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Screencast can be watched here: http://www.screenr.com/Jm9. I’ll fix the link in the description.

Looks great. Added to my bookmarks.

Is this compatible with WordPress multisite?



I didn’t tested it. But it should. Plugin Detection is bundled with the theme and a file ‘plugins.yml’. Works on different themes and different users.

Hi there,

Awesome product….have one question though.

Can we use this for the themes we sell on our site ? I’m asking because i can see there is only a regular license option. If yes the can we do it only using one regular license or buy one license for every theme we create.(each theme will be sold more than once)

Please advice, -Stelios

Just sent you an email.

For everybody: I message the code canyon reviewer to update with a reseller license (along with description changes that haven’t been updated in 3 months :/).

Hi Mustardamus, Nice plugin. Correct me if I am wrong but will I be able to list all my premium plugins I have, as well as other free plugins and they will be set and saved to be able to load onto other new sites I create automatically ready to be installed?


thanks! You are correct except one thing: Premium Plugins. They are likely to be installed from a .zip. The Plugin Detection is only working with Free Plugins that appear in the Plugin Search.

Maybe that would be a future feature, to be able to optionally set a path to a .zip instead of the plugin names.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Will be keeping an eye on this one. I have been looking for something like this to make my life easier.