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Hi, just bought your plugin, installed and it isn’t working. You can check the site, here’s a sample page with a video: http://www.tabrutal.pt/quando-o-sonho-se-transforma-em-realidade/

Have you solved the problem?


I’m still sorting out all the javascript installed by other plugins. Please, let me look into this a little bit further.

Thank you


Could you help me with the following; 1. Could you just run the plugin with other plugins deactivated? 2. Also, it will be great if you can send me the text version of your post instead of the visual version in an email. This is so I can replicate your post in my site. 3. Finally, it seems you are using a normal post not a video post. Could you confirm this?

Thank you, this will help me a lot


Hello mate,

I just bought your plugin and installed, but its not working. you can check it



I’ll be looking for the problem in the next few hours.


Hello Vanleurth

Waiting long time for your plugin, Please correct the problem as soon as possible.

Your plugin is one of the great wordpres plugin, try to solve the issue.

Thank you


Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry but it has taken me some time because there was a Youtube api update that uses iframe api instead of swfobjects (geeky talk). Long story short, I should be able to provide with a new updated version that solves this problem by Monday.

Thank you again for your patience during this transition to a better plugin,


Thanks ya waitig for a great plugin

This plugin does not work. Where can I download documentation about how to make it work?

Good, but my new problem is I cant access to any site I have installed the plugin in, and had to delete it throug ftp. Pls check this too, thks

I have installed the latest update, and cant access my admin dashboard. Any thoughts?

Try to refresh the page and see if the installation completes. If not, contact me by email using my contact page in envato and I will email you a plugin with debugging turn on so I can see what’s happening in your installation. Thank you V.

Is this plugin working for anybody? There are so much complain

Awesome plugin, awesome support. Thanks Victor.

Glad to help.

can this work on latest version on wordpress 4.3 ..if yes then let me know…

please update to current version of wordpress…its urgent…

its not working on 4.3.1 wordpress version… check the http://www.trailerup.com

Hi Praxs4u,

Please, let me know how are you embedding the video? Are you using another plugin to insert the video or are you just copy and paste embed code from Youtube?

Is there any php code i have to add before iframe

still there is no reply from you…..

I have tried as per your instructions , its not working ,please let me know refund instructions..

thanks praxs

Hi Praxs4u,

To get a full refund, please feel out this form; http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Sorry it wasn’t compatible with your theme. I will keep looking for a solution for this incompatibility and submit a new version tomorrow.

Thank you for trying this plugin. V.

thanks for your quick response…i have filled out the form…


thanks for your reply, when will you send me updated version..i have tried as you mention me , but still there is no luck , i have enable on below post ,


but still popup is not coming ..

regards prakash

Great plugin. Will this plugin work with latest WordPress version?

It is working with the latest wordpress version if that is your original question. You can see it working at; http://www.areyoupop.com/playpops