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Great plugin. Just playing with it. Notice a few things

During start you see the captions and after document ready they will dissapear I solved this with .perspective_diap p add display:none;

Also the span.timer_rota needed a display:none;

Cosmetic – .perspective .perspective_diap needs an outline:none; for removing the dotted line when clicking on an image.

The play button is set too high Solved this by thatPause.css top : 20 + ( –

One question. How to set the first image to appear In your included example it starts with the last image


I had to play with the play and pause button position so it works in all browsers. Especially IE7 is the biggest problem. The best solution for me was these settings

thatPause.css({left : posPause.left, top :}).animate({left : 35 +posPause.left , top :},200).attr(‘class’, ‘play_rota’);

We had a few problems with IE too, but we solved them all. I note your solution, we will work on it for the coming update.


As we said, we made an update this week. A new option is available, ‘switchOrder’, it allows to change images order when page loads. So the first image in the DOM is on the top of the slide.

Thanks again for your feedback, and have fun with this plugin.

Example can be found here :-) (refresh a few times if you don’t see it, because I random choose between Nivo slider, accordeon slider and ViUU slider)

Thanks for your link. Maybe I’m not objective, but I think it looks great! :)

By the way, nice idea the plugin random.

Thanks :-) This is just a demo site of my minicms. Customers can choose which plugin they want :-)

Great file! Are you planning on releasing this with the extended license?

We didn’t really discuss about it, we wanted some feedback first to adjust plugin if needed. But probably yes.

Thanks for your interest.

On my theme i only see half of the circle for the timer It would be so cool if video would work too

The only reason, I think about, is something changed your timer width… Send us a link, we will have a look.

Video would be great you are right, we are working on it, but we are facing some problems with dimensions animations and other stuff, so it is not planed in a close future. :/

Thanks for your purchase.

Hi Studioonthebox,

I took a look at your page, and it seems that the position of the span in ’.timer_rota’ isn’t correct. You can add in the CSS : left: 0; on span.timer_rota span. It should fix it.

Yesterday I said thanks for your purchase, it seem like I talked too quickly… Nevertheless it is not expensive. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks my wife did buy it with her account thanks for your help and FYI it works know thanks so much

You’re welcome.

Does this script work on the ipad and iphone?

It works perfectly on Iphone or Androïd. As you can see :



One more thing. In firefox I get a lot of Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element ‘eq’

I know it’s just a warning.

Perhaps in an update you can try to fix this ?

Here a link with suggestions

Hi Ceasar,

You probably also use web developer in Firefox. I don’t like to see a red exclamation point when I integrate a new website, even if it’s not a critical error. I thought :nth made CSS warnings too, but it seems not, so I’ll try to use it.

Thanks again for your feedback.


Could this great looking slider easily replace the one I have employed on this site?

I like the carousel effect but need to retain similar images and blend with the background.



So sorry for the long time to answer.

This plugin is really easy to use. You’ll only have to make a new background for your slideshow and the shadow for your images.

Have fun.

This is an awesome script iloviuu! I do have a question for you though…for whatever reason, I can’t get the photos to stack in either direction. All I see is one photo at a time and don’t get the perpective “effect”. What am I doing wrong here? Here is the site…


I have found the solution! Again, great script!

Sorry I didn’t see your comment in time. I’m glad you found your answer, and you like the script! Thanks for using it.

Got a question: Is it possible to use the slider smaller pictures like 300×300 px?


You can use whatever image size you want, also square (actually I’m doing a website with this slider in a little version, images are 300×180), all you have to think about is the difference between your images sizes and your container size.

Any report of if this works in IE9 or not?

hello, i’m thinking of purchasing this script but have a very specific requirement for my project – can i add navigation below with arrows?

I’m sorry but it isn’t possible with this version. But that is a good idea. I should implement that option, but I can’t say when.


Hi there, is it possible to deep link the pages upon the carousel? i.e. mypage/carousel.html#page1



people, don’t buy this script. the author offers no support and the script hasn’t been updated in forever. wish i could get my money back on principle.

hello it looks such a promising plugin for my needs but i have a query: can it display images in random order? thank you and congratulations -dv

Hello, Before I buy it, I wonder if it is possible to use, in a same slideshow, different sizes and orentations of images! I have a collection of images that are vertical, some are horizontal and some are completly square!

I need to have it in the same slideshow! :S

Thank you!

hi, I don’t speak english correctly, but i have a problem with this item, recently in my work buyed this item, i wanna apply the effect in various classes into one page, but i got a error, the effect is bad applied, do you help me please?

the username of the buy is this:

Nice work! But could you add navigation with arrows? I need it. Thanks!