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Nice plugin
Very creative #bookmarked


Hi there, I’m having some trouble with the slider… No matter what I set the height and width to be, it only displays about 13px high. Help!!

Bigger than the configuration on the left sidebar.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….. That’d be it then. :-D Thanks for your help on this. I have it up and running now and it’s looking great!


How many photos does this gallery support? I have a client with over 75 pictures. Thanks! The gallery is amazing btw. Waiting on your response before I purchase the plugin.

I didn’t test with more than 15 images. Depend on the thumb settings I think!

I need assistance with this plugin. I went ahead and purchased it without a response to my previous post. I need to know why the code is not responsive or working properly when I placed it all on a custom splash page with simple HTML with an enter button.

Do you have a public URL for me to check it?

Great plugin!

I have it working perfectly except for a brown “dot” that appears on the left hand top corner next to the slider. Any ideas?


Hey, thanks for buying it :) Maybe there is a conflict with some css (or js, because I can see some inline css their) from the theme or other plugins For a quick fix you can add this css:
.pslider li {
    margin-left: 0!important;

I just love it – thank you for this nice plugin :-)

Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate a lot :)

Hi there, Pre-purchase question: Looking at the demo and screenshots I cannot see an easy way of adding a title or sub-title to each slider and yet that seems like it would be a common requirement. Is that function built in or would it require custom CSS/Development?

Is the Slider fully compatible with WP 4.1 I notice that there has not been an update in 12 months?

Many thanks

Thanks for your interest! I should work on WP 4.1. Honestly I’ve put this plugin aside since I was workind on another theme. But I might be able to update it in a soon future to include it in my theme, no precise date though.

Sorry about the caption, I’ll look into it.

hello, git a presale question: works with eevry headerpicture?

Sorry about the late! What do you mean by header picture?

the demo doesnt work?

Sorry about that, did a server migration, I forgot about that demo. I’ll push it online asap. You can check a demo here in the meanwhile:

hello, is possibile to put a link in the image of polaroid slide?

i have libra theme and the polaroid slide is inside…

Then you need to contact the author of the libra theme, not me.

is it possible to have a video in one of the “polaroids”?

Nop, sorry :/


I have no Background – Image in my slider – and can’t find the place where I have to set it.

Thanks Tatjana

Hi – how is best to ‘centre’ align the slider please? Thanks!

Yes. Can I email it to you privately please?

I’ve managed to sort it… sort of. Just used a good old-fashioned <center> tag :-D

I would have give something similar!

Has anyone tried this is a 2018 version of Wordpress? It says last update was in 2017, so I thought it might be okay in the current 4.9 version of Wordpress, but I’m not having any luck. I have Avada, but I also tried with a default Wordpress theme, and deactivating plugins.

What problem you are using, can you please explain so that we can help you. Thanks a lot

Hi! I’m using the Polaroid Slider plugin in Wordpress 4.9 in the Avada theme. When I create a gallery and add the shortcode to the page, nothing shows up, not even a space where the gallery would be.

This is the page. I can see the code is there when I inspect it.