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Hi what level of encryption does it have in the database to make all of the passwords safe?

Hello, Globo_Logic
Security level is high enough:
This product has passed the test for xss and sql vulnerability.
All forms and fields carefully checked on the server side.
All database queries with placeholders.
Not long lifetime cookie.
Password from the manager encrypted with salt.
In profile panel – you can change your password to a stronger.
Each password in records visually hidden by the button “show”.

Seems to defeat the purpose of showing the passwords on the top where it says “Most Popular” – can this be turned off?

To make this secured it would need a SSL certificate as passwords are easily seen as plain text in the source files:

ebayUser 123456sa

Very useful script! Good luck with sales! :)

thx extreemer!

Does support Bootstrap 3.0?

Hello, gluegl
No – this product does not use different frameworks

But you can add bootstrap.css file and stylize product as you wish

Is there a way to separate the registration from the login page? Is there a way to view all the users that have been setup?

Hello, thumper34!
1) You should to create new file (for ex – register.php) in “pages” folder, then (register.tpl) in “templates” folder.
After that – cut you need code from login.tpl to register.tpl. Do the same for login.php. Remember to change paths in this files. And edit index.php file. (50 line code)
2) You can write the module for this.
a)Create class (for ex – ViewUsers.php) in “classes” folder and add it to the PManager.php -(“pages” dir). Then stylize it using PManager.tpl file.

hi. One Question please: can I create users (via admin panel) giving a username so each one of them is redirected to an specific php page (i would create it) called as username name. For example I create “userclient01” and after I create a php page called “userclient01.php”, then, can your system automatically redirect that user to the specific php page just made for him?? Thanks!!

Hello, the app supports multi account? And ‘possible to integrate payment plan for creation account? Thank you. Good job.

Hello, subitoweb
Yes, you can create many accounts, but they will have similar features.
You can add payment module, but in the original version it isnt supported.

For some reason I cant seem to make the script work, The DB is intalled and when I try to sign in I get “PManager was not found on this server.” Please help, All of the data is on the FTP

Can this script store additional information per item? So for an ftp account, can I store user, pass, port, additional info? Things of that nature?

Can the passwords under “popular” be hidden initially? I don’t want them to be visible on the home page. Can they be initially hidden with a “show Password” button like the other sections?

you site is down

what happend with your domain? wanna see demo, as Im interessted in your product.

Is this mobile friendly? Could it be used as a last pass replacement? Also, “secure enough” is not an acceptable description of how secure it is. Are the passwords encrypted? If so, what level of encryption?

Please update your Demo ! site is down

Update your site!!

No demo after months!

envato should pull this down, before someone buys it.

It has been abandoned by the author.