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I am having a similar problem that others have posted. When I try to install the plugin, I get an error message that says: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”

Please help!

I send an email to review the case.

hi, I find this plugin cool for my site,before purchasing it i’d like to know how many columns can I set to display latest oosts as I need it to fit it into whole homepage width, I think 7/8 columns are ok, can your plugin allow it?

Hi, I was analyzing what the columns and I have not thought of yet do more than 3 columns

Hi :)

Pre-Purchase Question:

Is this beautiful plugin WP 3.8 compatible?

Thanks :)

Of course, you can see it in action on this website that has the version 3.8 http://bit.ly/1fLATre

AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :) THANK YOU HERMANO. I’m going to make my purchase early tomorrow (Pay Day) :)

Ok, hay un nueva version. salu2

I can choose what posts to show? or shows only the latest?

I just finished’ll let you know

can you send it to me?

when finished I send changes

Hola de nuevo. Tu plugin me parece que tiene un diseño muy bueno. Lo instale y no me muestra imagenes. No he podido utilizarlo por que consume muchos recursos estoy ansioso por probar esta nueva versión para ver su mejoría y cambiar la calificación.

Gracias, tome una captura del problema. Un saludo.

Ya funciono con la actualización, va mucho más rápido que la anterior versión.

5 Stars Thanks.

Si ahora es una bala, gracias

This is not working anymore, i updated WP to 3.8 and now nothing is showing up in my sidebars..

Hi, Download the latest version of the plugin and if you are working for the 3.8 version you can see in action on this page http://bit.ly/1fLATre Make sure that this post in your section Widget

Hola que tal!

I purchased your awesome and now its conflicting with my video thumbnails.

My share buttons when sharing posts to facebook don’t always catch the posts thumbnail :)

Por favor ..please help :)

I see the update you made and it makes THAT much difference. Thank you so much for making those changes they look very very very professional, sleek and just awesome!!!!!

Hello, the problem has already been solved

Hi, Awesome plugin!

One thing, its giving me problems in one of my themes, i installed it and after that the complete site has this layer covering all of the site making the site look like if has a light overlay (as of an image when you hoover over it) as soon as point out of the window and into the browser tabs etc. the site goes back to normal. If i deactivate the plugin, site goes back to normal.


Hello, please send your capture page, or web address to see the problem and could help with an update.

I’m sure it’s for your theme, but I can fix it.


Thanks for the super fast response!! here is my site: http://bit.ly/1gttSQY at the moment the plugin is activated


Already found the mistake, please send me your email to send the update.

Hi, is this compatible with Wordpress 3.9 and is support still available for this after purchase?

AND just to clarify, this has the option to sort by the number of VIEWS, correct?

In the description of the product are its characteristics, and if you can order by most viewed etc. And if it is compatible with WP 3.9


How make this responsive plugin fits my responsive template Please

Hi, great plug-in. I had two questions about customizing it though. Is there a way to put an outside border around the plug-in and is there a way to change the blue text color to black or dark grey? It seems I can only change the title color.

might add that option also. :D


I have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to show author avatars instead of post thumb nails?


Hello, this is not possible. no does that function