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yra3000 Purchased

Wowonder update has been out for over a week now when will you release an update for your plugins???

sorry try today of update my code work.. only change 2 or 3 files. you need add for convert 1:4:3 to 1.4.4 https://mega.nz/#!GQsxyDiA!1Nomra_kCGhCtTVZodjigKHeHbhYtrIjq2Ov33Ejh1s

I’m not having the necessary support. I’m having problems with the package. Not all resources can translate. Please correct this error.

hello send me a message in https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx in any minutes will to send new version with new language you need create lang of new words in:


and in phtml you add this example

< ? p h p   e c h o   $ w o  ' l a n g '  ;   ? >

there is a small bug …. if u like a post the smilie does not show

i changed it alone i also made my own reactions away from facebook ….. just a suggestion make the icons bigger after reaction is set the counter reactions are too small with 2pxl

do you plan to release your credit system do you plan to release your theme? just a suggestion make the boxes round and the cover width the monitor size and avatar round circle in the middle and colors changeable like in the standart

u will sell it like candy trust me

i am intressted into your welcome page

send message in profile for new combo

sended on mired10.com

How do I add a 7th emoticon?

1.- open assets/plugins/template/reaction/reaction-newname-button.php (clone a old reaction and create new name) example reaction-dislike-button:

 'lang'; ?>">
  <?php echo $wo'lang'; ?>

2.- open assets/plugins/javascript/reaction.js (here add buton name line 5) example:

 post_id');">site_url'/assets/plugins/img/reaction/reaction_dislike.png" alt="Dislike" data-title="Dislike" /> 

3.- open assets/plugins/request_combo.php (line 11 add name ) example:

$valid['reaction'] = array('', 'like_post', 'unlike_post', 'like', 'love', 'haha', 'wow', 'sad', 'angry', 'dislike');

4.- add image assets/plugins/img/reaction/reaction_dislike.png

5.- add new size of content of reactions in assets/plugins/stylesheet/reaction.css line 382 :

width: 230px;

sorry codecanyon delete code html

send me a message https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx this was fixed.. i am testing new version http://wo.mired10.com/

Hello from Luke (facebook) Sa you dai me I sending messag for update.

wowonder is out! please update. thank you!!!


hi – where can i buy the “user points” and “events” plugin? i really like it!!!

I CREATE A VERSION OF EVENTS.. but.. no like much… i no continue… activities points.. i no know if continue.. this is in 96% need edit request.php for when people create activities this add points.. but no know.. i am think…

Please help me. After updating the PLUGIN the written language has disappeared.

what version of wowonder are you using?? this work in 1.4.4 and you do:

1.- remplace files for new Script/?
2.- open install/install_combo.php (for install new language)?

and line 121.. bye will to sleep tomorrow continue best disable left column bonus and combo in admin plugins.. sorry i am sleping hahah in email i send a bad code where add $v (four), is $v(two), thwo(english arabic)

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Hi again, please check your email. Thanks.

On mobile phone and tablet, after click on Reactions , the box that display all reaction stay open. How can i fix ?

ok a bug haha u.u :/ open assets/plugins/javascript/reaction.js line 1 change word “mouseup” to “click” :

$(document).mouseup(function(e) { if($(e.target).closest(".story-react-container").length  0) { $('.emotionreaction').html(''); } });


$(document).click(function(e) { if($(e.target).closest(".story-react-container").length  0) { $('.emotionreaction').html(''); } });

now open you url example with domain and reload F5: wo.mired10.com/assets/plugins/javascript/reaction.js

if this no repare delete all line to next code is similar but this close all in click:

$('body').on('click', window, function(){ if($(this).closest('.emotionreaction').length == 0){ $('.emotionreaction').html(''); }  });

I think I had to say it here that everyone knows it, once you have your money it’s over, even if the plugin does not work properly no refund, no response to the mail, or anything.

I bought 4 of your plugin and only 2 that works and you do not have 10 minutes to see if why others do not.

Help me, i still ask, or i want to contact codecanion or paypal, you put support in the price.

how can help?

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hey buddy u told me on facebook to pm u here


Hi, Thanks for fixing the Lightbox bug. Another bug, likes activity doesn’t show in the latest activity section on home page like the WoWonder script.

Hi again, can you advise on fixing the likes in “latest activities”. User likes of posts doesn’t show when the combo plugin is enabled. Can you tell me which file to modify?

Example in latest activity section:

user1 liked user2’s post

Language keyword:
liked {user}'s post.

This bug needs to be fixed, thanks.

I think it’s a bug only on my end. It looks like it works on your website. I’ve sent you an email for assistance, thanks.

Can you please help me install the Combo plugin? Also, I would like to add another reaction for Praying.


AXCORREA Purchased

Wowonder has been updated to Build v1.4.4.3, how do I upgrade the Combo Plugin?



zeraking Purchased

Needs update ASAP

what is meaning od ASAP? ok i know now.. hahaha… this is for


zeraking Purchased

As Soon As Possible = ASAP thanks you already updated

:3 thank to you :D

Will this plugin have some of the same features as the Combo for Sngine? Like Drag & Drop Upload, Friend Post Tag, etc…?


meedas Purchased

Please help me In the translation file I’m trying to put the Arabic translation of the word (Comment) But it does not happen any change on the home page, what is the reason?


meedas Purchased

An other way : I have added <?php echo $wo‘lang’ ?> after

http://wo.mired10.com/admincp/edit_key&id=comment_post_label NEED EDHIT THIS FOR YOU LANGUAGE hidden-xs2 is a class for hidde word for mobile and show in PC or tablet

meedas Purchased

very thax