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Looks like an interesting plugin. Is it translateable from the interface of Wowonder 1.4.3? We have users that uses different languages, therefore I would need to know.

mmmm share havent much text to translate…. only is a button that get information of post original, the language you can add in assets/languges/extra/ or use new method of add language of wowonder… sorry no can add a example code, codecayon no permisse

Thank you PreScriptZ :3

please add share in my page and my group


yra3000 Purchased

When a user shares a post from a private group on the public timeline, it gives says “This post was deleted” to anyone who isnt in that group. That needs to be changed , its confusing

thank you

I really want to use your plugins. They are good in theory but your support is horrible! Im having major issues with 2 of your plugins (this one and the Ads plugin), Ive sent you multiple messages for the past 7 days and still have no reply. If youre not going to properly support your plugins – dont sell them. Im sure you see the

Hello sir, We bought your Share pluggin and even today we bought the poke pluggin, and we also went ahead to buy another pluggin called Advanced Social Sharing Pro For WoWonder What we observed is that when we added your own share pluggin the other one advanced Social Sharing pro is not functioning again. Please can you help us to fix this?

Item ID: 19199215

Item Purchase Code: 8a5cb681-e1c2-4bc2-be71-52ff97db586f

social sharing repeat like in my codes themes/wowonder/layout/container.phtml in the first lines i remember my friend phansent add lines of css and js for his code

pls how can i fix this sir…. pls guide me step by step am your boy

ok sir, please i need it to be done, i am ready to pay a token for this please let me know so i can inform my mum. Thanks

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i installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,here is the site link,www.corpermeet.com

i successfully installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,i followed your instruction,here is the site link,www.corpermeet.com

Plugin Share For Wowonder

i successfully installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,i followed your instruction,here is the site link,www.corpermeet.com this is my ftp login Username: ogfsannn Password: 65me2FD8uw

Control Panel URL: https://business12.hostwindsdns.com:20

please help me fix it.

You friend prhansent disable ever my plugin in you website for do work his code.. the delete my code and my code no work if this no is complet.. i install 2 times.. but the delete and remplace this code for do work his share advanced to socialnetworks… and invite friends… sorry my code no is compatible in this version .. will to try of create a method for do work this 2 codes in next version…

okay i look forward to the next version

I successfully installed your plugin on my website… If I share a post there no words only Icon (Imean share with your Friends, share in a page..etc) It Showed a space for it. Can you Help me…

the space is for write the name of a friend that you following… and this will to show like a suggest… too this will to show your pages create and you groups create for you… no all groups or pages of you website… is like facebook more or less… in next version will to disable options if you no have friends no will to show.. so like too for groups and pages

will to check to.. thank you for report


Compatibility: Wowonder 1.4.4 ?


I like this plugin, thinking of buying. please let me know does this overwrite the core files of the script or not? How the installation works ?

mmmm sorry friend this code edit of original wowonder (php, theme(phtml), and database), and add thing for work

have a install for edit sql (new tabs, column, words languages)

have a conection to my code

edit to force html for add code (css, js), and edit html for create space or position, new feeds

and notifications, buttons

this is similar for all my plugins…is need edit ever… sorry..

Thank you dear Author, at least you are honest with me. Thank you for clearly telling me. Maybe I will buy all your plugins when I stop updating my wowonder site. Please try to build your plugins separately, so people can just install and active without overwriting the real codes. Love your work and plugins are cool and hope in future you make plugins to install and active without overwriting :)

Keep the good work up and running. Cheers

u.u is need edit the original code for add more thing… but try… need lear any method…


nivento Purchased

Hi, I bought your plugin and wowonder known that on the smartphone, when I go to do SHARE, the pull-down menu where you can choose to share your personal profile or elsewhere, comes out to the left of making it impossible to use the smartphone display . How can I fix?


alikreem Purchased

Whats your email….

i need new Plugin

Hi i have checked demo . everything looks fine but the Problem is

when we choose (where to share ) half of options are not viewable. please fix this and make a update soon . i will buy .

here is screenshot http://wo.mired10.com/upload/photos/2017/02/LEfBJ3i9MjwTC9LfcA8w_12_2de82da5a22817ef27e28a2c7aea0292_image.png

Compatibility: Wowonder ?


ldrmx Author

no …t this is for wowonder i will to update more late i am testing and try of searchs bugs…


alidevil Purchased

Hello I’ve amendment on my Web files When I add files dating back a lot of adjustments that I have added to my website I want the codes and manually place so that I add to that the changes to my website does not occur