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Im having trouble reinstalling this after the new update. Can you reinstall it for me? Also, are you selling that Reactions plugin and Invite your friends plugin I see on your demo site?? I would really love that on my site

when update wowonder (you remplace news files for olds), too remplace my files edited, need of new install my code …. install/install_ads.php (ever say install/update) if exist a new edition in database this add.. no exist a new version.. only is copy “Script/” to “wowonder1.4.3/”

Ok, so youre saying rather Im updating or installing I just drag and drop the files?

yes i write a doc, for peoples that have a theme edited: say search line # and paste code “{$code….}”, but…i send a ll(Script/) for copy of “script” => ‘wowonder’ and say open : install_ads.php and click in “install/update” this send new tables to database or number of version…

How do I add more links to the left sidebar?

How are people supposed to know what they are paying for? The ad description doesnt show anywhere when people go to buy an ad. How will they know how many clicks/impressions they are paying for? And whats the point of adding the ad description if it doesnt show to the person buying the ad?

Can you add an option that allows people to run their ads for a specified time period? Not only by clicks or impressions


Whats the best size for the image on the ad?

Yes, I replaced all the files. Everything works except the ad doesnt show. I went through the process of setting up an ad, paid for it with paypal, activated it but it doesnt show on the site

ok i will now… you help… i was ocupped in my house, problems in car of my father, and no work much.. i need send files to codecanyon of (pokes, shares, reaction, and poll(old version)), i was ocupped.. but now i have time free, need send a message in my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx with access to cpanel.. i will to install all.. too send info if you have other addon added…

Ok, Im going to email you the log in info. I dont have cpanel, my site is on a VPS that doesnt use cpanel. But I will send FTP info and database info

I see you have made some plugins for sngine. will you be making similar plugins for wowonder? Also I am interested in your pokes, shares, reaction, and poll plugins for wowonder. where can we get these?

In 2 days will to be aproved shares and pokes here in codecanyon

hi , can you make plug in for Rank value for user as per condition : give +1 of each action/reaction to the user e.g : Like,ppl share our post ,have a new follower,active posting.reply comment. the rank system ll be counting for each reaction this is ll happen vice versa as well. The rank number will be accumulating and appear on the profile user or people you may know section.

yes this continue…

hi idrmx , i ve sent email to you , can you please check , or any other email , tks ?

hi idrmx , have u check in your mail box ,tks

Im still having trouble with this plugin on my site. Im not sure if Im doing something wrong, but Im trying to post a test ad. I set te ad up and its showing as active but its not showing on my site

Im not able to post ads with this plugin. Everything seems to work except the most important part, which is to actually display the ads. I have set up multiple ads using paypal sandbox and using live paypal, I can set up the ads, pay for the ads, activate the ads but the ads dont show any where on the site.

i’m install ad manger pluging. it is working. but can active and save ad. how to fix this problem

are you fix now ?

o.O no… in really now reading more sleep… understand other thing… i think in a error when you create ads, and save this create other ads, but you speak of other thing…no understand…you say “this is working”, “can active and save ad” ...mmmm what is you problem?

hello. active and save ad button is not working. i’m click this button for several time. but not ridirct payment option or other web page please check this http://imu.gr/image/inTup

hello. active and save ad button is not working. i’m click this button for several time. but not ridirct payment option or other web page please check this http://imu.gr/image/inTup


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please help me

i have a new version online need you test this send me a message in https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx

will to send a copy for test…


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please help me. check your inbox


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Still not able to use this plugin. Ads dont show on the site after activating them. Snet you a message a week ago about this and still haven’t received a response

yo lo se… pero si vez en la pagina de soporte dice que el autor tratara de reparar el código en la siguiente versión, asi que el autor aveces no puede atender a todos en soporte privado , no instalara, no hará diseños personalizados, esto es para que el autor tenga mas tiempo de reparar o mejorar su código, lo que menos tengo cuando alguien me dice que no puede instalar o tiene un problema que nadie mas tiene, es tiempo, no puedo ponerme a diseñar y solo me hace terminar el día estresado. yo no quería dar soporte, mi coste el minimo a como vendian este codigo inicialmente, costaba 14 dolares, mis codigos son mas baratos, pero no tengo esa calidad y tal vez la tengo pero aveces moverme entre uno y otro codigo termina haciendo que mi dia sea menos divertida, prefiero cerrar la pc,.. e irme a pasear.. un amigo fue el culpable de decirme que active el soporte, tal vez no lo de, pero pagan mas por cada venta en codecayon yo no obtengo 8 dolares tal vez 2 dolares.. yo no me he vuelto rico aqui.. hago mi mejor esfuerzo.. trato de crear, trato de dar soporte, ayudar a instalar.. pero no puedo trabajar para una sola persona, lo siento si mi codigo no es lo que esperabas, siempre he dicho que no es mi codigo total. por que tal vez yo queria programar otra cosa. pero aveces programo algo mas dificil y tengo mas problemas con las personas… mas errores mas fallas, que prefiero borrar, mi costo … eso incluye.. ve a un programador que te programe todo lo que quieras…yo hare el maximo esfuerzo y lo que este en mi alcance para reparar mi codigo o hacerlo como a mi me gusta. Al final es lo que vende el autor lo que le gusta.. y el comprador compra eso.


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I dont speak spanish but I translated what you said. The issues I am having are issues with your plugin. I gave you access to my site, you installed the plugin after I said it wasnt working correctly before. The plugin is installed correctly, everything works EXCEPT the ads dont show on the site. No one is asking you for personal support but you need to respond to inquiries with some sort of assistance. This is a business, I purchased your item. People who buy items from this site are not buying them for a hobby. We are buying them for our businesses and we expect some sort of quality when we purchase them off this site. You cant sell something and then say its not “fun” to provide support because you’d rather “close your computer and take a walk”. Thats very bad business and you’re affecting other peoples business.

how to translate to spanish ??’


puedes agregar normalmente las palabras en el template, tratare de agregarlo en cuando tenga tiempo, para la siguiente version… Y tal vez no me di a explicar te pegare aqui lo que dijo mi amigo Prashant Re para crear lenguage:

how to add language translation
open your source codes
then replace sentence with <?php echo $wo'lang'; ?>
word>>any word you use as language key
now login as admin
edit language
add new language key
and add sentence or whole phase for that word,do the same for other language translation

jajaja no entendi nada … pero bueno .. abra q esperar que tengas tiempo y lo traduscas … debe ser muy dificil

i successfully installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,i followed your instruction,here is the site link,www.corpermeet.com

i successfully installed your plugin in my website but i cant find it in the site,i followed your instruction,here is the site link,www.corpermeet.com

Hi, Is it possible to change the currency from USD to EUR? I am only using Stripe and I cannot see anywhere a possibility to change the currency. Thx

Hey, can i integrated other payment method. other payment method called netbanking by ccavenue in india


ldrmx Author

1. you need know API KEY of you method of payment 2.- know form , button, link to pay: method post: email , cost, number 3.- response of website : json: {payment”, transaction“} 4.- need edit class ads and add url for check the response… 5.- if response is == complete{ UPDATE active ads 1}


Compatibility: Wowonder 1.4.4 ?



Por fa dejame saber si recibistes los emails que te envie con los errores que encontre


pls update