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FYI. Support for GCMBaseIntentService etc. will shutdown on july 30. When will you implement the use of GoogleCloudMessaging API ?

Google made a announcement, that it is obsolete and the support of the library wil stop on July 30th 2015

Thanks for the info, I’ll see how to fix it.

when you will have a new version?

Good day, tentatively for the first days of July but it depends on my workload. regards

Will it support android 5 ? Thanks

Hello, I am working on it. regards

Any Update for New Version ?

Hello, I’m working on it alone for now is my vacation period. greetings

I can’t access admin panel i can’t find username and password. Help me!

Hi, user: demo, pass: demo. regards

Admob Support?

Comments Arabic characters do not even walk:
1- Database Conversion to UTF8
2. Conversion of all files * .java to utf-8
Still if I write in Arabic character of question marks appear

I export the project to success with Android Studio.
What one can help me integrate AdMob?

Hi, sorry I do not work with AdMob. greetings

if you can help with admob integration i will buy now

hi I just want to play one xml list for one podcast http://techwebcast.podomatic.com/rss2.xml I wanna have it use this and only this is that possiable?

Good morning, sorry for the delay. You can not use external XML. Cheers


item comment not utf typing arabic but showing ????

please help me

hi admin panel id pass where im install my server?

how to json editing (not panel) json editing and aded mp3 urls?

categorias.php: List of categories
podcast.php: List of audios

source code in web white screen no code list?

Sir my upcoming project is planned with this code. So kindly release the android studio version ASAP…

Hola yo tengo mi pagina web con musica mp3 en mi servidor quisiera saber cuanto costaria que esta aplicacion se pueda ver mi musica que tengo en mi servidor gracias

Hola, solo tendrias que reproducir un JSON con la información de tu servidor, si puedes enviarme a mi correo con detalle como esta almacenada, cuentas con una base de datos o solo los archivos mp3 en una carpeta. Tecnología que usas Joomla, wordpress, etc. Para hacerte una cotizacion.

Hola, cual es tu correo electronico? la pagina tiene una base de datos en donde esta almacenados los mp3, fotos de album y commentarios

without admob?

Good day, for now there has admob

Great piece of software and excellent support. Highly recommended.

hola ya lo estoy por comprar mi consulta es se puede desactivar la opcion de que si o si tengas que subir el audio.. predeterminar que se pueda crear el postcast auque no suba un audio?

ya puede instalar todo .. gracias. solo me falta modificar el push que llega cuando instalas la aplicacion “has been recorded”

Hola puedes enviarme un correo para hacerte llegar el cambio del upload de podcast. el archivo para modificar lo de la notificación del registro. gcm_control/controllers/register.php en la linea de código numero 27 de ese archivo coloca el texto que necesites. También me tomo la libertad de pedirte me dejes una review positiva. Saludos y quedo a la espera de tu correo.

Hello, is it possible to integrated with social media, share by FB etc?

Hello, I Can not import project to androidstudio, Sherlock and compact are conflict. Please share us android studio source Please.

Hello, I got no reply yet. Please send us Android Studio version to hamid_guest@yahoo.com if you think migrate Eclipse one is simple as what you said before.


Hi, I just purchased the app but I can’t log in. I browsed the database and found the user with admin powers, but still can’t log in using those credentials (username: demo and a long pass). I think you should simplify the log in procedure, as I noticed I am not the only one that had this problem. Waiting for your solution. Thank you

The user’s password is demo

Any update to this? The script only works with 5.3 php version. Basically you need a standalone hosting account only for this script, as otherwise it will be in conflict with other scripts using newer php versions. Please make an update for newer php versions


ekkow Purchased

Does it include admob already?