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there is no sound on the demo, or it does not work.

Hello Krissks,

Not all of the listing have mp3 files attached to them. Under the rap category, only the first 2 have mp3 files and you can listen to those ones. Also ensure you are using a mobile device to test. If you are using desktop, it works only on chrome. Firefox will not play it.


I wish I had tried the linkodev mobile site before I popped for the code… on my device (samsung galaxy), the songs don’t play. The app is just dynamically populating an HTML5 audio tag. Works great on a desktop browser – but bombs on my device… no error, song just doesn’t play. IMO , code’s not worth the price. I stepped into that pile.

Hello ChrisPB1,

Thank you for purchase. This was tested on Google Andriod Nexus, iPod, iPhone and Blackberry Touch. Are you using the native broswer. Have you tested the demo on your phone. Note that only we only have 3 mp3 files on the demo. Please send a support email to linkodev@gmail.com with the url of your hosted installation.


I tested your demo site on another device and it worked. It appears that it is my device (Samsung Galaxy S – with the native browser), unfortunately, where it doesn’t work.

Hello ChrisPB1,

Sorry, that it didn’t work on your native browser. You can change the file format to something like .ogg.

If you need any help, just let us know.


How would I optimize the player so it wont affect the song when its playing? It keeps stopping


Thank you for your purchase. This can be affected by the speed of your internet connection. Let me know what is the condition of your internet.


i didnt kno this file was in php do u hav the html for this…

We don’t have a html version of the file. But most server supports PHP . It does not require any database and should work fine for you.

Let me know if you need help with installation.

Thanks for your purchase.

Does this player have a download button option for each song?

It doesn’t have at the moment. We will add it in the next release.

do shoutcast stations work with this?

I would just like to display songs to play. I don’t want categories to show up at the beginning. What do I do to the code to achieve this?

Copy the whole codes from playerlist.php into index.php. That is all

Hi, work perfect!!! thank you
  • Just a suggestion: you could make a CMS to edit URL> MP3, I would buy a version Extend.

Thank you for the purchase. I will look into that as soon as i can

Hello Linkodev,

I bought this product, but I have a news that a programmer may be using some of your code to implement it in other things, without realizing this license. My email is yuyu.rrpp @ hotmail.com, contact me, please.

I also will contact Codecanyon.


Thank you for the information. I will get in touch

previews not working

It’s working fine. Not all the links has mp3 files attached to them.

Hey can you fix the demo? :)

It’s working. Just that not all links has mp3 files attached to them.

Clear your cache because… “The webpage at http://codecanyon.linkodev.com/playmobile might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED”

Thank you for pointing it out. Everything is fine now

do shoutcast stations work with this?

No. You upload the files yourself


Can I see demo?

link is broken!

live preview doesn’t work link broken