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Hi Can we use your plugin for pages as main content ? We plan to have complete polling website, with several categories.

Hi srihari04.

I do not understand what you mean.


does this work with buddypress?

Hi mtillery.

It does not have anything with buddypress, it is system for itself.


i have some pre-sale questions: – is it possible to show results via a shortcode individually? (e.g. percentage of every answer) – can i modify the results via backend or do i have to change it in db? – who is allowed to vote? just registered user or every user? – who is allowed to create a new poll? just registered user from group moderator or admin? Because iam looking for a plug in which allows everyone th create a new poll without registering. thank you

Hi Loopfreak.

1. No. 2. No. 3. Which ever you set in option. 4. Admin or role which you set in option. 5. Not possible.


okay, thank you for your answer. 3. > every user can vote without registration? 4. -> it is possible that every reader is allowed to create a new poll? with just the right to create a new one / and no admin rights? 5 > i repeat: without registering is not possible to create a poll?

Hi Loopfreak.




mnm666 Purchased

This plugin doesn’t work on my wordpress site. I would like a refund!

Hi mnm666.

Send me FTP and WP credentials so I can check it out.


Do you have links to examples of websites that use this plugin? Which wordpress theme do you recommend to use this with?

Hi jefffffffrey91.

1. No. 2. Any


How can I test if it works? Can you provide me a login and password to your demo site for me to see before I purchase?

Hi jefffffffrey91.

You have demo but not admin, for that you have screenshots.


Hello, Is it possible to show results along side the poll before user has voted, form what i can see in your demo the user first has to click vote or show results button to see the results, can the results always be visible even if user has not voted? Thankyou for your time

Hi syedsameerali0011.

Yes it has that option http://prntscr.com/cwyoia


Hi Can simple users add a poll/survey from frontend ? Cheers

Hi rehub.

No they can not.


it doesn’t work. kindly request refund.

Hi zakwithu and thank you for your purchase.

It works fine on demo so let’s first find out is it plugin or your error. Send me FTP and WP credentials.


Presales question: I need a voting system for music. Is it possible to have a few audiofiles as choices ? So people can listen and then vote for their favourite song?

Hi lalunavbg.

It was designed to have text answers.


Hi, im very interested in your plugin and i hope you can help me with some questions i have:

1) Is it possible to automatically generate a list of the top 10 voters or at least to figure out who voted the most?

2) Is it possible that registered users can see surveys they have participated in?

3) Is there something like an poll archive where in can see all closed polls or is it somehow possible to create something like that?

4) Can i generate something like an overview page of all polls?

5) Is there a way to categorize polls for example “science”, “lifesytle” and “else” and the to create a page where i only get the polls of “science”?

Thank you very much Matt

Hi Matt.

No there are no such options.


Hi there, will there ever be an option to remove the ability to see “TOTAL Votes” after a person votes? We want to be able to reveal the final winners at a later date.

Hi taccaralanay.

There is no that option ( you can only hide results button from users who did not voted )


This is a brilliant file.

I would need this to work in a 6×4 ratio and also in a post called by Revolution Slider.

Would this work that way??

Hi eirehotspur.

It was not tested.


Does your system allow users to submit entries for polls? Also, is it possible to have polls with different end dates?

Hi tomorroworks.

1. No. 2. Yes.


Hi. I want to make some Survey system like this website ( http://www.gayeon.com/landing/c01_wscore01.asp). A survey is pretty simple, visitors just choose their profile. the goal is I want to collect their Name and phone number and then I want to show some message to visitors like I will call you. Can i make this system using your plugin? Thank you

Hi cheonmu.

No it is not possible.