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Hello, Presale question:

I would love to buy your app. But the problem is i don’t know how to publish on both the platforms i.e android and ios?

So if you can set up for me i would buy it right now.

Thanks in advance.

Mail was send :)

I have mailed you again.. Expecting your reply today? Thanks .

Information was send :)

I like the app but I’m very new to all programming stuff here, so, whats “phongap plugin”? In other words, if I buy the app, and I wanna integrate an admob account using this plugin, what software else I’m gonna use? thnx

Contact us by private message or by mail from main page ot this product.

hi.. invedion support for admob or adsense?

Contact us by private message or mail (you will find it on main page of this offer) about this support.

please demo apk this help you to promote demo your app. thanks

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hello! I bought the script and when uploading android to phonegap the following error … plugin unsupported: org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser

We got all the messages from you :) so you soon will receive a response :)

I hope soon, I want to start the project now :(

Mail was send, if you will need any help always feel free to contact with our support :)

Hello! There are possibilities to bookmark recipes?

Hi, for now no but as a future update it’s good idea :) or if you have skils then you can create storage.

:) Can you use the script like this? With the images? Or do they have to be changed by copyright?

Contact us by mail and describe. If you ask about product you can always use it as is :)