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Excited to try this out, but it says there is an error in downloading the APK file?

refresh the page and try it again, it should work

Excellent – the test APK worked well! I’ve now bought it, and will try a re-skin!

Thanks, and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page ;)

The app force closes when I try to pick image from gallery or take a picture

That’s a wired issue, we haven’t experienced such issue as you can see by the video, anyway are you loading images from Google Drive?

crashing when try to select image from gallery

My phone : android marshmallow 6.0

same problem just press camera button it crashed

Ok, thanks, we’ll check it out, it’s about Marshmallow permissions, because it works on Android 5.1 and older, probably there’s something to be fixed in it.

try to download the Apk again in 10 minutes from this app description page, it should work now. Cheers!

crashing when try to select image from gallery

My phone : android marshmallow 6.0 htc m8

do not write targetSdkVersion 23

write targetSdkVersion 22

Send apk

Ok, but the API 23 is for MarshMallow, the 22 is for Lollypop and it works already on Android 5.1 devices, so we don’t understand what your mean with
do not write targetSdkVersion 23
write targetSdkVersion 22
Do you mean we sould change this in gradle.build file?
        targetSdkVersion 22

It crashes when picking image from gallery or taking picture with camera in my Nexus Android 6. I’ve used the new updated apk

Ok, we’ll check it out and see if we can fix it.

Hi, I’d like the final image to be shared as a square, can you tell me where I can change the parameters for this?

The final image you get is from a cropped area, which is the cropView, check it out in the image_editor.xml. Make it square by its layout:width and height properties and you’ll get a square area. Anyway, the purpose of Polaroyd is to gather the filtered image and the frame image together, so you would have to adapt the frame image into a square size (if you want to keep it attached with the finalImage).

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

Hi fvimagination, how to fix it: Generate Signed APK: Errors while building APK. You can find the errors in the ‘Messages’ view. Error:(268) Error: @+id/linearLayout is not a sibling in the same RelativeLayout [NotSibling]

Hi, Android Studio should point you to that line in an xml file, just remove it

The apk crashes when I select an image from gallery. And it won’t work at all whenever I add new frames. Help please.

Hi, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll send you the updated version.

we’ll reply to your email asap.

You said there will be admob banners but i didn’t see any ads in the app

Probably because the AdMob network is not available right now around your area, and it doesn’t depend by me but by Google only :)
The banner is shown on the top of the screen in the Image Editor screen. Anyway, I ran the app right now and I can see the AdMob banners.

Hi @fvimageination! I very much interested in buying the app for ios and adnroid but when I tested the app on my HTC One M8 with Marshmellow 6 , its lagging. Applying the filter or britness takes too much time. Can you fix this?

Hi, not at the present time, for now this Android version is the best I can do.

Hello, I was trying the demonstration but when placing the filters the application was slow to respond to use the filters, can you fix that before buying it?

ok, what about the SDK Tools tab? have you installed all the Google services? Btw your screenshot are small and low quality so it’s hard to understand your issue in the Messages panel.

Hello I have already solved the previous problems and you have already added my own logo, splash and I changed its name but in the image editor Polaroyd Editor is still appearing, where can I edit it? https://i.imgur.com/EToApch.png

simply change the string of this instance in the onCreate() method in ImageEditor.java:

    // Set Title
        getSupportActionBar().setTitle("Polaroyd Editor");


I published the app, but now some of the Android users get crash I see in Android anyltics on Play Store, this error shows: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException java.lang.RuntimeException:

Hi, that error says nothing, basically, i cannot identify their issue, it seems there’s something null, but without a Logcat message on crash i can’t know what it is, sorry, also i would need to know when the app exactly crash, what steps they do to get it.

Btw, you have to know that Android sucks, there are too many devices in the market with all different specifications and hardware, this makes Android an unstable OS, not like iOS which has a few devices and they all work fine, it’s almost impossible to adapt a code for all the Android devices until Google won’t improve its OS

i have interest to purchase this code what about api versions?

what do you mean, sorry? the minimum API supported is 21, Android 5.0

app is nice.. photo not moving… effects taking time also…

Yep. that’s how the app works, if you need to drag and scale an image, you may check PikLab Android here: https://codecanyon.net/item/piklab-android-universal-photo-editor-app-template/21947155