Pop up quick view products

Pop up quick view products

Pop up quick view products - 1 We glad to present you a complete extension for quick view products in your store. The module allows you to quickly view product in the popup window, it is very comfortable and recently demanded in almost all modern online stores. The module has many settings that help you to customize some elements of the module.

When a client moves the cursor over the product, there is a quick view button when he clicks on the button you will get a detailed description of the goods in the pop-up window on this starnitsu. In this window, he can buy this product, read the product description, see the specification, as well as leave feedback on this product. The module uses Ajax to retrieve the contents of a pop-up window.

Quick View module has some excellent features and very easy to setup. It is quick, easy and more convenient for the customers and it will help to create more sales. This Module is fully customizable. Users can easily configure the module into the new or existing OpenCart websites. The advantage of this module is that it does not create duplicates page, very convenient ordering, you can quickly provide feedback on this product to your customers have made all its own tab, so they can quickly find the information they need, and buy goods at your site because with this module it will be very convenient

Main Features:

  • - Activate module [ on | off ].
  • - AddToCart button [ on | off ].
  • - AddToWishlist button [ on | off ].
  • - AddToCompare button [ on | off ].
  • - Display Additional product Images [ on | off ].
  • - Display Availability [ on | off ].
  • - Display Model product [ on | off ].
  • – Display Manufacturer product [ on | off ].
  • - Show Tab Descriptions [ on | off ].
  • - Show Tab Specification [ on | off ].
  • - Show Tab Reviews [ on | off ].
  • - Max. number of options, above which will cause them to hide.
  • - Customize color attributes in the module.
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