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hi, can be used on every website?

Yes you can.. This item No use licence key

Hi idrmx, when will shared with us in codecanyon more awesome plugin for sngine? Thanks

Hi, is a problem this, more plugins, more problems, more error, people no know install, problems with addons of others users, codecanyon wait a week for aprovate or reject a code, ... i much work repair ads_system… and poll need create a version diferent….all is as start of new… :/ i haven´t idea when i upload new code… need create a best system… ads have problems.. and need next updates no problems with old code… :3 you understand my new problem?

Need to install on sngine 2.2 can you help please?or updated files!

poll plugins default template is ready, need edit any things more… you send a MP and send for email :3 or wait tomorrow in codecanyon

hi vamilgandhi from fb

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? D:

Hii, First of all i like to say your plugins are very good. I liked your work and going to buy your all plugins for sngine.

I have installed your Ads and Poll plugins latest versions. There is one minor bug in poll plugin i like to report you.

On admin home page left side panel under create groups when we click the Poll icon it brings to this link ( http://websitename.com/admin/poll ) but it shows (404 Not Found) error page not found. Can you check this on your site?

Rest of the things are working fine.

Thanks and Regards Sunny

Ok posible big erros http://websitename.com/admin/poll (“admin”). you no can use admin like username, this is iqual name of admin area… website.com/admin (admin area , no admin profile), when you say error in http://websitename.com/admin/poll (this no is profile, example: http://localhost/sngine_22/profile.php?username=LdrMx&view=poll), search is in admin example: http://localhost/sngine_22/admin.php&sub_view=poll, you no can use names “admin,includes,photos,post,uploads and more .. you can check: .htaccess”

Hii.. Thanks for all these suggestions. I have updated the config file (debugging, true). It didn’t worked. But yes you are right because i am trying to check it from admin panel it is showing the error. When i login as a normal user it works okay.

Thanks again :)

Regards Sunny

hello sunny i send a file for repair share.. i am sorry for problem :/

open config.php and change remplace line 6: define(“DEBUGGING”, true); for show error… need see if files is complete… ok i try of check now, sorry por your time… thank u i checking :3

please look Fatal error: Uncaught -> Smarty: Unable to load template file ‘p_admin_plugins.tpl’ <- thrown in /home/anadoola/public_html/includes/libs/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_template.php on line 219

Hi, when creating a poll and inputting the answers if I put a comma (,) in one of the answers it splits that string into two different answers where the comma is.

How can I solve this problem?

Also, 2 more things.. http://d.pr/i/1g8G2

1. How to increase the max characters displayed in an answer? It does not display the whole answer (see screenshot). Why is it so short?

2. I have also purchased and installed your “Share Post” plugin, and when attempting to share the poll I get an error (see screenshot). How to fix?

Last thing.. http://d.pr/i/E4wn

After polls are deleted from feed, empty poll boxes show up on the polls page (see screenshot). Maybe they need to be deleted from the database as well? Possibly something to consider for the next update…

ready can visit my profile and send a MP for send to your email news code : of numbers or character… 1.- open p_feeds_post_poll.tpl for poll shared: 2.- open p_feeds_post_poll_shared.tpl

line 12: |truncate:20:... here change number of characters… if you change size of screen to mobile see a litle error of css for this add a limit of text

for share open p_feeds_post_sharer.tpl line 253: {include file=’p_feeds_post_poll.tpl’}

- for (,) open includes/js/sngine/posts.js line 301 more or less find answers = $(this).val(); poll_length+ and remplace: answers = encodeURIComponent($(this).val()); poll_length+

open class_user.php and find this line: foreach($answers as $answer){ add: $answer = preg_replace(”/%u([0-9a-f]{3,4})/i”,”\\1;”,urldecode($answer)); $answer = html_entity_decode($answer,null,’UTF-8’);

ready hahaha … best send file :3

Hello.Can you please have a Wowonder version. Thank you

No know.. need try in this week :3

Thank you

samoel thank you i no do nothing hahah xD


This plugin doesn´t work well

ok, but can say what is your problem? So can i check the problem… :3

When I finish and public, it doesn’t apears on the Feed, and on the Pool Setting it is ON

Hi @ldrmx,

Can you also create a photo album plugin for Sngine v2 with pagination (increases pageviews), title field and description field? Similar to photo album in Sngine v1.

Yehia will to create in sngine 2.3.. i am waiting too :/ from 2.0 hahaha .. and yes i can create… no remember sngine 1 albums… but… any similar.. .. for the momment i …no have any idea for create anithing in sngine…..

HI, I can use this in wowonder 1.3.4 version? thank you

Ads script havent complete code for poll but yes can use if you can install and do work :3

can i sticky this poll so every member can see the poll ?

You friends, followers, public, private… is the privacy in the post added, all can vote

admin sticky the poll for public all of the member. possible ? like announcement

nice suggest :3 yes i see a examples in ads of facebook, need see place.. can be like announce oF admins for alls or in the future part of ads.. i am cheking idea.. i finished of update my pack for sngine .. today will to work in news ideas and bug in poll :3, thank you for you idea i add in this version idea.. and you say if like :3 xD

where is latest version

xD need create new version u.u

this version is not support Sngine 2+ 2.3


this version is not support Sngine 2+ 2.3


Fatal error: Uncaught -> Smarty: Unable to load template file ‘p_header_combo.tpl’ in ‘file:plugin_footer_global.tpl’ <- thrown in /home/anadoola/public_html/city/includes/libs/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_template.php on line 170

Hi, i need help… it looks like after installing this plugin, i cant accept friend request.. can you check whats wrong with that? Thank You..

u.u is a error for combo setting ok only need add combo setting in database, download this: https://mega.nz/#!6QU2jTjC!bXAcoxvkFMG91sGzk5rXBjGmXt2Df18CKhIyv74IcRY upload and install example URL: www.dominio.com/install_combo.php

can polls & votes be on the group pages ONLY?


Please tell me how can I UNinstall the plugin (Ads Advanced For Wowonder )