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1) Is it possible to have 2 or 3 sidebar tabs on the same page please?

For example could I have a brand sidebar, contact form sidebar, newsletter sidebar on the home page?

2) Is it possible to show only on specific pages?

3) Can I create a sidebar like this one with a scrolling image link box?


Look for the “cog” symbol on the right-hand-side of the screen.



Sorry but I’m not sure which icon are you talking about. Can you please send a screenshot?

Really????? What’s your email address? On the link I sent you there is only one sidebar pull out on the right. Cheers, Ian

I only see the example usage on the right. If that is what you are looking for you can build such an overlay. Scrolling content for screens smaller than the popup content is an option that you can use. ;-)


My theme has a default 50px border around the page which hides 50px of your plugin. Is it possible to add a margin/padding/offset to your plugin so that the button and content are not affected by the page border please?



Hi Ian, Please open a support ticket via the Support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :-)

hi does this plugin compatible with amazon eCPM ads or adsense?


You can insert the ad code in a text widget that can be placed in any of the overlays ;-)

Hi there.

I had a support thread going through email for this compatibility issue with the Pods framework: https://github.com/pods-framework/pods/issues/3508

(Your Popping Sliders and Widgets plugin doesn’t make visible custom post types created by the Pods plugin or by the Learndash plugin from www.learndash.com)

But things went quiet via the support email a few days ago. Can you confirm you received my last two emails providing the information you had requested. I’m not sure they were received. And can you advise when you can address this?

Your plugin has solved a problem absolutely beautifully for us. We just need to put the overlays on our pages of these types too.

Thank you!


Great. Thanks so much. Grateful for the support.

Hi again. Just a quick update to say thanks for the great support. It seems to be working on our site now and we appreciate that your next update will handle the same for us. Cheers! Alex.

I am happy we were able to help :-)

I have included a full bar activated in the footer of my site, only for mobile devices. I want to know if I can change the “hide button” to make it appears on the left and not on the right of the bar. Many thanks

I have included a full bar activated in the footer of my site, only for mobile devices. I want to know if I can change the “hide button” to make it appears on the left and not on the right of the bar. Many thanks

Hi, open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page. Our support team will be with you shortly.

hi, the plugin is very nice, there a way to remember the contents inserted in a form in the widget, where changing pages of the site do not delete the data?

Hi, open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :-)

hey, sidebar are not show, only if i put the shortcode in the content and click on it :/

Hi, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page. Send an example URL and WP admin access to your site. Out support team will be with you shortly. :-)


EvoRod Purchased

Hello OTW

In FIRE FOX on diferents computers my website stop´s

i desactivate all plugins and just leave yours and is the problem Popping Sidebars and Widgets plugin i have the last cversion


i dont know why i have the last version and just in fire fox have the problem



EvoRod Purchased

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Hi, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly.


New2WP Purchased

Pre-sale question: is this plugin compatible with Genesis framework? I am using Genesis framework with Dynamik child theme. Thanks

Hi, the plugin targets all themes. If you have any issues open a support ticket and our support team will take care of you. :-)


New2WP Purchased

Thanks, I just purchased and installation failed, where can I find installation instructions?

Hi, You are trying to install the full package including the documentation and license files.

You either need to download only the plugin installation files from your CC downloads section. Or you need to unzip the full package and find the actual plugin installation file inside.

How do you increase the height of the light box? I am trying to insert a short code for a online video game but the Lightbox will not open high enough to show it. I do not have a problem with the video game showing up in the side bars. Please help…thanks

As I told you earlier if it is an issue with another plugin or the theme we do fixes in most cases or at least we give instructions so you can contact the other author. I am sorry but support officially does not include fixing other plugins/themes or any customization services – https://codecanyon.net/page/item_support_policy

Why is there this huge disconnect in our communication and understanding. I provided administration login credentials for one of your support staff to see the issue I am having on my website with your plugin. I asked if you could fix the issue, but you said I have to pay for extending my support of this item. I explained to you that I will pay for support of the item, but I need to know if you can fix the issue first, and you tell me your not sure if you can fix it. So why would I pay for extended support unless I know that you can fix the issue?

My problem: I am trying to display a video game that is hosted within my website via a plugin inside your light box popup, but the light box window will not expand to contain the full height of the game. If I use your side bar or top bar popup windows the game displays perfectly, so it appears that there is a problem with YOUR LIGHT BOX WINDOW, NOT MY THEME OR PLUGINS INVOLVED.

Can you please take a quick look at my website and the issue which I explained to you and see if this is something which can be fixed? If so, then I will pay for extended support so you can explain the fix or provide a solution on your end.

