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posonty Purchased

Friend, the Plugins is not working on my web, it may be happening


Please create a topic on our support forum. Our support team will check and help you.

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I’m sorry, I do not know English, so use a translator.

I am interested in your plugin. In the example, downloading photos from your site (flickr album) they have a low resolution. Can I change this? To be able to download the original photo? Or larger… And albums like to show higher resolution photos. Is that possible?


Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Yes, it’s possible.

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Pre-purchase question: 1) Can pagination and number of images per page be specified? I couldn’t tell from the demos whether it has pagination.

2) Can it support multiple galleries from multiple sources, or is it limited to one gallery using one specified source?

Thank you.


Thanks for interesting in our plugin. About your questions: 1) It’s not supported in the current version. We will bring it to the next version. We will inform you when we’re done. 2) Yes, it’s possible. you can check on our demo.

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Like the look of this, ut how customisable is it… PHP/ CSS wise?


Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Please contact us, we will send you.

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Sorry – I have contacted you – so can you please reply rather than being just a bot!


We have not received any email from you. Please go to our profile and send an email via Email DawnThemes form. We will reply to you when we receive it.

Hi, can not rename the google+ album. Please help me. album creating by the date of uploaded

Please create a topic on our support forum. Our support team will respond to you as fast we can.

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its possible category view? I want to Category view gallery with album view?


Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Yes, it’s possible.

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hello i have a pre purchase question

Does this plugin work directly with google photos ..? http://photos.google.com/

or it is going to be in coming update ..?

any time frame for for coming update ..?



Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Yes, it is going to be in coming update. And we will inform you immediately when we’re done!.

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hi any idea how long i will have to wait for coming update..?.

I’m in need of plugin to show some google photo to my site. i dont know should i wait or find something else ..?



• Can this be used on html sites or just Wordpress?

• I went to the Live Preview in Chrome (Mac Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) ) and the images never load – the “loading icon” just keeps spinning. However, I went to the url on Safari & Firefox (both on Mac) and both loaded quickly and the all demos worked.


On the Chrome issue. I updated to Version 58.0.3029.81 and now it works. If you can just let me know about whether or not it can be used on html sites or just wordpress then I can proceed. (I need html application) Thanks!

Thanks for getting in touch! I also want to apologize for the long wait for a reply — this thread somehow got lost in our system and we’re absolutely sorry.

We have replied to your email-topic.

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I contacted you by email the same day and you responded right away so it worked out great for me! thank you!!

Pleas help me, I have bought the plugin and tried installing into my website but it crases, I have registered on your support site, but its not allowing me to post a question. Please help

We have just replied to your topic and create an example for you.

Thank you, but I have already tried it and I read the documentation and its still not working with my flicker id. Please help.

Please go to check your site (Flicker Test page) by yourself. It working fine.

Cannot create support ticket via Dawn Themes support. —plugin crashes web site.

Hi, Our support site having problems with Server Cache… We apologize for this. By passing cache: Hold both the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac OS X) and Shift keys then press R.

And we have just replied to you on the topic: http://dawnthemes.com/support/forums/topic/crases-issue/#post-20860 . Please check.

Thanks for understanding.

Sorry for this issue, Please check here: http://dawnthemes.com/support/forums/topic/crases-issue/#post-20862

We will update to fix this immediately. Thanks for understanding.

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do you have a non-WP version for static websites? I don’t mind buying here for WP if you can send, lmk.


HTML version included in the next version 3.0.8

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