


after several mounths i have actived the module but the pop does not appear Pleasae, let me know.

Thanks in advance, Adri

I did upload the Addons on my prestashop and it says download successful but i cant find it in the module list as installed or to install it

I have fixed the problem (Uploaded Not shown in Module List) by extracting the zip file locally and upload it by FTP and making sure permission is 755