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Looking for poll plugin that:

1. Allows me to restrict voting to once per day. 2. Results show how many times specific user has voted. 3. Results show overall total number of votes from all users.

Can your poll plugin achieve these goals? if not, can you customize your plugin to achieve these goals?

Please respond soon.


Pre-purchase question: Does this work with caching enabled? I’m using Quick Cache on my sites.

Thanks Nils

Quick question:

Has anyone tried this with the classipress theme / Plugin from Any known issues?

Thank you in advance! Brian

3 months no support comments? not buying this now just because of that

Hi there web2dev. I do have a problem with your plugin. If I am using it as widget, it comes out the boxed screen and it looks terrible. Also if I am using it as shortcode, after i press vote it does not show the results as is simply hiding. My current settings : Before a poll starts the widget or shortcode will be Hidden After a poll ends the widget or shortcode will be Shown(Results) Share Poll: Enabled Here is the example: (Look at the widget right side)


Maybe i’m dumb but…i can’t get how to create a poll…I see pollify in my dash menu but it’s relared to design and no way to create a poll. I even don’t see anything in my tinymce




i have a question. Supports plug-archiving old polls?

Thanks :-)

Hi, but you can create polls by different authors / Publisher? Or manage role to create a new poll?

Does this plugin have email integration with services like Mad Mimi or Mail Chimp?

If not, can this be added with some basic functions on our end, our would it involve a lot of extra work?

Anyone? Email integration…?

Hi there, I have purchased your item months ago, however as I am using it as a Widget, after voting I get a blank screen, it does not return to the original page or only to show the results. I have to refresh the page in order to see something again. I have tried to go on your support website but that is not a support website.

hello, can I know in your app how voted people in some parts of my country? 10 users is from NY, 20 is from CA, 15 from TEXAS…. in summary will be that 45 users voted, but I want see except numbers of all voting people in summary also in detail numbers of cities or parts of my country. can I setting it in your app please? if no, can you make it into your plugin, please?

Hi Im looking for a pool system that get the answers from a pots list , filter by custom type, tag , category …. can your do it ? thanks

Pre-sales questions: 1. Can I have a custom field as an option such as “Others: ” and users can input their own words? 2. Can all the voting date be exported into excel?


I want to add a poll in home page, and when the user is complete is, so he will be redirect automaticly to a page with results and comments…

Is your plugin can do this ?



I have a question regarding this polls plugin. Is it possible that I can allow my registered users to create polls of their own? Also if they can post it anonymously?

Regards, Sunil

Hi. Really nice plugin. I have pre-purchase question: On web-site I’m working on there will be premium account and free account available. Client wants to add functionality that if you are a free member then your vote count as one vote but if you’re a premium member then your vote will count as 10 vote. Example: free member clicks vote button on your poll and the option he/she voted for gets 1 more vote. Premium member presses same button and option will get 10 more votes. Is it possible to achieve this with your plugin? I understand it will require some coding and I’m ready to pay for extra work.

the demo “Admin dashboard” url redirects to a webcam page, probably the site got infected?