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I bought this plugin and it doesn’t work. I saved the 2 settings fields in the checkout setup (username and email) and tested transactions with PNP. No transactions show up in the PNP admin area, even if woocommerce is processing the order.

The transactions are not in PNP admin area.


I’m interested in purchasing this plugin, but I have a couple questions

Persons have reported:
  1. The Payment Gateway does not show up in WooCommerce
  2. No transactions show up in the Plug N Pay admin area, even if WooCommerce processed the order
  • Have these problems been fixed?
  • Does the plugin work as expected?
  • Are there any issues, bugs, or other problems to be aware of before purchasing?


I contacted you earlier today about and issue. Can you please help?

Hello. I have multiple products that should show price/payment methods according to the customer IP/country. Also I have several payu accounts for several countries (colombia, mexico, peru, panama, etc), so depending of the country of the customer the price should be showed on each country currency AND also show the payments available for each country locally. Your plugin can do this?

I’m trying to figure out why is there no notes as to what the updates are for.


The update was to add support for latest version of WooCommerce.

I noticed in the screenshots there there are no API or security keys to include but credit card data is captured directly at the hosted install. How is this payment gateway plugin securely connecting with Plug N Play so their server processes that credit card meta?

Many thanks, the SSL cert is a given but since the host doesn’t store any CC info, it doesn’t need to be PCI compliant, that’s the gateway’s job, i.e. PlugnPay. That’s typically why something like an API key is needed so as to confirm user credentials over the SSL connection. It looks as if you don’t even require an account authentication via password. Without any of that, I don’t see how the connection is going to be secure. Is there a reason why these aren’t included in the plugin?


The plugin doesn’t have any api key or password because the integration documentation used doesn’t mention a need for password or api key the transaction. The integration only uses the plugnpay assigned publisher name as mentioned in documentation .

Acknowledged and many thanks for confirming that. If that’s what they require then that should be it. I’ll begin testing it out next week and reach out if any questions arise, otherwise many thanks!


Is your plugin compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions?


Sorry but no it is not compatible with WooCommerce Subscription.

Does this plugin support 3D secure? Does this plugin support for local bank ?

Sorry, but it doesn’t support 3D secure. and as for the bank, you should contact PlugnPay.