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@popbonet did your issue ever get fixed? Was thinking about buying this.

Add this

Route::get('logout', '\App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController@logout');
on routes/web.php

Thanks that worked. I did that but I put it in the middleware when I tried to fix it before.


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Is it possible to add multiple languages and update the version to Laravel 5.5


PLMB has multiple languages and maybe on next month we will update to 5.5

Hello PLMB has multiple languages in the interface only I mean the input so that the site interface is displayed in more than one language depending on the input

Your demo isn’t working


It’s work correctly now

more specifically the module builder…

Hi, Already No. with PLMB just you can create CRUD module.

Thank you, do you plan giving that option in the near future?

Already I don’t have any plan for dashboard generator, but you can save reports that generated by report generator and show it in dashboard.

Hi, Demo link not working it is taking to some different page. Pls check.

Hi, I checked it, Already OK!


Just windows? No unix?

PLMB work both windows and linux but ngPLMB plugin work on windows.

i need it in the laravel version 5.5, when will it be available, i will buy it if it is already ready

Already NO, but please see later again

I was looking to buy the same but debit card and bank payments not available only credit cards accepted..

Hi, I have some problem after installations 1. Logout option not working giving error – MethodNotAllowedHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 251: 2. I tried to create report from report builder nothing happens after click on generate button. 3. Want to know how to change module headings from left menu and merge masters in same menu. 4. Language change not working giving error -FatalThrowableError in Manager.php line 138: Please help us to resolve the same we purchased this regular license for RND purpose later we will be buy extended license if everything works fine. Thanks.


Thanks for purchased.

1.Add this on your route file
Route::get('logout', '\App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController@logout');

2.Are you create module? Can you take a video? or screen shot?

Before purchase a working demo would be appriciated


demo is working correctly now.

Thanks, looks nice. how many records can system handle, will 1.000.000 records overload system, and am I able to import these, at the moment in excel files

We used Mysql and you can add 1000000 record.