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yurbec Purchased

Hi! Something went wrong after installing Plugin. (http://watch-book.com) 1. I couldn’t receive friend’s request (An error occurred while writing to database. Please try again later) 2. I couldn’t edit/delete Ads Members & Ads Plans (404 The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know) Please, help me! Thank You


yurbec Purchased

Thank You very much for help! It works! =))) Can You give me please an advice, how to translate plugin to several languages?

check video of yehia in his group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sngine/

hello i see you need disable combo in www.domini.com/plugin for no get problem in reactions…

Hi I’m have a new idea for new plugin Reply to comment advance. Thanks

no will to add… yehia in a momment add…


your files are making problem to core files, help me out.

I have word with Sngine developer regarding issue when some one send friendship request we wont able to accept it

they replayed me

The error comes from the plugin you installed it’s buggy and change Sngine core files


Sngine original file on the left and your edited file on the right

To fix this error you have to remove all files and tables from database and reinstall Sngine again.

Send me correct modified file

link is dead

another issue unable to edit ads plan when clicking on edit getting error 404 page

https://mega.nz/#!nU0EiZxJ!SPr2el1CxuAuba5l3yhMnkArnLg3m8dHmTSg3qjRBlo and https://mega.nz/#!vMlwXYDR!bXAcoxvkFMG91sGzk5rXBjGmXt2Df18CKhIyv74IcRY

mmm woow code of mega change if use… and sorry for send in parts… i have a new version where i use plugins points activities no know if work… :/


kmnd Purchased

exploit xss in plugin and problem in add friend http://kamindoz.co/ar/

is a problem of combo plugin.. need install options of combo: https://mega.nz/#!6QU2jTjC!bXAcoxvkFMG91sGzk5rXBjGmXt2Df18CKhIyv74IcRY after disable plugin combo for no active reaction in http://kamindoz.co/ar/plugins/

I have problem with posting Link I got error. Error

The url ‘http://www.xxxxxx.com/' returns the http code ‘302’

i remember is a error of you server but ok… exist a method for repare and no return error… sngine_23\includes\libs\Embed\src\RequestResolvers\Curl.php delete this 119-125: if (is_file(self::$tmpCookies)) { if (!is_writable(self::$tmpCookies)) { throw new EmbedException(sprintf(‘The temporary cookies file “%s” is not writable’, self::$tmpCookies)); } } elseif (!is_writable(dirname(self::$tmpCookies))) { throw new EmbedException(sprintf(‘The temporary folder “%s” is not writable’, dirname(self::$tmpCookies))); }

hi, i installed ADS plugin, but all it’s wrong :( Can you help me?

mmm yes i know now… need update last version is the best… ok more late in any hours max a day i send a new version repared…


kmnd Purchased

crete new Campaign error ” {result select a position.”}


try remplacing with this news files and say if work now :3 https://mega.nz/#!2IF2hRYB!zs1IytBgSv1cOsV0n5lAoQ5q2nzhsv73SZ2Z4qfUraM

i have a problem with install this plugin. I record steps intallations https://vid.me/JiCd

hi i have a problem with installation, i record my steps in installation https://vid.me/JiCd

u.u i know of this problem.. no re-send to www.domail.com/plugins … in localhost work, but online no work, need of a script for change page… the install is completed when disapear button install (this reload – no show more install – re-send to othe page (error) )

so how i install this plugin?

problem solved, my fall, I had set own theme

How to install the plugin on the operating website? When you install this plugin home page is not displayed. It works only admin panel

this say no find in themes/default/templates/ :/ ok is now of send all my theme .. today update…

How can I solve ten problem? Today on codecanyon there is an update?

i am uploading to my website please send a comment in https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx i response to you email from here..

why after I install it on my sngine, I can not load my sngine. Only the plugin page and admin panel which can be accessed.

please send link or access to cpanel for in my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx i will to edith to install

I can’t, because i still use localhost.

open includes/config.php in ERROR , add where say “false” change to “true” reload and say what work in text this show

Hi, I have a problem with admin ads in Feed. I add adsense code and click to appeared and feed, but does not appear to ad or on the desktop or on the phone.

today more late i will to check this and test …

i update in codeanyon , i am waiting for aprove but if you wanna code in this moment send a message in my profile: https://codecanyon.net/user/ldrmx thank u

I just bought Plugin Combo For Sngine and Plugin Ads Advanced For Sngine. Unfortunately, I can not install either. I follow the instructions, but the installation seems to complete, but the new items do not appear. Can you help me, please. Thank you !!

can you send lnk of you website?

Pre Sale Questions, can we place 10 to 15 ads (adsense or any other) after every 10 posts in news feed and then repeat that ads from 1?

regards: Taimoor Shafiq

will you please reply,?

how to install your plugin without losing custom code????


how to install multiple plugin??? i try to install more plugin but loosed my custom code. help and replay fast

Hi! i have create admin ads and i select to show in right place but ads not show anywhere! What is problem? My website is https://facebozo.com

Hello happy new year please tell me if you program to release new version to include more Compatible Browsers to run in more devices (mobile-tablet) and with new version Sngine. With kind regards.

We are getting errors, ad code does NOT work, you even left out the java command to your key file.

You are not responding to others complaints and requests for help. I am requesting a refund if you do not respond within 24 hours with the patches / fixes needing. You also are earning ONE star if you do not fix this.

woow corel gory i am fan of you hahaha i have this… but have a problem more in other codes (... more in combo) ... you can use a old version for 1.4 a time for repare.. old version to this.. my problem is change of languages is a problem (if user delete a language create a big bug, people change reactions all a week of support hahah i no can create o repare any :/ i am working in all in this moment.. )... please a time..

Hola amigo, soy el usuario Yeikerz al que le respondiste hace poco. Uso una extensión para Chrome para cambiar mi IP a otro país y mi cuenta se bloqueó de repente. No puedo acceder a ella.

En respuesta a tu mail: TE AGRADECERÍA UN MONTÓN SI ME PASAS EL LINK DE DESCARGA DE SNGINE v2.3 :D Es que compré los 3 plugins por 34 dólares sin revisar que no servirían en mi actual versión.

¡Muchas gracias de antemano! :)