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Hey there, i need to purchase your External Licence but before i purchase i have few questions to ask. Please do not answer those questions in shortcut language. Please elaborate them so that me and other people can understand how your app will work for them.

1. Can i add Admob ads by my self into the Framework7 (As i have not used it before) 2. Can i add push notification from OneSignal ? 3. Can i add a search bar in the header? 4. Is the app fully customizable if i know php, html, java? 5. Can i show or hide comments under videos? 6. Can i add a share button? (So that people can share the app via Facebook, Whatsapp)? 7. Can i add a subscriber Button under the videos? (People to click a button to subscribe my client’s channel)? 8. Do i have to have a hosting server or do i have to upload the script to Framework7? (Sorry, i do not know how Framework7 works) 9. I have used Android Studio but I have never used Cordova or PhoneGap before. So, will you help me to get the app generated from Cordova and PhoneGap? 10. The ads already showing on our YouTube channel via Adsense will those ads keep showing with your app or Do i have to get a admob account? Please do not answer any of my question in shortcut. Please elaborate all answers for us people to understand better. Thank You and good luck with sales.

10. Can i make the video open in landscape mode? 11. Can i remove the YouTube icon from the video’s right corner?

Hi, thanks for your questions, I hope my answers will help you.

First of all, you should know that Framework7 is simply an HTML / CSS / JS framework that offers pre-coded features like pull-to-refresh and infinite-scroll. Framework7 is like Bootstrap for example. It contains some features and CSS class, but it’s normal files that you can customize like any other file :)

Next, note that this app is a full HTML app, not an iOS and Android app (with Xcode project an Android project), but you can make native iOS & Android apps with Cordova.

  • 1. I never used admob, but I do not see any reason why it would not be integrable. Framework7 is not important here. Admob is a layer above. I think Cordova has plugins for Admob
  • 2. Like Admob, OneSignal is a layer above. This is not related to the HTML app. So yes, if you have knowledges in Xcode and Android Studio, you can add OneSignal push notifications in your app.
  • 3. Search bar feature is not supported on PlayTube, but you can develop it if you want.
  • 4. Of course ! As I said above, they are normal HTML/CSS/JS/PHP files, so you can add/delete/custom what you want
  • 5. Yes, see answer #4
  • 6. Share buttons are not integrated in the app, but you can easily add it, yes
  • 7. Like #6, it’s not integrated but you can add it because they are HTML files, so you just have to copy the subscribe button snippet of Youtube and add it in the file. (note that the user must be connected to his Youtube account to do that)
  • 8. You do not need to worry about Framework7. Framework7 is here to have a solid base for a mobile application. So yes you must have a PHP server to host and run the PHP files (a dedicated server, a VPS, or just a simple web hoster. So if you actually have a website, you can use it to host the files). A single server is sufficient for several clients.
  • 9. Sorry I can’t help everyone to create his application. They are a lot of tutorials on the web and it’s not very difficult. Just 3 command lines.
  • 10. Yes, because it’s an HTML app, so it’s the native Youtube HTML player. Admob allows you to add more advertising in the app in addition to those already present on the videos. (For example at the opening of the app)
  • 10 bis. Yes, by default on mobile, the video will open in full screen, so when you put your mobile in Landscape orientation, the video will show in Landscape mode. (like the native Youtube player when you are watching a video on a website).
  • 11. No :( It’s Youtube videos, so Youtube do not allow us to hide his Logo

  • Do not hesitate if you have any other question.

    Note : If you are interested to buy the Extended License, I can provide you a demo version so that you can test and see if it matches with your project :)

Dear sir Xioyuna, In your live preview page I am adding youtube channel but its not working… please help me before this purchase Thanks…

It’s work fine for me. What url did you put ?

sorry.. its working now i am planning for purchasing

Hello dear nice work and my App work fine . i have a advise or request for you why you don’t create a new item like extend of this item which have full function like admob , push notification , search , share etc function in one app app like this i thinks they get good sales. thanks..

Hi royalsoni,

Because features like push notifications or admob are specific to each OS and must be integrated in Xcode or Android Studio, so I can’t integrate it in the native web app.

Hi Xioyuna , I want to say you should create in Cordova . its not big task for you. you can do everything by plugin or normal js code which you already used.

if you want i can send you all app code of your app which i have intigrated push notification, rate now , share now , google analytics , Get user mails id , only two things missing in my app (1 search 2. set bookmark items) so if you want i can help you .thanks.

Please add search functionality …. this is only feature missing in this app