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Hello, I can’t use the demo, ... the login field ask for email and you provide username… btw I can’t login with those credentials.

Yeah, works correctly! :)

Thanks for the report!

I can’t see the demo. Only see a LOADING circle.

What’s your browser & version?

does it work in chrome browser?

It’s not working for me. When I set permissions on the install folder I get a server error. When I disabled the code that looks for permissions on the install folder, I get database errors on import.

Are you on Shared Hosting?

Error at the line 38: INSERT INTO `cloneui_api_actions` (`id`, `action`, `must_authenticate`, `requires_key`) VALUES ;


INSERT INTO `cloneui_api_actions` (`id`, `action`, `must_authenticate`, `requires_key`) VALUES

MySQL: Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

Stopped on error

I just finished resolving it. Some files got mixed up in the SVN export. The new version is uploading to CC right now. If you want it faster please forward an e-mail address. Thanks.

The new version has been uploaded & approved by CC.

So, I presume that you got it working after the latest update?

Will the demo site be back-up anytime soon?

Hello, we are in the process of migrating to a new server. It should be back online the week of August 18th, 2014.

Thank you.

The demo is back online:

Please let me know when the demo is up and running, thank you.

Yes, thank you, and I have seen it. However there is no documentation on deployment or the API. I would like to see User registration and API authentication.

We have documentation. I am uploading the wiki right now.

We moved from a server that had Plesk to one that uses a different Admin console, so we were not able to automatically import our old settings. It should be online today. I will post here when it’s done.

Is this item still supported?