pvw does not currently provide support for this item.

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Very cool! Will you develop one for WordPress themes too?

Thanks! A theme demo is not on the cards right now.

It doesn’t handle plugins very well if they have multiple custom post types and an option menu.

So you have three (or more) page slugs.. You only get to see one..

I mean the auto populate of user and pass..

That’s a custom piece of javascript on that site, but I am looking to add it to the plugin soon!

:D would be great! Thanks anyway =)

Hi, just purchased your plugin. Very cool! But I have a problem with the “Display Lost Password Link” option. It still shows the lost password link on the login page even when I unchecked the option. I have a WP 3.5.1 multisite install. Would be great if you can fix this issue. Thanks

Does this work within WP_Customize ?

This is generally a plugin to help demo other plugins, not themes I’m afraid

Well, it’s a plugin, but it integrates stuff in WP_Customize.

Hmmm, I don’t think that would work, because the demo plugin doesn’t allow access to the Appearance menu for the demo user – see http://demo.instagrate.co.uk/wp-admin

Hi, I would like a demo user to have access to my plugin section plus to pages so he can test some shortcodes. Is it possible with this plugin?

Also does it work with multisite? so on each site I can have a different plugin? And will it work with a plugin that does not create ‘custom post types’ but creates its own submenu in admin panel?

Hi, currently the plugin doesn’t control access to pages.

It does work on multisite – I have it powering my demos: http://demo.polevaultweb.com/cartogram/ http://demo.polevaultweb.com/chronos/

At the moment the plugin only works with plugins that have a CPT or a top level menu item, not a submenu under an existing WP top menu.


I sent you a private message about support. I need some assistance setting up the plugin. Thanks.

Replied :)

Hi, pre-sale questions:

I need this plugin for preview a page builder so:

1. Can I show also the Pages menu and allow users to edit and preview or save the pages? if yes the page will be automatically restored to the original version for every users?

2. Can I show also other menu items like the the Theme options panel (Apparance > Theme options)? I need to reset also this, it’s 1 wp options but I think I must write some custom code for this.

3. Can I show also a 3° menu item? This menu is for create the post types of Wordpress. I need to reset also this, it’s 1 wp options but I think I must write some custom code for this.

Thank you