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Hi! I only see the title of the plugin on my page. There’s not display of post.

I just installed the plugin and put it up on my site. Looks fabulous!

Now, I have a 1 question and 1 feature suggestion:

1. Can I use hexagonal colors instead of red, blue, yellow?

2. I think it would be awesome if there was a feature added to this to be able to select from a specific category. For example, I’m working on customizing my Category pages and I’d like to show to top commented posts from that category.

Just a thought :)

Hello, I just updated to versionn2.9.7 and populars posts in tab aren’t showing properly. I selected to show 5 posts and theme displays 10 of them! How to fix it? Thanks.

it doesn’t work!


How do I got about removing the view count?

I tried this .popular_posts_bars_comment_count { display: none !important; }

but no luck.

Good day, I installed and configured the plugin and have a problem. I think the widget in the sidebar and put the title “the last posts”, and leave the other just keep .. My surprise is that i color bars or posts appear.. I created the blog ten days ago and have five posts or created entries.. What am i doing wrong? Carefully and wait for your answer Yours miguel

Could I make this work with Disqus please?

Hi faelsoto, the plugin in 2 years have made more then 550 mb of cache in my wordpress database, This plugin need immediatly an update. Set an option to delete automatically every month or every week the cache data.

Is this cache problem going to be fixed please?

I use this plugin from so many years on my blog http://www.maccanismi.it with custom colors. It still rocks! I love it.


I would like to show the background in the same colour. How can i do this?

hi there,

the comments widget is great, but a few of the traffic stats on the traffic widget are wildly inaccurate. Is there any way to reset or correct this?

Kind regards,

Renai LeMay


Hi do i set the same background color to the widget? Example: red

solution cache… please

Just awesome. This is unsupported.

The plugin is not working properly. Last update was 2 years ago. I asked for a refund.

Is this plugin compatible with php7 pleaz?

I am looking for a plugin where each post is sorted by the amount of like (the most likes on top and least likes on bottom) For all posts / categories.

Can you plugin do this? Or are you able to add code to make this happen?

Hello nivroc, unfortunately we do not provide customizations for this plugin. Feel free to contact me via email for a quote on this plugin you need.

I have to stop using the plugin,because sucking 75% of my hosting resources, a thing it should be update..i was having a lot error data base connection or 500 error on server, code canyon has to ask this developer to optimize the plugin code, you can take look at this screen shot i take:


Please do enable cache in the plugin’s settings.


jalmz Purchased

lot of errors. not recommended. outdated

Hello jalmz, could you elaborate? It is working on 4.x