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very nice, is it an option to have the text on the Polaroid be a click-able link or even better some text and a read more link ?


The captions are actually links, only in the exapmple they are set to #, so it is possible. Also I will consider the second option as a feature in future release.

Very nice work!

Thank you very much!

can it be integrated in a wordpress site?

Nice work anyway.


Hello! You can make it work, but I didn’t made a tutorial for it, because the wordpress plugin version is under development. It will be released in a week.

excellente ;-)

Good work! Good luck with sales!

Thank You!

Did you create a WordPress plugin version of this?


Not yet, but there will be for sure :)

Nice work.

I have a question though. How do I initialize or remove it from an element on a conditional basis . Like remove if the containing-element is hidden and initialize if the element is shown.



If you mean Javascript, then you should just set the containing div of the slider to display:none, or visibility:hidden. This should do the trick.

can the slider handle different image sizes in a same slideshow?

It’s better, if you choose previousle resized images.

This is very nice.
Is there a way to center an image in the frame?—at least horizontally?

Do you mean, like the images are bigger then the frame?

I tried margin: 0 auto !important; on all the divs to no avail.

To horizontally center images inside the slides:

div.slide { text-align:center; }

is there a way to dynamically load images or slide contents rather than have to put them into HTML first?

Is there a way to find out the current slide index of the image slide?

Amazing =D