I hope this now makes sense. Thank you

Hi, As I told you before if the issue is on our end we will fix it asap. If the issues is with another plugin or the theme we will at least provide info on what is the issue so you can contact the other author. You need to understand that on any installation there is a theme and a whole bunch of plugins and scripts. If a problem is present in the work of one plugin it does not mean the problem is in that plugin. Something else might be messing with that plugin or taking resources or even cutting functionalities. I will not be able to tell more before we see it on your installation. We’d love to provide support to you and help you with your issue but you need to extend your support entitlement first.

What’s the difference between this plugin and Popping Content?

Hi, The two plugins has the same overlay set and settings. The difference is the Popping Sidebars and Widgets can create and include sidebars in the overlays. The Popping Content has over 50 shortcodes to include in the overlays.


pako69 Purchased

Hi Please make your calls to Google Fonts compatible with HTTPS: //fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=..... or https//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=...... in your 2 php files (otw_overlay_shortcode.class.php – otw_shortcodes.class.php) Thanks

Thanks for the feedback. I will have this checked and we will have this in the next plugin release.

This has been fixed in version 2.13 of the plugin. It will be available on Codecanyon later today. Thanks again for the feedback! :-)

Hellou! I´ve bout the plugin and installed, the side bar apperars, but not the content inside, Could you help me? URl: pre.hotelsagalera.com

Solved! Thanks and sorry!

Hellou, another question, could you give me the id or class of the button to open de sidebar? So i can customize it in css, Thanks!

Hi, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will give you more details on where to look for the css class and id for your overlay. Provide an URL example so they can give you the exact class and id for your overlay. :-)


room773 Purchased

Greetings. Looking for some help.

I purchased the plugin but am having an issue.

It works perfectly with all themes except Koba (from ThemeForest). For some reason it seems to disable the Nav and the homepage Images / Slider.

HERE IS MY SITE: http://pulpdetroit.com/dev/parc/

Is there a way you can check to see what the conflict is?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sure we can check it for you. Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. Send the example URL, WP admin and FTP access to the site.


Is Popping Sidebars and Widgets plugin able to convert existing sidebar content into a slide out (off canvas) sidebar menu?


I have a right sidebar on my woocommerce single product page, when viewing the page on small screen (like mobile), the sidebar content will automatically move to the bottom of the page (since there is not enough space to display sidebar content on the mobile screen). This is not very user friendly because most people will not scroll down to the end when viewing a page.

So what I am looking for is a solution that can display sidebar content better on mobile screen.

I was wondering if this plugin can do…

When viewing on desktop screen, the sidebar content displays on the right (just like the regular way wordpress shows a right sidebar on a page), no need to turn it into an off canvas sidebar since large screen has enough space to show.

When viewing on mobile screen and if contains a sidebar, the plugin convert the existing sidebar content into a mobile menu/button icon (just like the main menu in the header, but this sidebar menu icon will be an individual menu, separate from the main menu in the header area), and when the mobile user click on the sidebar menu icon, the sidebar content appears (slide out).



You can check on the Sidebox positioned right and Full bar positioned right. You can place any sidebar in it. You can also create a layout of sidebars and create custom sidebars. On the mobile version I am afraid the sidebar can’t be converted to a menu. You have the options to disable it on mobiles and create a separate sidebox or full bar only for mobiles.

Hi can you some more widget to menu. I want to see how is it look like when add many widget higher than screen height. Thanks
I mean similar like this when higher than screen will appear mini roll: https://phpbits-studio.com/gilidpanel/
Please if im not discuss on right plugin, please introduce me the right one of yours product
i want
1) Create multiple slider panel (i want create one panel for 1 widget contact only, second panel slider for all another widget)
2) Each slider panel can choose icon as i want + multiple widget + appear mini roll as URL example for slider panel have a lot widget
3) Zoom to mobile size still appear
4) Available chooise icon
5) Click on icon will appear tootlip name of slider panel (if have)

Our support team will reply to you shortly. :)

I send detail admin in email, please check. Quick question: Where can i set, hover icon appear tootlip ? Please hover icon on this link for understand my meaning: http://themes.themegoods2.com/grandportfolio/landing/


Please note that the comment section is not a support channel. Once you have opened a support ticket via the support tab form our support team will reply shortly. Please direct all support questions there. Thank you :)

Hello, is there a way to have this plugin stay playing an embeded audio site while refreshing or navigating? Trying to find a solution withough having to ajaxify the whole site. Thanks

Hi, I am afraid that depends on your theme. If the theme refreshes the pages when loading the new page then the overlay will be also refreshing.

Is there a way to disable the pop-up on mobile devices to avoid Google’s interstitials penalty?

Yes, all overlays can be disabled on mobile. :)

Thanks… that’s pretty critical now. :-)