Pongo - Codeigniter Admin Template + User Management + CRUD

Pongo - Codeigniter Admin Template + User Management + CRUD

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Pongo is powerfull Codeigniter Admin Template for starting a new project with Codeigniter Framework. It’s cover most common features that needed for nowadays project. We are working hard to create many premium features on this project.

The point is, this project has a simple code, premium design, and easy to modify even with a beginner who just start to use Codeigniter Framework.

List of Features

- Weekly update
- Open to feature suggestion
- Simple and Clean Design
- User Management
- Groups and Privileges Management
- Powerful Login System
- Profile Update
- Site Settings
- Change Password
- CRUD System
- Powerfull Datagrid / Super Datagrid
- Powerfull File Uploader and Picker / Exort File Uploader
- Drag and Drop reorder uploaded files
- Simple Transactions Example and Invoice
- Form Elements
- Form Validations
- Form Wizards
- File Upload
- Wysiwyg Editor
- Basic Table
- Datatable
- Charts
- Invoice
- Login, Register and Lock Screen Pages
- Media
- Error 404 and 500 Pages
- Calendar
- 100% Responsive and Documented Code

Login Credentials

Email :
Password : 123456


  • Documentation Update
  • SASS Improvements
  • Major Template Improvements
  • Major Code Improvements and Bug Fix
  • Add SASS Support
  • Change major color scheme
  • Change major HTML layout and Class naming to be more readable
  • Add new notification layout
  • Add new side menu section layout
  • Add animations on some components
  • Redesign Media Pages, Tables, Calendar and some others
  • Fix some responsive bug on small screen mobile devices
  • Add Font Awesome icon page