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I’m getting 500 error when I uploaded everything or try to go to the installer

u.u no exist a conection of share to group but ok ..here a btn wo.mired10.com/group.zip

Thank you!


meedas Purchased

please how can I delete plugin ?

Dear developer can you please replace the plug in i bought by mistake an other one i meant to get this one please i wish you understand it was by mistake u can check i didnt use it at all this is my website https://www.ga3da.com Plugin Combo For Wowonder

thank you for understanding

mmm i no can change but ok send me message in my profile from codecanyon… i try send message but you profile is disable.. .. :3 nice day

check you email…

Hello, I need urgent help. Is there any update? Cause it’s not longer working in wowonder - Thanks for helping me ❤

send me message in profile https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx

Hi my friend can you please change the plug in for me i bought by mistake the wrong one i was meant to get the combo one please if possible to do that i ll appreciate thank you

send me message in profile https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx

For the panel plugin which on the screenshot ı sent, which product will ı buy? : http://prntscr.com/etl7uj

this code exist in all codes..no remember.. but is actived for combo… you can find this code for active in themes/wowonder/layout/home/content.phtml you can edit and active

Unfortunately does not exist :(

There’s a new Version: (4/11/2017) just giving a alert, I’ll try see if it’s compatible. Possible no due to blogs.

no is compatible with blog i am working in update..

Ok thank you very much!

now have update, can you write in my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx for send link

Dear developer kindly update the plugins to be compatible with the new update

thank you

no blog no will to work.. tomorrow you can send message for update..

Hello, I hbae just installed the plugin My question is for the word split 2 times the same string was used I want to put the translation on 2 Verseiende words which file is responsible for it?


Plugin seems to be working fine, except for one issue. When I type in a friends name to share on their timeline or a group name, the suggested names come up below the lightbox instead of below the input box. See image – http://imgur.com/a/gBh2z

I’m having a problem when I check the direct link of the shared post: https://bane.s-ul.eu/vkJe3CU6

https://mega.nz/#!GdsBnKxY!n6znuFtMLbzRyaHI0urtYHvrWlWQ6b86g2-RSUEw2bg I add a div for close box and ready (themes/wowonder/layout/plugins/share/content_shared.phtml)

Thank you :D!

Is this compatible with the latest version of wowonder?

no… today send update u.u


yra3000 Purchased

When someone shares a post of someone your not friends with it will say “This post has been deleted”. Thats confusing. Can you make it so the post just doesnt show at all if youre not friends with the person??