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Does this work with photos.google.com ?

It’s not possible in the current version. Thanks!

is it possible to create an image gallery with download links

It’s not supported in the current version. We will consider it to bring it to the next version if possible. Thanks!

Can I use this without visual composer?

Yes, you can use the shortcode or in Visual Composer:
1. Using the Shortcode http://doc.dawnthemes.com/plusgallery/#UsingtheShortcode
2. Using the Plus Gallery in Visual Composer http://doc.dawnthemes.com/plusgallery/#UsingtheVCPG



rferg33 Purchased

I have a single category. Can I align the gallery/category to the center position…before it expands?

Please create a topic on our support forums and explain with more details, give us some screenshot… Our support team will respond to you as fast we can.

Have a nice weekend!

Does Plus Gallery supports UserPro ? can users import their FB media under their account ?

Great – thanks you.

What about supporting Google Photos ?

We will update it to the next version as soon as possible.

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thank you +1 :)

Olá, estou muito interessado na compra do plugin, porém me surgiu uma dúvida antes. Na versão LIVE PREVIEW, notei que exibe apenas algumas fotos, mas e se o álbum possui muitas imagens, é separado por páginas? Já encontrei outros plugins, mas todos faltam essa opção. Tenho alguns de muitas fotos e preciso que sejam exibidas todas as imagens, de forma que não fique lento para carregar.

Does this work with the latest graph api for facebook photos?

Yes, If you have any assistance please create a topic on our support forums: http://dawnthemes.com/support

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Hi, our requirement is 1. we have photos & albums in google photos we want those to be displayed in our website, is it possible ? 2. We want from our website to create albums and photos atleast for defined users is it possible ? With this plugin can we acheieve this ?

Hi, Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Regarding your questions:
1. Yes, it’s possible. You can see in our demo.
2. I afraid that don’t fully understand your question. Please send us a PM via contact and explain with more details, some screenshots.

Have a great day!

Hello. I have bought this plugging some time ago, but suddenly the images of the galleries started to appear “blurred” (the preview and the small ones before you click them to enlarge – please check here: http://escolaateneu.com.br/ateneu/galeria-de-fotos/) If you see the oldest galleries doesn’t have this problem…how can I fix this? Can you help? Tks a lot.


Please create a topic on our support forums: http://dawnthemes.com/support/ Our support team will check the issue and help you.

Best regards!


potys Purchased

hi is there a way to have more than 100 photos coming from facebook api?


It’s not possible in the current version. We will consider it to the next version of our plugin and we will inform you immediately when we’re done!.

Best regards!

How many pictures can you display on each album from Flickr? I notice on your demos there are only 25 pics inside each album – mine have up to 500 – will this display all or does it limit the number of photos inside albums?


It depends on the setting for parameter limit (An integer to limit individual Gallery results by). Please refer our user guide document: http://doc.dawnthemes.com/plusgallery/