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looks like the Popscroll does not support https

It should be. Can you please send me an email with more infos about. Which Social Network,Fanpage URL and URL from your site.

You can find the contact Information down here http://codecanyon.net/user/trendwalk

Pop scroll seems not supporting https… Error: Not a valid Facebook Page url.

Can you please send me the Fanpage URL which you have used? I will figure it why its not working and get back to you.

is there a possibility to add more than 1 social media at the same time ?

In this version only one social network is possible. But it is a feature for the next version.

How can you notify me when the new version comes out ?

You can use the “follow” function from codecanyon.

Hello i hope buy this plug, but this fonctionne with HTTPS ? or not ? thanks

Please message me and we can test it on your site before you buy it. It should be working with HTTPS.

error, i send you email.

Hi there, I am wondering if the plugin can be made so that once the facebook page is ‘Liked’, the popup will not show again for that user? So it uses cookies to never show to anyone who has already ‘Liked’ the facebook page. Loving it, thanks heaps!

Or even not to show if it has been closed/dismissed by the user. Thanks!

hey, this feature is already on the list for the next version :)

it is done already?

that feature?

the cookie on close / like cookie?

the new version is only

I’ll buy the plugin the moment you implement cookies for this!

the new version is only

same as me

I check this daily. No updates from you. Please implement the cookies soon and you will have an awesome plugin.

Waiting for it to be cookie enabled to buy as well.

its in the review progress and will be available soon :)

HI, I bought the plugin. Unfortunately it isn’t working. Here is a page on my site: http://www.earthmedresearch.org/neuropathy-natural-medicine/ I tried setting the trigger point to 100px, 500px, 1000px, 2000px, and to .entry-content. Nothing seems to make the popup appear.

The second issue is that when I activate the plugin, it changes the font of everything in my backend wordpress. That shouldn’t happen. When I deactivate the plugin, the fonts revert back to normal.

Also, just a couple suggestions you might consider. One is to give an option to show only on posts. There are lots of other page types besides posts where personally I would prefer the popup not show. The second suggestion is to include an option to set a z-index. A lot of people have floating social icons or other things that float or popup. The popup may pop under some of those things, and hence need a large z-index.

Backend font stuff is fixed. The popup does appear now. Looks great! The cookie appears to work.

One bug I notice though. I have trigger point set to .entry-content. The pixel field says 500px, which should be ignored. When I scroll down on my site, the popup does appear at the end of my content, which is good. But if I scroll down even further into my DISQUS comments, it disappears (I have scrollback enabled, which probably has something to do with this). And if i scroll down even further, the popup appears again at what I think is probably 500px from the bottom. In other words, the trigger point in pixels isn’t getting ignored. I haven’t tested it yet, but I bet this only happens if scrollback is enabled.

I spoke too soon about the cookies. There is a bug. If I click “Don’t show this again”, it will not show it again on that particular page. But if I go to another page, it still shows up. The cookie needs to apply to the entire site, and not just one page.

Also three feature requests you might consider:

1. Have an option to set the trigger at pixels from the TOP rather than the bottom. 2. Have an option that is someone already likes my facebook page, don’t show the popup even if the cookie is expired. I bet this is probably extremely hard though, so probably not worth doing. 3. If a person clicks Like, automatically set the cookie for them, so the popup won’t appear.

Thanks for the fixes. Cookies work. Plugin works great, and isn’t going to irritate my site’s visitors. Five stars.

Is it possible to control what pages the popsrcoll does / does not show up on? What kind of options are available in this regard. Thanks!

Any update? It’s been a over a month now. Just wondering if it’s still on the way anytime soon.

yes its now online :) sorry for the delay

Oh awesome, thanks! Looking forward to implementing it this week :)

This plugin does not seem to be triggered on mobile (check on your iphone). On my desktop it works perfectly though.


Hey, Please go to: Popscroll -> Options -> Mobile and uncheck “Hide on mobile devices”

Hello, how can i modify Facebook EN_us to Facebook FR_fr ? Thanks

If is possible for you go tot he plugin folder and edit „js/jquery.popscroll.js“ Go to line: 470 or search for „connect.facebook.net“ and replace „en_EN“ with „ FR_fr“ in the src path.

presale question, is the https error resolved? then i wanna buy, i love this plugin

It is tested on https sites and it works. You can send me a Message and i will send you the plugin so you can test it first.

Hello, im interested in this item, im using https: it will work?

Hi, the “DOM Trigger Element (Class or ID)” its not working, I sended a message to you with my website info for you to help me, thanks in advance.

Hello, Is it possible to move Likebox Popup Slider to the left side? I would like to buy it, if possible. On the right side it os no good for me.

Can you answer to me to my previous question? Thanks

Yes its possible you can change the position

Hello. How do I get a refund? I purchased this plugin last year and it worked fine. It no longer shows the cover from the FB page it is promoting and does not give the ability to like the page either. I thought I needed to purchase extended support license. By mistake, I repurchased the plugin. It still doesn’t work.

The Plugin was just fully checked and no erros where found. The Fanpage Cover from Facebook was also shown. Please message me and when you still have problems.