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User Demo: Demo (not all the features work in the demo)
Login: admin
Pass: admin

PManager - 1 You always forget their passwords from different social networks or services? Tired each time to recover passwords? Then this app is for you! This manager provides you with a large number of plugins and modules that will simplify the search for passwords, store them securely, etc.


  • PManager - 2Easy and fast installation
        Installation is using the file install.php. You only need to complete a few fields and click Install. It all!
  • PManager - 3Full responsive
        Responsive design has been tested on real devices.
  • PManager - 4High secure
        High reliability is ensured protection against sql injection and encryption.
  • PManager - 5Password recovery
        May be some cases when you accidentally forget the password, in this system, all provided for such
        cases. Recovery occurs by e-mail. Forwarded you the code you need to enter in the password field.
  • PManager - 6Search module
        If you need to quickly find the desired password for a large number of records in different
        categories – this module will help you significantly save time.
  • PManager - 7Multi language
        Many people know two or more languages, and some languages they like more then others. In
        this tool, the user is given a large selection of languages.
  • PManager - 8Creating and deleting accounts
        Given the opportunity to register a new user and delete the old one.
  • PManager - 9Edit Notes
        The ability to create, edit and delete records. All this is done using ajax.
  • PManager - 10Download all passwords
        If you need rush or you will have limited access to the Internet – you can download all of your
        current passwords in a .txt file. Information in this file is formatted and readable.
    Why the format .txt?
        Because it always opens and does not depend on the operating system or text editors.
  • PManager - 11Your own profile page
        For greater personalization has been added to the profile page. There you can upload your photo in
        the resolution 280×230, edit your own information(name, surname, new password, email).
  • PManager - 12Password generation
        Plugin allows you to create a strong password. It may consist of mixed case letters, numbers,
        symbols – all this you are setting yourself!
  • PManager - 13Popular
        Special php module that calculates the most popular passwords and displays them on the main
  • PManager - 14Statistic
        Statistics include:
        1) Chart of visits to your account.
        2) ?hart the number of records.
  • PManager - 15Drag and Drop notes
        To sort the records was comfortable Added a plugin drag & drop. All changes are saved after a
        page refresh.
  • PManager - 16Reminders
        Panel, located on the right. Allows you to make brief notes – reminders. Also, you can delete
        these records by clicking on the cross.
PManager - 17


Security level is high enough:
  • This product has passed the test for xss and sql vulnerability.
  • All forms and fields carefully checked on the server side.
  • All database queries with placeholders.
  • Not long lifetime cookie.
  • Password from the manager encrypted with salt.
  • In profile panel – you can change your password to a stronger.
  • Each password in records visually hidden by the button “show”.
  • Compatibility

    • PManager - 18PHP 5.x
    • PManager - 19MYSQL 5.1.7+
    • PManager - 20MYSQL Extension
    • PManager - 21CURL Extension
    • PManager - 22PDO SQL Extension
    • PManager - 23Rewrite URL Extension
    • PManager - 24Email sending Extension


    If you are having problems installing or there are errors:
    • First, check whether there is a presence of php and sql modules on your server.
    • If you are not able to fix the error – see the tab support – FAQ.
    • If you still have not solved the problem – write in the comments or email.
    We are always happy to help, we will try to respond as quickly as possible!


    Update v1.2 [13/01/2014]
  • Fixed error in “Popular”
  • Fixed editing bugs
  • Fixed lang mistakes
  • Update demo
  • Update “popular” links
  • Added sql file
  • Update v1.1 [08/01/2014]
  • Fixed some bugs for Firefox and Opera browsers
  • Fixed bugs with language cookies
  • Added more resolutions for devices(responsive)
  • Update v1.0 [08/01/2014]
  • Release