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How hard is it to display the number of votes a long with the percentage?

this got some kind of protection to allow just one vote per person?

this is not loading the css..

I did not work And worked poll <?php echo Poll(8); ?> I tried in every way

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function poll() in * on line 19

Can you help me Sitebase? Your application does not work

that script is not working good for sure always error of parsing

Pardon my newbie questions. I’m completely stumped. I have put the files into my root directory—and the admin page loads fine. I’ve edited a question and saved it, but I am unsure how to proceed from there.

I’m using Magento—which has plenty of PHP horsepower. But I cannot find a way to edit these items so I can access them from the front end. Any suggestions?

<?php echo Poll(6); ?> <?php include(“poll/Poll.php”); ?> <?php echo Poll(6, “poll/template.tpl”, “poll/data.xml”); ?>

UM… Guys….

This person has been AWOL for two years.

Why are you still posting questions ?

is possible to make a multi language option ?

All example pages out