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Hi, i got the script installed however something not right… do i need to change permissions on anything?

The index.php is not display styles and cannot create polls, just get 404 error pages. any ideas?


Pretty much as I tell everyone, what do your error logs say?

Sounds like something hasn’t been set up in the config file?

Thanks for the responses!

I just deleted it and reinstalled and it is working well.

I cannot seem to find where to edit the “Powered by” line at the bottom of the polls. It is editable isnt it?

Yes, everything is editable.

Look at survey.php

Hi Freekrai,

Is there a possibility to make it similar style like you have in the preview? The style.css is different on the downloaded file.

Thanks, Negede

Um, they shouldn’t be, I actually use the demo as the site for the zip file.

Thanks for the reply, I am not sure where I went wrong please have a look , I am not getting the same look as the demo.

Thanks, Negede

You have it in a folder, so you’ll have to add your links to the header so the css gets loaded.

When I view source, I see this:

<!—[if lt IE 7 ]> <![endif]—> <!—[if gt IE 6 ]> <![endif]—>

But the /css won’t find your CSS as you are in a folder called /poll/

So you have to change like this:

<!—[if lt IE 7 ]> <![endif]—> <!—[if gt IE 6 ]> <![endif]—>

I changed that but I didn’t see any difference. Any suggestion?


Need to be /poll/

changing to “poll/ tells it to find it in a folder called poll, so it would look for /poll/poll/css/


You are very supportive and Great!! Thank you very much, it is working now.


freekrai, please try my site as a new user and see the results, I am a bit confused the question and answers do not match.

Thanks, Negede

Please… PLEASE make sure you have read the readme.txt file and set up your setting accordingly:

I can see you haven’t set up the URL properly since the code shows no URL .

Thanks for everything, my final question will be regarding reCaptcha is there any instruction to activate it?


I have done the reCaptcha thank you.

You say if you ajust links in header.php it works, but if you install this script in a folder you need to adjust all links in all files. Thats a bit unfinished…

Is there a domainvariable so you can set it to work in a subfolde without going trough all files to make i t work?


It is possible to use the poll to vote only, without displaying the results?

  • The preview is not working!


I’m gonna be moving the preview to a new domain shortly..

Hello I need wordpress plugin that I can reate question form so users can choose a answer. The choosen answer I can set to direct to a page or link. Example here:

Question 1: Where are you from? Answer: Germany Answer: Italy

Question 2: What do you want to do? Answer: Holiday

So and if user choose that so he will direct to website or page

I need unlimited unique Question and Answer that I can create. And evry time direct to a diferent website or page that choosen by myself.

Any news on updates for multiple questions and an admin panel?

The demo website is not working. Seems like the domain name has expired. Any other place for demo?