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Hi mate. Am about to purchase this. but few questions:

1. Can I add widgets to the pop-out? 2. will it not be possible close the popout by either clicking outside the box, or click anywhere on the top-line (where the icon is placed)?



PS, will this be updated? With future releases of WP etc?

1. No sorry they are not widgetized 2. I can change the css so the icon spans 100% so the clickable area on open spans the entire top of the popout box but this will position the icon in the center on open.

I always try my best to make sure all of my plugins work with future releases of WP. -Nolan

Will this accept Gravity Forms shortcodes?

Please send me an email to -Nolan

This looks great! Is there a way to use text instead of an icon (say “Donate” rather than have an image?).

You can use a image in place of the icon so you could create an image that says “Donate” etc. But using text instead would require editing of the code/custom work. -Nolan

Awesome, thanks!

Two questions before I purchase.

1. Can these trigger boxes be set inside a page/div – so that instead of setting up against the edge of the browser, they sit inside the page body.

2. Can these open on hover, instead of click?

Thank you,

1. No sorry, they are set to be appended to the body. 2. No sorry, there is only a click event to open and close the boxes. Thanks, -Nolan

This is a great plugin. It looks good and run smoothly. Plus you get awesome support from Nolan.

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much – glad I could help! -Nolan

Can you have different popups for different pages – each popup containing different content?

For example, If you have a popup on the about page, it might contain more information about the company. If you go to the contact page of the same site, it might have a popup that has email addresses and phone numbers. Etc.

Yes. You can have different popouts on different pages – you simply put a small shortcode with your html content inside on any page and only that page with show that specific popout. Thanks for the question, -Nolan

could you able to create the same one but for php websites ?

It is a wordpress plugin but yes the script could work on a html/php website. My email is if you would like to discuss this. Thanks, -Nolan

Can the pop out content be activated by a simple mouse over instead of requiring a click?

It can. You can add the following to the main.js file on line 158
//add mouse events
 $('.poc-iconitem').on('mouseenter', function(){
     var $this = $(this);
  $('.added-poc-item').on('mouseleave', function(){
     var $this = $(this);
I have added it to my demo site if you want to see how it will work. Thanks, -Nolan

Thank you!

Just dropped in to say that Nolans after sales support is excellent! I quizzed him about some minor code mods I was making to his javascript, after a day of banging my head against the wall. He solved my problem in record time! FANTASTIC :)

Demo is broken :-(

It is back up and running. Thank you for letting me know. -Nolan

Can this be triggered to open from another button, instead of the icon? We would like to have a button on our homepage slider that can open a popout instead of loading a new page.

I could easily write a line of js code for you do do this. Just send me an email to and I will help you. -Nolan

Hello Nolan, I have a problem:

I have to click the icon to open and close.

Mouserover does not work.

Thanks! I read the previous reviews and found the solution!

That’s great! Good luck! -Nolan

Hi, great Plugin. Does it support Contact Form 7 Shortcodes? Looking forward to you answer. :-)

Not all shortcodes will work correctly inside the popout boxes. I have not tested it with this plugin so I cannot tell you. I will approve a refund if it does not work. Thanks, -Nolan

I am interested in a plugin like this with the ability to show disqus comments; does yours support this?

Depends, is this disqus comments implemented through an iframe embed? It can handle embeds. At this time PopOut Content does not handle Shortcodes. -Nolan

Is this plugin currently compatible with the new versions of wordpress and the theme enfold? Thanks

Yes. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi Nolan. Is there a setting so that nothing pops out when clicked? I’m looking to load a series of four icons that will simply link to 4 different pages so I don’t want anything to pop out. Thanks.

No sorry this plugin was built for popout content. This is not an option. Good Luck. -Nolan