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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Too cool for school.


plugin have pagination if have more post, and This demo have issue with latest version of chrome,


It’s one of the coolest plugins I’ve seen in a long time. :) great work.

Thank you, i’m happy like this type of comment. :)


Is it work for page? For example, I would like to display my products on a page, when visitors click the box, it will open in popup (your plugin)

The open popup post/page can display other Visual composer features? Or just text, link and image?



Yes, it work on page, and it support all custom post type, and if you want to add your product then you need to add button in content of product to say add to cart so it display in popup,

Thank you.

Hi, can I add selected items or pages? i don’t found a setting for this – thx


Currently plugin not support to add selected items or pages but sure we will add near future,

Thank you.

currently not support visual composer code in displayed post/page/portfolio?

you can see an example here:


It supported but your theme css issue we need to fix it, give me your site admin details mail me


emailed login details, I intend to use your plugin in many other sites, so please tell me what changes you make so that i can replicate on other installations

please check your mail,

Thank you.

Dude this is super next level! :D

Can you check your inbox please I sent you an email….. Thank you

1) Can I have the Post Title and Category below the image 2) Can something like this be possible: 3) Does it support visual composer content inside the post.

its beautiful :) will it slow down the site ? it opens the posts as popups ?

No it not slow down site, you can see demo for it,

Thank you

Hi there, Is your plugin have filter and can we mix video and posts ?

Hello, Nice addon, but i can’t use it because it not display in visual composer. Plugin is instaled and activated. How can i make this addon display in VC panel? Thanks in advance for your help

please drop me mail


works like a charm now, thank you for your fast support :)

Always welcome :)

Great plugin! Does it work for Pages yet, or just posts?

Super! Is there a way to only display specific pages?

specific pages or post currently not support, but i will add it next version,

Thank you

Any approximate date for the next version?

Is it possible to reduce the height of the header image?

Under plugin does not have option for that you need to customize plugin for your requirement,

Thank you

Hi, I’m trying to use this to organize access to some posts. I’m curious how I can have it collect posts of a particular category. Thus I can use it on several pages which have post category specific archives.

Is this possible?

How do I choose only the posts I would like?


This functionality is not supported for now, i will add this feature in new version of plugin

Thank you