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With this app, could you give a user the ability to add contacts directly through their contact list? It looks like this isn’t a dynamic app but if you put that in an update I would be very interested in purchasing. Thx!

Well, I purchased anyway, and I’m still wading through it but so far I can tell you are right about it being coded to the highest compliance standards. This is the way all apps should be created. Everything is separated into layouts, resources, etc and is very organized, making it very easy to customize.

One problem I came across, the app compiled and installed on my device, everything is working fine, EXCEPT when I try to click the info icon. I messed with a bunch of code, but not with the InfoActivity, any suggestions?

Ok, nevermind, something somewhere in the popup.xml or the was messed up by me :)

can it be possible to update dirlist after installation on user phone..

yes, plz wait for couple of days as i am back after completing my some urgencies.

Can you reply on the contact? Kinda need some help!


sure, plz let me know your directions…

I installed the app but the filter is not working also the staff page.

How Can I add Map Location to each profile?

I want to add web link to each profile ???

How can I put it as an item

Can I add map location to each profile ?

How can I insert new profile info? e.g. “referal”

hi app description doesnt say what source this is ?

Hi.. Can I have your app demo? Thx

Hello there and congratulations for your project! Is there any tutorial on how to import this src folder in the eclipse or even better in Android Studio?

We wish to update it to a multilevel platform as for iphone users

its for android.. i plan it write it for all platform in near future.

i have just bought this code today. i need you to help me set it up.and i dont see apk file anywere and plist file. this is my

please send the details via my profile for me to look into..your problem

Hello before buy can i have Demo APK Please?


popzkg Purchased

Sir, -How can I completely disable or remove sort field (sort function) from the app? -the second part of the name doesn’t appear on search. Ie if the name is Sharukh Khan , and we search khan it doesn’t display the name. Could you plz tell me if this is possible in the app.. Thanks in advance