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Well done, good luck :)


hi, can i Please test drive the admin?

Hi, I will put up the admin demo today. I will message you when I have done so.

Admin demo added, details in the description. Thanks

will it work across custom templates ?

Yes, it makes no changes to core files and can be used with any template

I realized only now that my OC is 1.5.1 and, after tons of customizations, I can’t upgrade it. In admin I see the Pogo Slider Creator menu but the buttons ( save, new slider, load slider… ) are inactive. There’s a way to make it work?

thanks p.

Hi, I have not tested it on 1.5.1, Have you tested it with the 1.5.6 version? That should be the best hope of getting it to work. If the buttons are not working it is probably a Javascript error. Check the console and report any errors back to me at support@fluice.com

yes, I realized thet I miss the step4 of installation, but I don’t find this in admin menu: - Browse to ‘extension/installer’ and nor the ’.ocmod.xml’ in the downloaded package. Can I install the xml via vqmode?


You only need to install the modification on Opencart 2, older versions of Opencart do no require any modification.

Permission denied in admin demo

Fixed now, thanks for bringing it to my attention

Thanks! This is really good!



the demo site doesn’t work.


Thanks, I’ll get if fixed asap

Will this work on 2.0.1 with the new layout system?

Any plans to upgrade it for 2.0.1/2.0.2?

Yes, I do plan to upgrade it shortly

Great! This is really the most user friendly slideshow module available!

Hi, I have a countdown in my store but when i enable a pogoslider the countdown automatically stop. We have tried with another type of countdown and it happen again. So could you please check and help with this issue?

Hi, I will respond via email as soon as possible. Thanks

thanks a lot!

Nice price! GLWS

Could you upload the demo again to test?

Hi, sorry for the slow response. I’ve updated my email now and you can contact me with any queries you may have. Please note the item is not compatible with the latest version of Opencart and I have no plants to update it.