Discussion on PlayTube IOS - Sharing Video Script Mobile IOS Native Application

Discussion on PlayTube IOS - Sharing Video Script Mobile IOS Native Application

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I’ve been trying to upload this app for it to be approved on apple store.. it has never been approved even after getting help from this team. It has been over 2 years.

Hi Kikastar

Please ask our new iOS team. Old team had issues working with us. We have changed our iOS team. It has been almost a month. They will be giving new releases soon.


I would like to know if I buy do I get the free installation?

Hi romulomedonca

Dear customer, iOS installations are always paid.


hello, I would like to know if the application is 100% functional? what if you’re having trouble approving on applestore?

Hi romulomedonca

Dear customer, yes app is functional and it will work fine. There is no issue regarding uploading to the appstore and playstore.


I need full answer here. 1- Is wowonder timeline app for IOS and Android both from Xamarin 2- is paytube apps IOS and Android both from from Xamarin 3- Is messenger apps IOS and Android both from Xamarin

Hi bristleup

Dear customer, you will get an answer here.

No, iOS wowonder and timeline app are built using swift code. And iOS is 100% native.

Android is built using xamarin native android. And it is also 100% native.

Messenger is also built using swift and xamarin.


Can I try the app without submitting to apple store?

Hi Techniqghana

Dear customer you can test in your own phone without apple store. But for your app users, you will have to submit to apple store.


Please if I buy and you help me build the app can I use it without submitting it to apple store?

Hi Techniqghana

Dear customer, once you buy the app, you will have access to our support team. they will help you configure the apps and they will help you publish it as well.


​Hi Sire,

The Playtime script is really Awesome but I had a question. I want to make a step to the Apps, but with Apps I am really not that good. I don’t have Developer account for Appstore and Playstore. What kind of support do you give if I buy the App versions. I can learn fast :), but probably first time I will need some help with it.



Hi ugi61

Dear customer, you can always come to our team for configurations and rebranding. We will be more than happy to do it for you. But if you want to do it yourself, it will be possible for as well. You will be able to do it by simply follow our docs.


Any Posible to stream LIVE Videos? hls / m3u8 ?

Hi nerandal

Dear customer, soon live stream feature will be available in the app. Please wait for new updates from our team.


Private Ticket #2967382

Hi geekspen

Dear customer, team will reply you once they come across your ticket. Please wait.


You are the worst technical support . I waited 4 days with no response

Dear customer, iOS team replies in 48 to 72 hours. So please be patient.


hi when update is reday? since 4 month we wait to see new version whit apple approve?

Hi koureissi

Dear customer, please contact our dev team for update. They will let you know when a new version is going to be released.


Hey there can you point to any examples of active PlayTube IOS apps on apple please

Hi gnfb1234

Dear customer, you can find apps on appstore. we can not share any other apps as this is against envato policy.


hi when new update avaialble ? i paid you since 3 month to reskin ios app, you no do job and no refund me


iOS not approved apple store playtube why ? i find another developper, impossible to valdie ios

Please write on the ticket for update. Team will let you know about the status. At the moment, your ticket is replied already. So, in order to get information or update, they will reply you once you write them.


Black Friday Sale off for today?

Hi meosurry

Dear customer, it is already going on. But, the item which you are looking for may has or hasn’t the sale at the moment. Check out the listing for details.


Thank you Hope sale off Extended License

Dear customer, if the product is on sale, you will find the details on listing already. We can not tell you when and how much the sale is going to be and going to last.


Where it says what the extended license comes with, What would apply pay be used for and what does “A simple gift from our side” mean?

Hi techceo

Dear customer, extended version has extra payment methods. Google pay and apple pay.

A simple gift is two time free installation from our side.


Can this app play in the background? Can audio playback without opening the application? Thank you

Hi meosurry

Dear customer this app plays in in foreground. App only plays videos.


Is it possible that it is likely to play music like Musi – Youlisten app?

I can not tell you about that app. You can watch the demo from description.



bill999 Purchased

I want you to make an app on Play store / ios for me.

How much is the price?

How many days does it take to do it?

Hi bill999

Dear customer, please contact our support team. they will guide you regarding this. and they will do it for you.

if you give all details properly, then it will be completed in 3 days.


Is it possible to customize the app by putting all necessary functionality on the side, like TikTok?

Also the video take the whole mobile screen like TikTok ?

Hi viralmvps

Dear customer, yes. app can be customised as per your needs. Any kind of feature or functionality can be integrated without any issue.


Hello. it’s not support ios15. Do you have a plan to update it?

dear customer, yes app will be updated very soon. please wait.

Hi, this is abbas turi, one of my client has bought playtube script and the problem is that in the api reference there is no upload video and also in the file there is no such file for uploading the video edit video file is existed in the mobile api folder but video uploaded api file is not exist and also there is no reference of api edit end point so there is too much pressor of client on us please kindly update me about this issue.


Dear customer, please talk to our support team. they may help you.


Does it support VAST Ads And also instead of Admob, can I use other Ad Networks by generating my adcode there

Will the main play tube advertisement works in the app.

Is there a demo app to install on my iOS to test through

Hi dacyberknowledge

Dear customer, no, there are admob. And there are no vast ads.

no, mobile apps have its own ad system.

at the moment, there is no demo setup. we will add it soon.



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