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wadda Purchased

how to add rtl language ads plugin or combo plugin and poll

no code was no is translate, this code use language english Default in function __(“Word”) == Word , need question to Yehia (Autor of sngine) like add language


wadda Purchased

u can do it

:/ no, no know.. will i try do… i too no know

Hi, guys!
I have tested all applications on your test server (Mired10)
And i have several pre-purchase questions.
1. Ads Create Application
I tried to create campaign “Send people to Your website”. Enter the link “http://richtime.com” and nothing happens. Why is it so?
But if i enter the link “http://ya.ru” it works… I couldn’t understand logic’s))
2. Create Product Application
I couldn’t find any description of this Application from nowhere))
Does the Combo Plugin contain this Application?
3. Invite friends Application
Does the Combo Plugin contain this Application?
4. My points Application
How does it works?
Does the Combo Plugin contain this Application?

Thank you for answering! =)

u.u 1.- today in the night i check this .. yes i see error 2.- no exist was a demo (people no like.. can be added to combo in next version) 3, 4…(plugin activities points is other demo), the code is in this moment more or less 33% activity for invite 10 invites(points for refer, for invite code), activities for (post,like,coment, share, add friends)

hi, i installed this beautiful plugin, but i can’t see the Tag Action option :( . What can i do?

:/ mmm you have a link to you website?...

yes, www.nerdus.us - wanna credentials? newsweblab@gmail.com | ciao0000

sorry i no say …you can write in my profile for that people no see comment with content private xD

HI i have purchase your plugin for sngine 2.3 but it has bug on links of photos,friends, about giving 404 page please give me support on it asap.thanks

thank you for the info today i will to check this.. :3

you no know if autor sngine will to update in this days for aniversary??

About Setting is not woking on my site

At about setting is not saving and if we save ad male it showing as female kindly look into this bug my site is http://yaariyaan.com/

i am still waiting for your support on combo plugin because its update info is not saving settings and showing males into female gender on my site yaariyaan.com . please fix this issue because my site is going live if u access to my site files for fixing bug i am ready to give u that access

and bro please tell me location of file so that i can place missing image shown in image http://tinypic.com/r/2ij16i9/9 . i am looking towards your kind response asap.thanks

u.u i see http://mired10.com/templates.zip download and remplace.. this is for ads version html (header, footer, index in left, rigth and down of publisher tab)

you say of limit of words,,, original autor of “about” add only 50(variables); VARCHAR , need edit in tab varchar 1000 or change varchat to “text”

photo drag feature in plugin combo is not working in firefox, issue also in your demo site mired10. please check it.

ok thank you for imformation need check all xD

thank you, waiting for the update!

u.u i no find in internet a response of like do for repare this :/

1) Enable reactions 2) Enable Mentioned 3) Enable Friend with 4) like reaction. 5) Enable drag & drop These above options are not working for www.friendz24.com

Please have a look.. Thanks!

This combo plugin v1.3.1 not works 404 error after installation ????

Hi, I tried installing your plugin and I did my best to follow the guide but I am lost at where I should upload… should I upload the entire folder called scriptes or just its contents insiide? see screen shot below and please tell me to what folder I should upload and what I should upload. Thanks https://scontent-dft4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15267723_1214013978634045_634377729581210697_n.jpg?oh=c1dc6646ae8510e3ccec6580649ef10c&oe=58F3D0AE


I apologize if the Sngine (Zamblek) people contacted you. I thought you were them and they got all pissed off at me. They are the worst customer service people I have ever dealt with.

Does your plugin cause comments to appear in feeds as separate new posts?

Here is a screenshot of what I mean: https://zero1.is/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Coment-Post-Screen-Shot.png

I want to stop these posts from appearing.

Thank you.

I really don’t know why the Sngine people are so angry. It’s disappointing, I really love Sngine.


Here is the purchase code for the plugin combo. I bought a few of them, not sure which one may cause this comment post issue:

plugin combo:


hello david no can delete post but can do no continue… open in you menu example url:


search “Eneable Mentioned” and disable select “No”, in really my too no like much this… but people in group say is necesary.. i ever add a option or a button for disable all… i have work no finished in this version.. i am waiting of new sngine 2.4 but.. this is slow…

ok too can do disapear think … open content/themes/default/template/__feeds_post.tpl in line 2 remplace with:

{if ($post['post_type']  "comment_in"  ||  $post['post_type']  "like_in") && in_array('Combo', $plugin_actived ) && !empty($system['combo_enable_mentioned']) && $system['combo_enable_mentioned'] == 1}

how to install your plugin without losing custom code????


how to install multiple plugin??? i try to install more plugin but loosed my custom code. help and replay fast

hello i was bought your 3 plugins that are below listed. 1) https://codecanyon.net/item/plugin-ads-advanced-for-sngine/15390452 2) https://codecanyon.net/item/plugin-combo-for-sngine/16293329 3) https://codecanyon.net/item/share-post-for-sngine-2/15677986

so now when i am installing any 1 plugin then it’s work fine.. but when i am going to install 2nd or 3rd then it’s stop working default sngine functionality as well as not working 1st installed plugin. many error or blank screen. :(

because there is when we install plugins then it’s override existing sngine folders and files. so i need solution how to install plugins and make it working with all plugin features and sngine features.

looking for your great help so i can also bought other plugin you have. thanks


Yeikerz Purchased

Hola, compré 3 plugins para Sngine pero no me aparece en la red donde poner plugins :/ Tengo la versión 2.2 y me preocupa, ¿gasté $34 para nada? Por favor me gustaría obtener ayuda. ¡Saludos!

hola estoy editando .. puedo actualizar tu sistema si gustas por mi no hay problema solo escribe en mi perfil para enviarme datos de tu cpanel, ftp o si quieres te paso solo links de descarga saludos…

Hola amigo, soy el usuario Yeikerz al que le respondiste hace poco. Uso una extensión para Chrome para cambiar mi IP a otro país y mi cuenta se bloqueó de repente. No puedo acceder a ella.

En respuesta a tu mail: TE AGRADECERÍA UN MONTÓN SI ME PASAS EL LINK DE DESCARGA DE SNGINE v2.3 :D Es que compré los 3 plugins por 34 dólares sin revisar que no servirían en mi actual versión.

¡Muchas gracias de antemano! :)